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Woxsen University is committed to fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. As part of that, Academic and Industry researchers are invited to submit one or more white papers detailing their proposed research project.  The focus is to identify gaps across sectors & domains and facilitate discussion on this platform. On this platform, we aim to assist readers in comprehending complex issues, devising solutions, and making informed decisions.

Submission Guidelines

The researchers are requested to submit a white paper / position statement on the current gaps in the ecosystem and potential opportunities to address them, in no more than three pages. The white paper must include your name, title, affiliation, email address and a Position statement of 300 words at the beginning to describe the whitepaper in brief.  

To streamline the review process, we request that all white papers be submitted as a PDF file. While we appreciate well-formatted papers, we are primarily interested in the ideas presented. General notes are welcome if you don’t have time to provide a fully formatted paper.

All submitted white papers will be synthesized for a community update, and contributors will be acknowledged. Please note that the ideas will be representative of the community, not an individual. 

Submissions can be mailed to

Areas of Focus

  • Circular Economy
  • Waste management
  • Employee Retentions
  • Climate Change/ Actions
  • Future of Data Policy
  • Privacy and Ethics in Organizations
  • Future of Mobility
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Urban Transformation
  • Fintech and Digital Economy
  • Architecture for Tomorrow
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • IT Management

White Papers


Innovating Higher Education in India: Addressing Accessibility, Afford...

Dr. Raul V Rodriguez

Higher education in India has undergone significant transformation over the past few decades. The country has emerged as a major player in the global education industry, with its universities and institutes attracting st...

Consumer Behavior

Semiotics and Brand Perception: How Symbols and Signs Influence Consum...

Rakesh Gandla & Lalith Kumar Vemali

In the world of branding, using symbols and signs effectively is essential to developing a powerful and recognisable identity. Semiotics, the study of signs, symbols, and how they are interpreted, is important in forming...

Sustainable Economy

Creating a Sustainable Future: The Circular Economy in India's FMCG Se...

Lalith Kumar Vemali & Rakesh Gandla

Circular economy is an emerging approach to economic growth that aims to keep resources in use for as long as possible, by designing out waste and pollution, and regenerating natural systems. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (...

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