The case method is a powerful way to learn the skills required to manage and lead, where students are introduced to real-life implications of the theories taught during classes. Analyzing cases forces students to grapple with exactly the kinds of decisions and dilemmas managers confront every day instead of the traditional educational dynamic inherent in lectures.

Under the guidance of a faculty member, students work to analyze and synthesize conflicting data and points of view, define and prioritize goals, persuade and inspire others who think differently, think through situations, take decisions with incomplete and uncertain information, and examine the implications of decisions. The case method comes closest to 'action learning', also employed by recruiters to screen candidates.

Woxsen Case study Centre (CSC) is committed to strengthening the case ecosystem both within Woxsen and nationally and internationally. In furtherance of this, CSC will work with Woxsen faculty in developing and publishing cases as part of Woxsen's case collection. The focus of CSC will be on distributing the prepared cases to eminent publishers, case centres and universities such as Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing, and Yale University. Additionally, the CSC will help bolster the case development skills by organizing seminars, workshops and case writing competitions.

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