The Bachelor of Design at Woxsen University is a four-year rigorous undergraduate program offering 4 in-demand specializations.  Woxsen University has secured All India Rank-2  by IIRF (Education Post), among the top private design institutes.

Contemporary Designers must be bold and strategic to drive their organizations in the right direction, given the uncertain and complex world.

Woxsen’s large vision is to create an ecosystem that trains the next generation to become thought leaders, drive innovation, foresee trends, and create forecasts for the ever-changing design business.

Woxsen trains its student fraternity to be successful practitioners of design with the distinct organizational, economic, market, social and skills to bring in the immense possibilities of domestic, import and export business.


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The Bachelor of Design program at Woxsen University is meant to develop Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Aptitude among students to become creative problem solvers. The curriculum is also aimed to bring in newness in their design ideas and executions. The overall structure of the design program is a combination of skill development and enhancement, design projects and field experiences duly supported by an appropriate proportion of Theoretical lectures. It endeavours to develop and promote a symbiotic relationship between academia and the industry. In the context of the growing demands of the world, Woxsen envisages the future of design by offering degree programs in:

B.Des (Hons.) - Fashion Design

B.Des (Hons.) - Fashion Design

The B.Des (Hons.) - Fashion Design program at Woxsen is industry-aligned allowing students to prepare for the contemporary space, while also keeping in touch with the culture, heritage and various design techniques native to India.

B.Des (Hons.) - Interior Design

B.Des (Hons.) - Interior Design

The Interior Design program at Woxsen introduces students to the various nuances, principles, and characteristics of design, colour schemes, space planning and drafting.

B.Des (Hons.) - Industrial Design

B.Des (Hons.) - Industrial Design

The program emphasizes on creativity, exploration, design thinking, solution finding, aesthetics, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship in the creation of lifestyle products, transport and mobility design.

B.Des (Hons.) - Communication Design

B.Des (Hons.) - Communication Design

The 4-year B. Des (Hons.) in Communication Design is a specialised program in Design, where the student specialises in Advanced Graphic Design, Ad film making, AR & VR Design, Game Design, Advertising and more.

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Wide Range of Global Learning OpportUnities

Since its inception in 2014, Woxsen University has fostered numerous partnerships with the world’s leading universities and institutions across the world. These collaborations help our students and faculty pursue a wide range of international opportunities, including short term study abroad, semester exchange, teaching and research opportunities.

Our diverse study abroad opportunities not only help students learn from world-renowned professors at top-ranked international institutions but also enable them to experience different cultures and build lasting connections with people from across the globe.

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