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Centre for International Relations offers 1-2 weeks academic course to students from around the world, providing an opportunity to experience India's culture first-hand and be part of Woxsen immersion program. It is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic India study experience while earning credits towards their major. The International Relations also provides opportunity for Woxsen students to choose from a variety of courses taught in English at partner University across the globe.

Incoming Students

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

This program offers an opportunity for candidates to explore the business and policy environment of an emerging economy like India. The program consists of three distinct parts:

(1) Campus-based learning about the target country's business, technological advancements and policy environment.
(2) Industry immersion and direct engagement with business leaders to gather insights on the happenings and recent developments with a vision for forward looking projects and
(3) Analysis and synthesis of your findings pertaining to the case studies in the form of group projects. These will be presented as key learnings/takeaways, as well as presentations to the Woxsen community. The program shall involve keynotes, workshops, readings, classroom discussions, and research on the focus country.

Why Attend This Program:

To confront challenges in today’s world, executives need strategic perspective, informed judgement, and a global vision. Fortune's 500 executive leadership programs that should be on every business leader's radar. Woxsen University’s leadership training program provides a holistic, ethical approach to lead in today's global environment.

Duration of the Program: 1 - 2 Weeks

Outgoing Students

Continue study overseas

Take a different approach to learn through Short-term/Winter/Summer programs.

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