The Indoor Gym at Woxsen offers modern high-enhancement equipment with an array of cardiovascular, resistance machines and an extensive range of free weights area spanning 3600 sft. All gym equipment is sourced from Life Fitness, one of the world's leading brands in fitness equipment. Known for their durability, innovation, and ergonomic design, Life Fitness machines ensure safe and effective workouts. 2 Highly qualified trainers and instructors are hired to provide intense training workout sessions and guide our students to stay fit and active.

There is also an outdoor gym alongside a kids play area and is designed to provide fresh and bright setting outdoors for one's workout regime. Our commitment to providing modern facilities ensures that students can unwind after rigorous study sessions while pursuing their fitness aspirations.

The Indoor Gym is being currently renovated and will be open to use for all female students & staff soon.

Strength: Our strength training section is equipped with a variety of machines and free weights, allowing students to engage in effective resistance training. From bench presses and squat racks to dumbbells and kettlebells, we have everything needed to build strength and muscle.

Cardio: The cardio section features an array of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowing machines. These machines are designed to provide a range of cardiovascular workouts, helping students improve their heart health and endurance.

Weights: For those focusing on weightlifting, the weight area offers a wide selection of barbells, weight plates and specialized equipment. This area is ideal for student looking to enhance their powerlifting & body building routines.

Benches & Racks:


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