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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CIR) is the main body at Woxsen University that is established to meet global standards and promotion of research activities across various domains. Under this umbrella is the Centre for Managerial Research (CMR) and the Centre for Arts & Design Research (CADR).

Woxsen’s CIR is committed to producing quality research output that contributes to the advancement of high impact fields such as technology, business, management & design among other disciplines, by conducting and publishing path-breaking research works. To conduct various research projects and to attain the set standards of high-quality research output, CIR collaborates with its global partner universities, leading corporates and, government/private agencies. The centre constantly promotes research with an emphasis on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Responsible Research and Research towards Societal Development.

Promoting practice-oriented research amongst the fraternity, Woxsen’s CIR provides both faculty and students with a platform to train, publish scholarly articles and participate in consultancy projects. With several scholarly articles published in leading indexing journals such as ABDC – A*, ABDC- A, SCOPUS, ESI and UGC Care. Woxsen University also has over 7 published patents in disruptive fields such as IoT and Deep Learning to name a few. Read more…

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Veen Pula


Research has been the pillar of education since the start of time. We, at Woxsen University, aim at taking a step forward towards making this pillar stronger. Fact-finding plays a crucial role in our mission and Vision. It is a means to achieve recognition and admiration for our faculty, here at our University.

Woxsen not only promotes and supports its faculty but also its students in their quest to find new information. Our esteemed faculty guide our students every step of the way towards achieving their goal in the field of research. Our students are exposed to activities that will help them reach optimum performance in terms of overall productivity in exploration and analysis.

The office of research seeks to do its bit to accelerate the process of transformation and the growth of knowledge via research and in helping people in need of it. At Woxsen, we believe in growth, in every field and every aspect.

Woxsen University, prides itself in sowing the seed of knowledge that buds into answers that the society is looking for. Our efforts in the field of research are brought into light by the publications of our students and esteemed faculty on various prominent platforms and journals.

The office of research is committed to provide our faculty and students with support they require to foster their bright minds. We strive towards continuous growth by providing our researchers with every bit of art infrastructure.

Greater achievements are queued up as we look to the future and while we are ready and equipped to build a brighter tomorrow in the field of research. We do believe that it is our people who make Woxsen University a special place to work towards answering the unanswered.

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Dr. R. V. R. Krishna Chalam

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Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez

Vice President

Necessity has always been the driver of growth in the history of mankind. Education and Research have been a major part of this growth and there are hardly any cases where they contrast each other. As the Vice President of Woxsen university, it gives me immense pleasure to be part of the university’s research support body which encourages students to pursue excellence in their respective fields by providing the right resources and environment.

The university is host for multi-disciplinary courses with qualified and eminent teaching personnel who can provide with the right directions and pave the right path for the students. We constantly aim at providing the best and are strenuously on a lookout for disruptive innovators that can change the course of the planet. With state-of-the-art facilities at the university and continuous support on a 360-degree basis, the university makes a great place to study, research, and work.

Universities are significant drivers of discovery, knowledge creation centers, and incubators of innovation. We at Woxsen University strongly believe and work towards effective knowledge creation through academic and practice-based research. Research plays a prime part in the vision and mission of our university. The research output generated by various schools contributes to the existing knowledge, managerial implications, and societal solutions. Academic research publications, developing case studies, consultancy and patents are significant research outputs we at Woxsen University constantly contribute.

To leverage the world-class infrastructural facilities available at Woxsen, we provide the latest and updated laboratories, equipment, database, and software to produce quality research output. Being a research-oriented University, Woxsen has always believed in taking the research work to the classroom. Most of the courses at Woxsen are research-based and project-oriented, which enhances the students' critical and scientific thinking abilities at all programs. Students at Woxsen actively involve and contribute by closely working with the projects taken up by the faculty.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CIR) constantly works towards improving the university's quality research output by creating opportunities and an ecosystem to collaborate among various disciplines at Woxsen University. CIR believes in the philosophy of collaborating across multiple disciplines to create synergy and effective novel solutions. Domains like Management, Technology, Design, and Architecture faculty work together to generate interdisciplinary knowledge. CIR is looking forward to developing more impactful quality research at Woxsen University.

Dr. NagaRaj

Dr. Nagaraj

Chair- Research
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research