Guidelines for Student Visa

On receiving Admission Acceptance Letter (Visa Letter) candidate must immediately apply for Student Visa at the nearest Indian Embassy / Indian High Commission. 

Candidates must apply for a ‘Multiple-Entry Student Visa’, depending on the duration of their programs. Multiple-Entry Visas are sought after by international students as it enables them to travel to their home country on occasions and holidays.

The documents you will require for filing your application for Visa, which Woxsen International Office will provide, are:

Candidates are advised to apply for their Visas well in advance. The ideal lead time is 4-6 Weeks before the travel date to India.

Student Visa acquired as endorsed to Woxsen University or obtained based on University documents cannot be used for any other purposes like admission to any other university/college/institute/academy, non-regular (distance/online) mode of education, or employment.

On reaching the University Campus, you are to get the Visa verified by the University and deposit a copy of the valid Visa at the Woxsen International Office. The student is responsible for ensuring the validity of the Visa for the entire duration of the education at Woxsen University.

FRO/ FRRO & Visa Extension

It is mandatory for all international students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at FRRO/FRO Hyderabad within 14 days of arrival in India.

Woxsen International Office will provide guidance and assistance to meet the required FRO/FRRO registration process.

All International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan have to fill out an online application for a Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) on arrival to India.

If the initial Visa is not endorsed for the entire duration of the program or in case of extension of stay as the student was unable to complete the program in the stipulated time, In such a case, a student must ensure application for the extension of Visa before the Visa expires.

Medical Insurance

All students are advised to arrange for an international health insurance policy (covering India). The health insurance policy should ideally cover your travel insurance as well.

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