Living on a college campus changes our lives. Even after years of graduation, most of us remember our university days fondly and often refer to them as "golden days."

But have you ever considered what makes university life so special?

For some, it's the taste of independence, while others value campus life and culture, co-curricular activities, sports, friendships, and the ability to make crucial life decisions.

University life is both exciting and challenging for a student; however, many aspects of student life, such as academic pressure, personal relationships, and professional concerns and issues, can all lead to stress.

Student Wellness

Student Wellness Cell

Woxsen University has established a Student Wellness Cell on campus to help students find a balance and cope with challenges. Individual and group counselling sessions, workshops, and group discussions are offered by the cell to assist students in dealing with academic, interpersonal, or emotional issues.

The Student Wellness Cell is dedicated to holistic development and increasing the wellness quotient along the way.

The cell has a Counsellor on campus who is a registered Rehabilitation Psychologist with RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). 

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Care & Cure - Medical Facility

Care & Cure - the medical facility is easily accessible for all students, faculty, and staff. We believe in providing the best of medical facilities on campus, with a general physician, nurse, and support staff available at all times.

The medical facility is fully equipped with doctor chambers, patient emergency rooms with ICU beds, and a dispensary for OTC medicines. In case of an emergency, an ambulance is also available on campus.

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