MBA in business analytics

The MBA Program in Business Analytics at Woxsen University has been designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in Business Science and Management that dramatically enhance their ability to make informed decisions of high quality by making the most optimal use of emerging technology. Woxsen's MBA program is EFMD Global Accredited, putting it in the league of Top 1% of B-Schools worldwide with this recognition. 

What is Business Analytics, and why is it considered so important in today's business world?
The answer lies in the vast data that is churned out by businesses across the globe and how they use it. Business Analytics combines three essential fields of management, business and computer science to solve complex business scenarios. Applied across functions, business analytics can aid in making data-centric decisions and put the company on the path to growth and transformation. 

The right to succeed significantly increases when we remove subjectivity and use data to infer market trends. If used well for drawing Insights, data trends can truly transform product development, innovation quotient, supply chain, customer engagement, and customer connect initiatives of an organization.

Harnessing the potential of Business Analytics for the modern world requires a new set of professional skills. The new reality of the business world is driven by individuals with management and analytical skills, with expertise to apply it to organizational needs and strategies while navigating the ethical, psychological and societal implications.

Woxsen is one of the top schools for Business Analytics providing specializations in business sciences and business management, and a corporate manager empowered with these decision-making tools will be able to take advantage of the massive amounts of data capturing the preferences and habits of millions of customers and make decisions which would radically improve the effectiveness of your managerial actions. 

MBA - Business Analytics

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Wide Range of Global Learning OpportUnities

Since its inception in 2014, Woxsen University has fostered numerous partnerships with the world’s leading universities and institutions across the world. These collaborations help our students and faculty pursue a wide range of international opportunities, including short term study abroad, semester exchange, teaching and research opportunities.

Our diverse study abroad opportunities not only help students learn from world-renowned professors at top-ranked international institutions but also enable them to experience different cultures and build lasting connections with people from across the globe.

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