Woxsen is the culmination of a long-standing dream to establish an educational institution that surpasses conventional learning, while revolutionizing the sector with modern practices to create an environment that moulds a student into a holistic being able to put learning into action and create an impact towards betterment.
Relentlessly pursuing a path of excellence in every parameter, Woxsen offers an environment where non-academic pursuits remain alive alongside academic prowess. Striking balance between the two, it provides its students world-class infrastructure with its carefully structured learning spaces incorporated with cutting edge technology, state-of-the art labs, an expansive central library and other requisite facilities, whilst also maintaining an A-1 sports facility, fully-equipped fitness centre and other dedicated spaces for extracurriculars.
Being cognizant of the need to prepare our students for a rapidly changing & interconnected world, we constantly strive to bring into our classrooms a global perspective. Woxsen has established over 90+ partnerships with leading universities and institutions across 37 countries, bringing in the best national and international practices. We vehemently believe in purposeful research and optimal outcomes, thus fostering an environment that stimulates students towards the same.

We aim to provide our students with a supportive and nurturing environment that cherishes independent thought, innovation, creativity, diversity and multiculturalism. As a University, we aim to create socially responsible global citizens who can efficiently lead our businesses, society and country in the future. Our endeavour to bridge the abyss between the classroom and practical world is evident in our didactics and the transition in a student from their onboarding to graduation upholding the right mindset and relevant skills to navigate through real world situations.

We want our students to infuse the world with the energy of their creativity and innovations and advance the frontiers of knowledge and research in ways that translate into tangible benefits for the world at large. The entire cohort of Woxsen is acquainted with our vision and mission, and work together to institute a positive paradigm in the country’s higher education space.

Praveen K. Pula

Founder & Chancellor, Woxsen University

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