The endowment fund supports Woxsen’s mission towards providing the best of education, world-class infrastructure, international connect and research in various fields. The endowment comprises philanthropic gifts donated in cash or kind, forming a perpetual source of funding to benefit both current and future generations of students and scholars.

Our Mission

To innovate & transform the conventional educational processes through application of knowledge, research and industry feedback to further scale up community benefit.

Importance of Endowment Fund

The endowment funds support almost every aspect of the university’s academics and administration, thereby ensuring high standards of education, research, resources and operations at all times. As these funds are permanent and have greater longevity, they offer stronger financial stability for the university’s long term strategic plans and goals.

The strong intension behind building endowment funds right now is also due to our learnings in the last 2 years of the pandemic, when our resilience was tried on all fronts. In fact, Woxsen University not only thrived but introduced new disruptive programs, infrastructure and ensured quality education is accessible to all students, during the testing time.

Why Invest in Woxsen Endowment Fund?

Woxsen University is one of the first private Universities of the young state of Telangana, reckoned for its academic and infrastructural offering. Our meticulously planned efforts have helped us achieve milestones in a short span of time and fuelled accomplishments visible in our national rankings, global partnerships & accreditations, and alumni success. Our strong vision pervades our focus on progressive education, research & service to the society.


Anyone can become a donor: individuals, alumni, foundations, corporations, governments who wish to permanently donate towards our programs and core operations. The common vision between all our donors is to contribute to the world’s knowledge economy and community benefit in the larger scheme of things.

Donor Benefits

  • Endowments perpetuate philanthropic goals of the donors, through support of a meaningful cause of their choice
  • Create a permanent endowment in the desired name or as tribute to start/keep a legacy alive, with clearly defined purpose of the fund
  • The university will honour the donor’s wishes and priorities to carry out the designated purpose of the permanent endowment, whichever feasible
  • Ensure programs/initiatives at the University that the donor values the most, not only survive but flourish with time and gain high significance for the community
  • Gain a genuine sense of altruism, while also putting to good use accumulated assets of a lifetime

Donor Impact


The Vithal Gandhi Centre: Our Founder's vision of establishing one of India's Largest Library and Self-Learning Centre at Woxsen University, was well supported by M/s. USV Pvt. Ltd., with their contribution towards the addition of Student Learning resources.


Woxsen University falls under the umbrella of Pinakin Educational Trust, a not-for-profit trust established in 2013 . All endowment funds will be solely developed and managed by Pinakin Educational Trust, registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882/ Vide No. 7 of 2013. The trust will ensure that the valuable contributions is channelled appropriately, as per the designated purpose of the respective Endowment Funds.


Endowment Causes

  1. Academic Scholarship: contributions under this endowment will be used to ease the financial burden of highly students under Merit-Based and Need-Based Scholarships. This acts as a strong incentive for students to follow their dream of studying at Woxsen University.
  2. Alumni Endowment: contributions by our Alumni will be used to support upgrading of programs, tuition waivers and research fellowships at their respective schools. Alumni can also contribute towards annual gathering, reunions and convocations.
  3. Chair Professorship: contributions under this endowment will be used to provide high performing faculty and scholars with the much needed support and resources to achieve goals in their capacity. For these researchers and educators, Woxsen University is also committed to acknowledging their accomplishments and recognitions, both at the national and global level. The fund will also be channelled towards building the best of faculty line-up from around the world.
  4. Student Learning Infrastructure: contributions under this endowment will be channelled towards the up-keep of Woxsen’s 200 acre, world-class campus. Woxsen’s infrastructure is revered for its architecture, facilities and sustainable practices, that back the growing demand of the disruptive programs offered. While it is critical to provide latest labs, technology and extracurricular facilities, it is also important that the burden is not levied on students with increased fees to support the infrastructural needs.
  5. Student Entrepreneurship Initiatives: contributions under this endowment will be used towards providing incubation, mentorship, training, seed funding and scaling disruptive business ideas/startups by students of Woxsen University.
  6. Research Grants: contributions under this endowment will used as investments to conduct cutting-edge research in various fields, required by industry and governments.
  7. General Endowment: contributions under this endowment will be used to fund high priority areas of the university, while also helping the constituent schools maintain affordability of tuition fees. The donors may be recognised as Sponsors.

Ways to Give

  1. Online: Our secure online platform allows you to make one-time/recurring gifts through a desired mode from a gamut of options like Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Digital Wallets Donate Here
  2. Interbank: If you wish to transfer gifts, you may choose to do so through NEFT/ RTGS/IMPS Donate Here
  3. Cheques/ Drafts:
Payable to Pinakin Educational Trust
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