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Build a Strong University Application for your Higher Studies.

Woxsen Summer Program is meticulously designed with an aim to provide Budding Scholars (9th & 10th Graders) and Future Leaders (11th & 12th Graders) a Top Ranked University experience. The inherent advantage of this program is that it gives an edge to the student's profile and future university application. 

Immerse in courses that go in-depth on topics you are truly passionate about and explore the world of multidisciplinary domains ranging from design, social media marketing, robotics and more. Meet peers from across the country, discover new avenues and connect with various viewpoints, thinking and practices.

Take part in workshops, activities, and events outside of class that are meant to educate, engage, and amuse you! Develop crucial life skills that will prepare you for a successful university experience in the future.

Highlights | Woxsen Summer Program

Live <br>& Learn

University Life

Experience the fascinating
Student-life at
ndia’s Top Private University  

Academic Subjects

Quiz & Competition

Explore & Learn various
domains with Innovative Learning

Top Instructors

Creativity & Story Telling

Get your Creative Juices
flowing. Express your
ideas & thoughts!


Innovation & Technology

Build Applications, Create
Designs & more at our
high-tech Labs & Studios

Win Competitions & Certificates

Sports & Wellness

Participate in Tournaments
at South Asia's
Top Sports Facility

Social Excursion

Visit Innovation Hubs &
volunteer for a social cause
at a local village

Which category do I fit in?

Budding Scholars — 9th & 10th Graders

You will explore some of the interesting domains under Design, Technology, Law, Liberal Arts, Business to Architecture, using professional labs like AI & Robotics Lab, Analytics & Behavioural Lab, Bloomberg Finance Lab, Design Studio…to name a few.

Engage in dynamic, quick-paced, hands-on activities and learn about the world that exists behind the scenes of your ideal higher education. While residing at India’s Top Ranked University, make new acquaintances who share your interests and live the University-life this Summer!

Give an Edge to Your Profile

  • #1

    STEAM Based Competition

  • #2

    Gaming Experience through Metaverse

  • #3

    Visit to Tech Park a peek into the world of works

  • #4

    Day of Community Service at a local village

  • #5

    Fun with Coding

  • #6

    Celebration Night rewind & unwind

Future Leaders — 11th & 12th Graders

The summer program for high school students is a unique opportunity, Get set for a University-Life! The program will prime you for a life at a top ranked university, while you discover what truly interests you, whether you're unsure about potential fields of study or want to go deeper into a subject you love.

Your exposure to domains will range from Management, Entrepreneurship, Law, Computer Science, Psychology, Design Thinking and more. You will take with you an experience of the practical side of these domains at our professional labs such as Analytics Lab, Behavioural Lab, AI & Robotics Lab, Bloomberg Finance Lab and Design Studios. You will also Engage in social activities outside of class time and participate in extracurricular activities that challenge your thinking.

Give an Edge to Your Profile

  • #1

    IoT Automation

  • #2

    Generative AI & Gaming experience through Metaverse

  • #3

    Debate Competition

  • #4

    Visit to Innovation Hub & Incubation Centre and Community Service

  • #5

    Discover International Relations

  • #6

    Celebration Night rewind & unwind

Woxsen Summer Program


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