Campus life at Woxsen is full of enthusiasm, energy, and fun. It is a community where people of various cultures and nationalities connect by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

Woxsen University is intense and challenging in its academic rigour, but it also boasts of a rich panoply of social, cultural, and recreational activities coupled with the best opportunities and resources for students to reach their full potential.

Student Clubs

Woxsen provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue their passion in areas in academics as well as non-academics. Cultivate your curiosity, explore your passions, and create your own community through one or more of the 26 different student clubs.


Woxsen’s ultra-modern campus sits on a sprawling 200-acre landscape in a serene and pollution-free environment. Fully furnished hostels accommodate all students with both AC & Non AC rooms, internet connectivity and 24 hour maintenance services.

Sports Arena

Whilst conquering new levels in our academics, we find it essential to strike a balance with sports too, for it is true that a fit mind and a fit body go together. The International Sports Arena - The League has been established with an Olympic vision to rouse the champion in students, covering a wide array of sporting facilities.


Support Services for Students at Woxsen

Woxsen University is dedicated to providing an environment in which students can learn, grow, and prosper. Our extensive services ensure that your time here is both productive and comfortable.

Student Support

Ensuring a cohort and comfortable environment, the student support teams at Gateway, Bridge, and Career Connect are always there to address your residential and academic concerns as well as career support.

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Care & Cure

Care & Cure is the on-campus medical facility that provides round the clock medical services to students. The centre is operational 24x7 with a general physician, nurses, and support staff.

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Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Cell is dedicated to promoting mental health & well-being in the Woxsen community through counselling sessions, workshops, and group discussions.

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City Life of Hyderabad

Established in 1591 CE, Hyderabad has a rich culture, a fairy-tale history and diversity large enough to rival entire continents. Amidst the industrialization, which began in the late 19th century, The City of Pearls has become the foremost centre for cultural convergence and a global centre of information technology. In a city where art, tradition, and culture are celebrated, the potpourri of various ethnic groups has ensured cosmopolitan progress and an embracement of the modern lifestyle.

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