“As days goes by, automation and robots in human society becomes new normal”. Woxsen envisions the philosophy in automation and embraces the path of robotics through research & innovation towards development of intelligent machines that can have potential to maneuver across societal needs.

The robotics facility at woxsen has multi-level experimental infrastructure to nurture innovation and creativity needs of students, scholars and researchers for various investigations. Apart from research, robotics lab also addresses commercial needs in the form of design and development of novel methods, models and prototypes for industries. Woxsen robotics embarks into the areas like autonomous vehicles, drones, interactive robots and conceptual vehicles. Starting from mechanical and movement, we venture towards intelligent machines and decision making machines through cognitive and behavioural analuysis with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Humanoid Robot "Guard" at Woxsen's AI & Robotics Lab

The facility is equipped with 3-D printer that enables the user go beyond imagination and innovate without fear of failure. Beyond the physical infrastructure, the facility is equipped with intellectual faculty that mentors the students for thinking and doing about what is need for tomorrow.

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