Living on a college campus changes our lives. Even after years of graduation, most of us remember our university days fondly and often refer to them as "golden days."

But have you ever considered what makes university life so special?

For some, it's the taste of independence, while others value campus life and culture, co-curricular activities, sports, friendships, and the ability to make crucial life decisions.

University life is both exciting and challenging for a student; however, many aspects of student life, such as academic pressure, personal relationships, and professional concerns and issues, can all lead to stress.

Student Wellness

Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre at Woxsen University majorly focuses on the mental health & well-being of the student community. It provides individual & group counselling sessions, workshops, and group discussions to help students with their academic, interpersonal, and emotional needs.

The Centre handles the necessity of diverse student populations and their individual psychological needs. It provides them with a safe and confidential environment to speak their hearts and mind and make informed decisions. It is devoted to working towards the holistic development of each student and raising the wellness quotient along the journey.

Individual & Group Counselling

Wellness Centre is committed to creating a mentally healthy environment for everybody at Woxsen University. We want to ensure the students look forward to their stay at the University, and where everyone feels supported. To help us achieve this, we encourage the students to visit the Psychology Counsellor, with any concerns related to their mental well-being. It focuses on improving productivity, strengthening relationships and overall well-being.

MindFicent Series

Achieving to inspire young minds to take ownership of their mental and emotional well-being by inviting esteemed mental health speakers to campus and initiate new ways to looking at mental health progress. 

The Wellness Centre has successfully completed six sessions under its belt and the topics discussed are:

  • Building Resilience during Times of Adversity – Dr. Nesmita Das
  • How to build a Positive Personality?  - Dr. Anindita Majumdar
  • Overthinking: Can we overcome it with individual strength? – Dr Sabiha Alam Choudhury
  • Stress Management Program for Youth
  • Road to Recovery: Psychotherapy for All – Dr. Deepanwita Roy
  • Relationships: How do they affect us? – Dr Shampa Chowdhury
  • Embrace your Failure – Ms. Parul Alik
  • Building Resilience against Stress & Burnout - Ms. Anubha Jain
  • Emotional Awareness – Ms. Anubha Jain

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Mental Health Initiatives by the Wellness Centre

The wellness workshops and events at Woxsen University are led by the Head of the Wellness Centre along with a team of Community Service Volunteers. Some options are one-time events, some are drop-in based, and others are brief series requiring prior enrollment. We hope to expand these offerings over time and are interested in student feedback about what kinds of topics or events would be of most interest.

  • Human Library

  • Candid Talks

  • Heart-Unlocked

  • Woxsen for Society

  • Virtual Symposium on Gender Sensitization

  • Support group for Sexual Harm & Abuse

  • Support group for Men’s Mental Health

  • Annual Event of SWC - 2021 & 2022

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ERS Activities

Elevate Program has come into existence with a vision to uplift the weaker sections of the society in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which primarily focuses on Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, and Economic Growth.

Woxsen University, India and Monmouth University, USA collaborated for a Social Impact Project under ‘Woxsen-Monmouth Elevate Program’ to teach the underprivileged school students of Telangana State, adhering to the ERS approach of International accreditation bodies such as AACSB, EFMD, and AMBA.  

Close to 400 children from the nearby areas of Kamkole, Buddhera, Lingampally, Digwal, Kohir, Melasangam, Ibrahimpur, Sadasivpet, and Zaheerabad were registered for the program. Students were providing with classes for English, Mathematics, Science, and Life Skills along with co-curricular activities like Bal Chetna Shivir, Art & Craft, Drama & dance.

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MindFicent Magazine

The magazine works on bringing forward the discovery of various aspects of human mind and exploring new discussions about mental health and wellness in its monthly issues.

Care & Cure - Medical Facility

Care & Cure - the medical facility is easily accessible for all students, faculty, and staff. We believe in providing the best of medical facilities on campus, with a general physician, nurse, and support staff available at all times.

The medical facility is fully equipped with doctor chambers, patient emergency rooms with ICU beds, and a dispensary for OTC medicines. In case of an emergency, an ambulance is also available on campus.

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