One of the most important things a student gains from getting educated is Knowledge. Knowledge imparted by teachers, knowledge available on online sources, Knowledge gained from their peers and parents, Knowledge from libraries across the schools/colleges/universities.

To maintain international standards of imparting knowledge to students at Woxsen University, Vithal Gandhi Centre (Library) provides access to 10,000+ books & Journals, 33000+ online resources. Bearing in mind the prominence of knowledge, Woxsen has now collaborated with "Taylor & Francis Group", to establish a "Knowledge Centre."

Taylor & Francis Group is a UK-based publisher and conference company that offers a range of content platforms to connect readers to knowledge. They are designed with the goal of aiding discovery and allowing users to swiftly and easily obtain pertinent research and information, from any place in the world.

Knowledge Centre is part of the library established for the welfare of the Students, Research Scholars and Faculty of Woxsen. The primary aim of the centre will be dissemination of knowledge (and know-how) to teachers, researchers and students through short courses, workshops, seminars and live thematic classes.

Core Functions:

  • To organise technical events such as Panel discussions, International Conferences, and summits in association with CRC Press Taylor and Francis
  • To Conduct Exclusive virtual Book Fair for Woxsen University students
  • To Bring experts from industry and academia for a knowledge-sharing session
  • To conduct Seminars, Webinars, Faculty Development Programs and Workshops for the students, research scholars and faculties to enhance their skills.  
  • Facilitate Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral students to participate in project and technology development activities
  • To upgrade the Centre’s technical capacity and information sources

What does this collaboration entail?

  1. Through this collaboration, Woxsen University will have a dedicated column on Taylor & Francis group website which can be accessed by our students & faculty. 
  2. Procurement of Books: Students/Faculty who want to buy a book from their platform can send a mail to library requesting to procure the same from Taylor & Francis Group.
  3. Physical workshops/Lectures: The centre will also engage in creating knowledge repositories through lectures for advanced courses by leading experts, compendium of projects
  4. Incorporation of New Knowledge in the curriculum: Taylor & Francis Group will also provide E-Book and a physical copy of required material to faculty for their respective program/course.
  5. Internships: Make provision for internships to selected students to promote serious studies/research.
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