All Ph.D. scholars shall be required to complete the coursework prescribed by Woxsen University during the first year of their Ph.D. A minimum of 55% of marks (or its equivalent grade) in the coursework is essential to be eligible to continue in the Ph.D. program.

The credit assigned to the Ph.D. coursework shall be a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 16 credits. The coursework shall be treated as a prerequisite for preparing a dissertation.

Upon satisfactory completion of course work in the first year, and draft dissertation in the second year, a Ph.D. scholar is expected to work on his/her final dissertation starting from the third year of Ph.D. A Ph.D. scholar may submit his/her dissertation any time after two and half years from enrolling in the course, subject to fulfillment of the requirements of the Ph.D. Program.

Ph.D. Program Process

Steps                               Step-Wise Process
1 On-Boarding
2 Orientation
3 Supervisor Recommendation 
4 DRC Confirmation
5 Coursework Recommendation & Confirmation
6 Appear for Coursework
7 Appear for Research Proposal Presentation
8 Appear for Synopsis Presentation
9 Submit Thesis to Program Office within 3 Months
10 Thesis for External Examination 
11 Address Examiners Comment 
12 Appear for Final Defence 


Doctoral Research Committee

Every scholar is assigned by 3 Doctoral Committee Members apart from Supervisor to assess and mentor the scholar in the Ph.D. program.

This committee is responsible for the individual scholar semester progression, reviewing the research proposal & finalize the topic. The Committee will also guide Ph.D. scholars to develop the study design and methodology of research and identify the course(s) that he/she may have to do.

  • Research Proposal Presentation



    Scholars should have achieved at least 8 credits in the Coursework Examination and should have completed Research Ethics and Plagiarism Course.

    About Research Proposal Presentation: 

    Research Proposal Presentation is the stage after coursework where the scholar on recommendation by the Supervisor, expresses his/her interest to present a Research Proposal to the School Research Committee (SRC). The SRC is formed by subject matter experts and is approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

    The Research Proposal includes an Introduction, Background & Significance, Literature Review, and Research Gaps identified. The Objectives of the research and a Methodology is proposed to the SRC committee for approval.

    The SRC members evaluate the presentation and provide constructive feedback to the scholar. Upon necessary recommendation forwarded to the program office, if the proposal is approved, the scholar shall continue to pursue research in the proposed area and the objectives (objectives cannot be changed).

  • Synopsis Presentation



    • 12 Credits of Coursework and 4 Credits for Participation in Workshops and Conference
    • 2 Papers Published in SCOPUS-Indexed Journals


    About Synopsis Presentation:

    During Synopsis Presentation, the scholar presents the findings of the study with respect to the objectives defined/approved by the School Research Committee (SRC) during the Research Proposal Presentation.

    The Synopsis Presentation should contain detailed information about the methodology used to address the approved objectives. The presentation should elaborate on the findings and the results achieved.

    SRC will then evaluate the results/findings and the methodology pursued by the scholar and provide their recommendation to the Program Office. 

    If the SRC approves the presentation, the scholar is allowed to write the Ph.D. dissertation. In case the SRC members don’t find the findings suitable or appropriate, the scholar will have to re-appear for the Synopsis Presentation.

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