WoU MoU | Woxsen University collaborates with ServiceNow

Oct 11, 2023

Woxsen University is excited to announce its partnership with ServiceNow, a prominent digital workflow company. This collaboration is designed to empower our students with essential digital skills, opening doors to enhanced employment prospects through well-defined career pathways.

This partnership primarily consists of two key elements. First, it emphasizes the collaboration between Woxsen University and ServiceNow, focusing on the training of both faculty and students in high-demand IT industry skills. The second aspect involves the development of an integrated curriculum that revolves around a comprehensive training and certification program. This program is tailored to empower recent graduates with the necessary skills to excel and progress within the industry.

The achievement of this significant milestone is credited to the dedication of Woxsen's Corporate Relations Team and Mr. Bhaskar Gandhavadi, Director of Workforce Development & Curriculum at ServiceNow.

This collaboration was graced by the presence of Mr. Praveen K Pula, Chancellor of Woxsen University, Dr. Krishna Chalam, VC – Woxsen University, Dr. Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu, Dean of the School of Technology, and Manpreet Khurana, Head of Corporate Relations and Ms. Saritha Ceemala, AGM- Corporate Relations.

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