Trade Tower at Woxsen partners with SucSEED Indovation to revolutionize the startup ecosystem

Nov 09, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an incredible collaboration between Trade Tower-Startup Incubation Hub at Woxsen University and SucSEED Indovation!

In our quest to empower startups with unparalleled opportunities, insights, and funding resources, we've joined forces with SucSEED Indovation. This partnership marks a significant stride toward revolutionizing the startup ecosystem.

SucSEED Indovation, born from the expertise of individuals deeply embedded in India's startup landscape, brings the combined strengths of SucSEED Angel Network and IIIT-H Seed Ventures LLP. Renowned for its proactive involvement in seed stage investments, SucSEED Indovation has been recognized as one of the most active seed stage fund houses by esteemed publications such as Inc42.

This collaboration aims to bolster our incubation and funding activities, offering startups not just financial support but also invaluable guidance from seasoned investment professionals. Together, we aspire to create a vibrant environment for innovation and growth.

We're incredibly excited about the prospects this partnership brings, and we look forward to nurturing and propelling startups to new heights of success. Join us on this journey as we unlock a world of opportunities for the entrepreneurial community!

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