The Ignite - Woxsen Entrepreneurship on Industrial Visit to Pinnacle Generators

Nov 30, 2023

The Ignite - Woxsen Entrepreneurship Club successfully coordinated an industry visit for the entire Ignite team to Pinnacle Generators. Pinnacle Generators, an organization headquartered in Hyderabad with over 20 years of expertise in the Power Generators sector, provided an insightful experience for the participants.

The meeting was led by Mr. Sathi Reddy Thummala and Mrs. K. Pallavi, where they shared the company's success story and emphasized key pillars for business success, highlighting the significance of attributes like punctuality, obedience, sincerity, and efficiency.

Offering invaluable wisdom gained over 20 years, Mr. Sathi Reddy emphasized the importance of willpower over capital in starting and sustaining a business. The visit continued with Mr.Nagender Reddy, a production manager with a decade-long tenure at Pinnacle, providing insights into the logistical aspects of setting up and running a company. Engaging in an informative discussion, the team learned about the company's operations and business structure.

The visit concluded with a tour of Pinnacle's manufacturing unit, guided by Mr. Nagender Reddy. The manufacturing process was revealed from start to finish, showcasing the meticulous organization of tasks that culminate in the production of a generator. Noteworthy was the explanation of unique features that set Pinnacle's Generators apart in the market.

This industry visit serves as a practical and enriching supplement to the academic curriculum, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. It equips students with firsthand knowledge, insights, and perspectives that are instrumental in shaping their entrepreneurial journey and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic business landscape.

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