Student Achievements | SOT students win big at Hacknovation

Mar 01, 2023

Woxsenites from the School of Technology win big at 24hr hackathon - Hacknovation conducted by Vignan Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) in association with Microsoft Learn and Techfiesta 2K23.

Hacknovation aimed to bring together talented individuals from various backgrounds to collaborate, innovate, and create solutions for some of the world's most pressing problems in 5 domains.

Team Members:

· Harsh Morayya - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Harsh Goyal - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Nuthan Varma - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Adip Krishna Guduru - B.Tech (2022-26)
· Jayaditya Reddy - B.Tech (2022-26)

Idea: To install a hardware component that can be fastened to the front or bottom of moving vehicles and constantly scans the road for potholes. When a pothole is found, the pothole's dimensions and coordinates are sent to a database, where they can be bought by the officials so that they can take immediate action.

2. Team name: ETHOS
Team Members:

· Harshith Dogga - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Maatrika Pammidimukkala - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Venkat Abhiram Polisetti - B.Tech (2021-25)
· Druthi Varma - B.Tech (2022-26)
· Akash Gurrala – B.Tech (2020-24)

Idea: The main concept behind Eudai is to create a VR platform with a variety of simulated environments that can create the conditions for any simulation without being constrained. The implementation of a VR tutor who responds to user inquiries while analyzing and comprehending a student's rate of learning to carefully tailor the complexity of examples and concepts to their requirements is also planned.

Heartiest Congratulations to the winners!

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