Student Achievements I SOT | Patent Published

May 12, 2023

Heartiest Congratulations to Harsh Goyal and Harsh Morayya, B.Tech (2021-25) Batch, as their invention, gets patented under the mentorship of Dr. Reddy Sekhar K, Prof. Amogh Deshmukh, and Vishal Kumar Sharma.

An improved structure of the paramotor allows the generation of wind energy from small propellors with turbines and solar energy from the wing surface. Solar and wind energy also facilitate charging of the backup battery during flight time which in turn 10 powers the paramotors. A seating arrangement is provided with a footrest to maximize the comfort of the user and the footrest is extended from a steering handle which allows to change the direction of flight by the user on the ground. A Variable Potentiometer and Electronic speed controller are used to 15 manipulate the speed of the paramotor. A potentiometer helps in controlling the power which helps in changing the speed on the ground as well as in air. The BLDC motor provides the thrust to the paramotor for take-off.

We wish the students many more laurels!

Patent Published - Woxsen Students
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