Professor Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund, Lektor & Textile expert visits Woxsen University

Dec 02, 2023

We are delighted to welcome Professor Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund, Lektor at IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding, and a textile expert with a focus on business in design education.

On her visit, our students at Woxsen's School of Arts & Design demonstrated their remarkable talent and passion through their diverse projects, showcasing their creativity and design prowess.

Professor santosh kocherlakota delved into the intricate processes behind the Industrial Design student projects, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative thinking involved. Professor Ashutosh Kumar presented a captivating collection of student-created garments and traditional Kalamkari artworks, showcasing the students' mastery of textile design and cultural heritage. Professor Shivakumar and Professor Pratik Bhattacharyya unveiled an impressive array of student-developed furniture pieces, accompanied by photogrammetry and textile-focused interior design projects, emphasizing the students' understanding of spatial design and materiality.

Visual Communication students proudly displayed their vibrant and dynamic ongoing projects, demonstrating their proficiency in visual storytelling and communication. The Foundation Year presented a comprehensive exhibition of skills acquired, encompassing sketches, calligraphy, clay products, macrame, origami, illustrations, animations, and a short film, showcasing the breadth of their artistic talent and technical expertise.

Professor Ditte Hoffmann was particularly impressed with the students' enthusiasm and hard work, as well as the way our design education combines both craft and technology. We are grateful for her visit and look forward to continuing to learn from her expertise.

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