Mr. Raghu Kumar, Regional Head for nasscom, AP & TS at Woxsen for a National Symposium organised by School of Technology

Dec 22, 2023

Woxsen University's School of Technology proudly hosted a National Symposium on Smart Sustainability and Renewable Energy Using Artificial Intelligence, convening key stakeholders and thought leaders to explore the transformative potential of technology in building a greener future.

Recognizing the limitations of past sustainability efforts, the symposium explored how emerging technologies like blockchain, deep learning, and AIML can empower a more impactful and lasting approach to renewable energy deployment.

Guest of Honor, Mr. Raghu Kumar, Regional Head for nasscom, AP & TS, ignited the discussions with his insights on the global $9.2 trillion commitment towards decarbonization and the critical need for innovative financial models. A dynamic panel comprised of industry experts – Mr. Aditya Mekala, Mr. Srikanth Maneru, Mr. Subhas Katta – alongside esteemed faculty members from Woxsen's School of Technology, delved deeper into the intricate relationship between AI and renewable energy.

The session tackled crucial questions surrounding clean energy's grid dependence, green hydrogen solutions, and its potential to replace existing energy sources.

The symposium sparked engaging dialogues, fostering optimism and a heightened awareness of the challenges and opportunities within the renewable energy landscape. The question of cost-effectiveness in renewable energy generated diverse perspectives, demonstrating the dynamic nature of the conversation and the collective commitment to finding solutions. This resounding success reaffirmed Woxsen's dedication to leading the discourse on innovative approaches to creating a sustainable future.

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