Faculty Achivement | Dr. Prashant Kumar

May 25, 2023

Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Prashant Kumar, School of Technology, as his invention gets patented. His invention is a Game-based Electric Vehicle Charging Device and Method relating to an electric vehicle charging strategy optimization technology, and aims to solve the problem that the driving profile of EV users is unpredictable, necessitating the design of charging scheduling protocols for EV charging stations servicing multiple EVs.

The method comprises the steps of establishing a game theory based grid model for charging the electric vehicle. In the game based strategy, with respect to the grid load demand minimization, charging stations have scheduled EV charging times to prevent sudden peak load on the grid the proposed game theory strategy is sudden peak load on the grid. The game theory strategy is defined on the basis of priority so that both grid operators and EV users can maximize their profit by setting priorities for charging and discharging.

We wish him many more laurels!

Game-based Electric Vehicle Charging Device
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