Faculty Achievements | VR & Mobile charging facility

Feb 23, 2023

Heartiest Congratulations to WOXSENs Inventors for their work - A System Method for Controlling Multiple VR and Mobile Charging Facility with Sanitization.

1. Sudarshan Chakra Mandal, Project Engineer
2. Vishal Kumar Sharma, Project Engineer
3. Dr. Pinisetti Swami Sairam, Carlos Scheel Professor of Circular Economy & Tech Innovation
4. Javed N Doddamani, Director Channel Partnerships

The system for controlling multiple VR and mobile charging facilities with sanitization comprises a box frame having a plurality of cabinets for storing electronic devices; a fingerprint sensor for scanning a user's fingerprint for opening the box frame; two proximity sensors for detecting whether the box frame lid is open or closed; two IR sensors arrays for checking the presence of electronic devices; a controlling unit for activating a sanitization unit to sanitize the box frame lid and configured with informative display for displaying the number of present electronic devices inside the box frame; a temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of individual electronic device for displaying it to the informative display; and a user for sending a full charged signal to the controlling unit.

We wish them many laurels!

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