Faculty Achievements I School of Technology

Jul 09, 2022

Heartiest Congratulations to our inventors – Er. Sudarshan Chakra Mandal, Vishal Kumar Sharma, and Prof. Reddy Sekhar K for receiving a patent for their work titled ‘A System For Secured Defense Communication And Method Thereof’.

A system and method for short to long-range secure defense communication acquire the brain or EEG signals from a head wearable device and such brain signal data is considered as the determining parameter to establish communication among team members.

As there is no use of voice signals in the present communication system, it can help in concealing the user identity. This communication system do not need the team members to be in the line of sight as the output of the brain signals can be seen on a display interface.

The system is compact and aids in concealing the equipment work by the user, and also needs less power supply.

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