Design students attend DENAURLEN 3C festival

Mar 05, 2023

3C Festival I SOAD
3C Festival:
Students from the B.Des Foundation participated in the 3C Festival, an opportunity for young artists from various colleges and backgrounds to perform on stage and gain recognition.

3C Festival Concept Deck:
DENAURLEN (short for DENA AUR LENA) is a first-of-its-kind gamified social media company currently being incubated at T-Hub. The guests of honor were the Principal IT Secretary of Telangana and Miss India World 2020 Manasa Varanasi.

The Outcome:
Denaurlen 3C Festival gave young people access to India's largest gathering of content creators, bringing together influencers, up-and-coming creators, students, special guests, and passionate people from various cities with 1500–1800 audiences, including 100+ content creators, students from 20+ colleges, and 100+ T-Hub startups.

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