CoE of Human Rights visits UPS Government School, Madinaguda along with Jagathi Foundation

Dec 19, 2023

Creating champions of human rights!

With the help of the Jagathi Foundation, the COE of Human Rights visited the Government UPS School, Madinaguda to teach the students about human.

The goal was to inspire the future generation to be advocates for human rights and fight for a world in which everyone gets to shine. We explored the meaning and importance of different rights, and taught the students about empathy and leadership!

The students also got to reflect on their individual contributions to the society through human rights and ideated on different issues and how one can make a positive impact.

Further, our team painted the classroom walls to provide a more lively learning atmosphere for the champions.

Witness the power of education where it empowers, inspires, and equips the next generation to fight for a more equitable society!
Join us in this mission to promote human rights.

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