APAC 4th Global Education & Skill Conclave

Jul 14, 2022

Vishal Khurma- CEO, Woxsen University spoke on ‘Designing Digital Infrastructure & Outlining Roadmap For New Education Model’ at APAC 4th Global Education & Skill Conclave organized by APAC News Network in New Delhi.

During the conference, he added, "With the digital footprint expanding even in the Higher Education space, it is a given that in-person & assisted online academic delivery will coexist. As per a recent survey, more than 60% of talent is not industry ready... Future-ready workforce needs Future ready Curriculum & the New Education model must solve it by embracing digitization.

We at Woxsen University have created the requisite digital infrastructure which touches the student's life cycle from filling paperless application to providing the digital learning resources & virtual connected labs to give them world-class experiential learning..."

The 4th APAC GESC is a global platform that witnessed the amazing participation of stellar speakers in the education, skill, and innovation eco-system from India and across the globe.

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