B.Tech Students Industrial Internship at AppsTek Corp

Aug 02, 2023

Woxsen University is delighted to announce that the B.Tech Students of the 2020 & 2021 Batch completed their 6-Months Industrial Internship at AppsTek Corp successfully.

Throughout their internship, students thoroughly enjoyed delving into real-time challenges, problem statements, and their practical implementations. This valuable opportunity allowed them to reflect on and demonstrate their curriculum learnings, showcasing their engineering skills in solving industrial use cases in the areas of Annotation & Industrial Automation using AI, Vehicle Route Optimization, Sentimental analysis from Multi-modal Information, Enhanced Image Resolution, and Anomaly Detection in Industrial Automation.


1. Mr. Kalakoti Varun Teja

2. Vasireddy Bindu Hasitha

3. Kuragayal Kenny Joel

4. Akash Gurrala

5. Sathvik Andela

6. Pettugani Hotragn

7. Vissarapu Srinath

8. Gurram Sai Vinil

9. Venkata Abhiram Polisetti

10. Oladri Renuka

11. Avula Jhansy

Additionally, two faculty members successfully participated in the Faculty Internship Programme (FIP), where they provided solutions to numerous real-time issues across various domains. These faculty members were also actively involved in mentoring and supporting the intern students throughout their internships.


1) Dr. Jaswanth Nidamanuri:

2) Prof. Amogh Deshmukh

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