Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)

Equip yourself with effective tools to read critically, think broadly and write cogently. Inculcate an understanding of human cultures, social structures and frameworks that govern societies.


If you are any of these and more…

  • You wish to learn and explore diverse fields of studies which helps you foster an extensive viewpoint in whichever career path you choose

  • You would like the opportunity to expand upon your interest in areas you are comfortable with

  • You embody abilities that are going to help survive in a world that is continually evolving i.e., to think, create, convey, adapt, and collaborate

  • You desire to connect socially and comprehend diverse culture, with the aim to resolve societal issues in a creative manner

  • You possess an inherent drive to create enduring and positive impact


Completed 12th Grade or 10+2 in any discipline, from a recognized board, with minimum 60% aggregate.

Admission Process
The admission process at Woxsen is quite structured and comprehensive since every student is evaluated basis their Composite Score, as mentioned below:

  • STEP 1: Appear for the Online Entrance Test – WAT (Woxsen Aptitude Test) or Submit SAT Score

  • STEP 2: Schedule and complete your Psychometric Test

  • STEP 3: Tell us, who you are in the Personal Interview Round

BA (Hons.) Program at Woxsen

Every business or institution has evolved with time. The traditional requisites of a rigorous work ethic and abundant technical skills to get the job done is just the bare minimum. The industry now demands socially conscious, perceptive professionals driven by an innate sense of purpose.

Bachelors of Arts (Hons.) Program brings out a perspective shift with a unilateral focus of study. The students undertake a journey of personal discovery and fulfilment, with the freedom to choose a bundle of specializations that define them and their interests the best. What makes Woxsen the best Arts colleges in Hyderabad is it’s integration of a contemporary curriculum, holistic academic delivery & an enlightening learning experience for Arts aspirants. Expanding both critical thinking, creative thinking and exploring diverse skill sets through applied learning makes us stand among top Bachelor of Arts colleges in India. Through Liberal Arts and Humanities education, today the students aren’t only limited to Non-STEM fields, they have plethora of opportunities waiting for them. The program initially covers the foundational elements of Liberal Education and Social Sciences. Woxsen is an Institution of eminence among the Top BA Degree Colleges in Hyderabad that focuses on study then advances towards developing multidisciplinary expertise in key domains of the Liberal Arts & Humanities field.

Tailor-Make your BA (Hons.) with any 3 Specializations

This specialization seeks to give students the opportunity to read and respond to a variety of novels, plays, and poems which includes contemporary English literature, socio-cultural, and political themes. The study also includes literary analyses, cultural diversity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the significance and scope of English Literature, as well as the language's growth and history

  • Analyze, comprehend, and critically engage with literary texts, approaching them from various perspectives and with a clear understanding

  • Learn the literary terms through engagement with various fiction and non-fiction writers from the classic to the contemporary and modern era

  • Learn and understand the social and cultural contexts and to distinguish the features of specific literary genres

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This specialization introduces the students to theoretical, analytical, and policy foundations of the economy. It will further aid them in developing a critical approach to understand relationships between theory and policy through analytical frameworks and analyzing empirical evidence.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn and understand basic economic theories

  • Learn more about current economic challenges and difficulties in the country and around the world

  • Develop behavioral conceptual models to forecast and predict responses to changes in policy and market situations

  • Learn and put to practice various statistical tools for analysis to investigate these market trends at micro and macro levels

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The specialization focuses on the investigation of various elements of human behaviour patterns and mental processes. It takes students through a variety of empirical methodologies in order to help them comprehend the intricacies and processes of the human mind.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn theoretical and applied psychological skills

  • Learn about cognition, emotion, and behaviour where both objectivity and subjectivity of human nature are given considerable space

  • Learn and enhance not only concepts but also professional skills required for research

  • Learn and understand the socio-cultural and cross-cultural characteristics of living in a community

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This specialization investigates and analyses the theory and practise of politics and political institutions, primarily focusing on studying numerous topics through a thorough understanding of the constitution, political factors, international relations, law and development.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn to identify the characteristics of country’s government processes, the functions of political systems, the forms and roles of institutions and constitutions

  • Learn and understand the economy of international relations, foreign policies, and the challenges of being faced in the era of globalization

  • Learn analytical and research abilities, such as critical thinking to develop logical arguments, collect, evaluate, and interpret data, and formulate reasoned conclusions

  • Develop theoretical skills for analysing politically significant phenomenon and a deeper knowledge of the forms and dynamics of political action

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This specialization provides an overview of country’s mass media, as well as its role and value in a democratic society. It includes all formats right from print, electronic, newspaper journalism to online/digital journalism.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the journalistic approaches to storytelling and problem-solving resulting in locally engaged and globally competent citizens

  • Demonstrate adaptability across media in a basic set of journalistic techniques in research, reporting, and storytelling

  • Gain understanding of the factors shaping the media message in a globalized and diverse landscape

  • Learn to be adaptive in the ever-changing media landscape through problem-solving approach to practices of Journalism

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This specialization gives combination of academic theory with real business projects, exposing the students to a range of organisational roles. It aids in producing business plans and market analyses while developing the skills to tackle a range of business problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand different cultural viewpoints and use common business knowledge in the global market

  • Identify and assess the ethical, social, and environmental consequences of corporate decisions

  • Learn analytical skills to come up with novel and inventive solutions to complex business challenges

  • Integrate basic business principles and theories across all functional domains

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What are my Career Opportunities:

  • Advertising

  • Journalism

  • Media Publishing

  • Corporate Communications

  • Public Relations

  • Academia

  • Consulting/ Legislative Assistance

  • Think Tanks

  • Civil Services

  • Political Analyst / Campaign Manager

  • NGO / Social Impact


Applied Learning

  • Live Projects

  • Internship

  • Competitions

Trade Tower

Dedicated Incubation Centre providing guidance, mentorship & seed funding to disruptive ideas.

Unique Curriculum Design

Research & Inputs from Leading Academicians & Industry Experts.

Industry Connect

  • Seminars

  • Conclaves

  • Guest Lectures & more

Maximum Career Impact

  • Dedicated Career Coach

  • Skill Development Workshops

Placement Assistance

Dedicated placement cell providing assistance for internship & final placement

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