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In many situations, conventional training techniques and standard programs are not sufficient to alter ineffective patterns. In such cases, CEEC designs custom interventions to meet learning objectives unique to every organization. This involves a collaborative approach and yield tailor-made solutions for the organization.

We've established a laser-focused mindset and methodology to assist organizations and executives in improving their performance. Your customized program will include the perfect mix of academic theory, hands-on experience, and practical application. The duration of these programs can be anywhere between 1 Day to 2 Weeks.

The place of delivery of these custom programs is open to the organization.

In-demand Programs:

1. Business Strategies and Business Models in the Digital era:

It covers the discussion and application of fundamental as well as advanced and recent concepts for developing business strategies in today’s world. Additionally, the relationship of strategies and business models are in focus and how to develop up-to-date (digital) business models building on business strategies. During the seminar international case studies will be discussed and concepts applied at real-life business examples.

2. Transition To Business Leadership:

Designed to help you take the step up to enterprise leadership, while helping you make this move quickly and successfully through a unique combination of personal leadership development with coaching, strategy, execution and managing organizational change.

3. Developing Future Leaders:

This program will ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in senior or general management roles by developing the skills to lead yourself, others, and your organization. It will be a holistic training programme to understand the know-how and who of leadership and the steps forward.

4. Leading High-performing teams:

Developing a team is that is productive and collaborative is essential to any organization for ensuring the long-term success of the entire ecosystem. Enhancing the leadership acumen will support and optimise the efforts in this quest.

7D Design Process For Customized Learning

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