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Every business or institution has evolved with time. The traditional requisites of a rigorous work ethic and abundant technical skills to get the job done are just the bare minimum. The industry now demands socially conscious, perceptive professionals driven by an innate sense of purpose.

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Humanities (Hons.) Program brings out a perspective shift with a unilateral focus of study. The students undertake a journey of personal discovery and fulfilment, with the freedom to choose a bundle of specializations that define them and their interests the best.

Woxsen School of Liberal Arts & Humanities is ranked among the leading Bachelor of Arts Colleges in Hyderabad and among the top BA Colleges in Hyderabad and Telangana. What makes Woxsen the best Arts college in Hyderabad is its integration of a contemporary curriculum, holistic academic delivery & an enlightening learning experience for Arts aspirants.

Expanding critical thinking, creative thinking and exploring diverse skill sets through applied learning make us stand among the top Bachelor of Arts colleges in India. Through Liberal Arts and Humanities education, today, the students aren’t only limited to non-STEM fields; they have a plethora of opportunities waiting for them.

The program initially covers the foundational elements of Liberal Education and Social Sciences. Woxsen is an Institution of eminence among the Top BA Degree Colleges in Hyderabad that focuses on the study and then advances towards developing multidisciplinary expertise in key domains of the Liberal Arts & Humanities field.

Bachelor of Arts  BA (Hons.)

Choose What Works For U

The study of arts includes rigorous reading and writing, along with active, experiential learning inside and outside the classroom for the holistic development of students. Equip yourself with the effective tools to read critically, think broadly and write cogently as you inculcate an understanding of human cultures, social structures and frameworks that govern societies. Choose from any 3 of our interdisciplinary specializations to tailor-make your BA (Hons.) degree at Woxsen University.

Choose 3 out of 8 Specializations


The BA (Hons.) English specialization seeks to give students the opportunity to read and respond to a variety of novels, plays, and poems which includes contemporary English literature, socio-cultural, and political themes.



The BA (Hons.) Economics specialization introduces the students to theoretical, analytical, and policy foundations of the economy.



The BA (Hons.) Psychology specialization focuses on the investigation of various elements of human behaviour patterns and mental processes through a variety of empirical methodologies.

Political Science

Political Science

The specialization investigates and analyses the theory and practice of politics and political institutions, primarily focusing on studying numerous topics through a thorough understanding of the constitution, political factors, international relations, law and development.



The specialization in BA (Hons.) Journalism includes all formats right from print, electronic, and newspaper journalism to online/digital journalism and provides an overview of the country’s mass media, as well as its role and value in a democratic society.

Business Studies

Business Studies

This specialization gives a combination of academic theory with real business projects, exposing the students to a range of organisational roles.



The BA (Hons.) History specialization allows students to tour an incredibly heterogeneous range of historical events and their accurate backdrop, and engage them with India’s myriad pasts.

Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology

The B.A (Hons.) Sociology & Anthropology specialization helps students learn fascinating insights of how society works, by examining the way we live now, and the wide variety of different societies and cultures that have existed over millennia.

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Wide Range of Global Learning OpportUnities

Since its inception in 2014, Woxsen University has fostered numerous partnerships with the world’s leading universities and institutions across the world. These collaborations help our students and faculty pursue a wide range of international opportunities, including short term study abroad, semester exchange, teaching and research opportunities.

Our diverse study abroad opportunities not only help students learn from world-renowned professors at top-ranked international institutions but also enable them to experience different cultures and build lasting connections with people from across the globe.

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