SOAP hosts a multifaceted event titled Women & Water commemorating International Women's Day

Mar 20, 2024

The School of Architecture & Planning at Woxsen University has recently hosted a multifaceted event titled "Women and Water". This event commemorated International Women's Day, World Plumbing Day, and served as a pre-event for the upcoming International Conference ADoBE'24.

Held at the Surana Auditorium, FTCCI Hyderabad, the event drew a diverse audience of architects and professionals from various disciplines.

The program featured inspiring talks from esteemed speakers:

Dr. Mallika Bose, Professor at Penn State University, USA, shared insights on democratic professionalization, public scholarship, and the power of community-based design.
Ms. Madhulika Choudhary, Founder of the Dhruvansh organization and a renowned "Lady of Lakes," captivated the audience with her story of unwavering dedication to lake conservation.
Ar. Gita Balakrishnan, Founder and Trustee of the Ethos Empowers, shared her wealth of experience gathered while traversing vast regions of India, highlighting the remarkable stories of the people she encountered.

The compelling presentations were followed by a lively discussion that tackled a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from future-proof curriculum design to the shared responsibility of conserving our precious natural resources. This enriching exchange fostered deeper understanding and a collaborative spirit among attendees.

The Woxsen School of Architecture & Planning is committed to fostering discussions and initiatives that empower women, champion water conservation, and promote sustainable practices within the built environment.

SOAP hosts a multifaceted event
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