Leadership Quotient : Why it matters more than anything else

Oct 02, 2018

Mr. Sahil Nayyar, Associate Director , KPMG visited theWoxsen campus on 23rd September to deliver a Guest Lecture on " Leadership Quotient: Why it matters more than anything else ". Mr. Nayyar peppered his lecture with numerous anecdotes that were very well received by the students. He emphasised the fact that to be successful in one's personal and professional life , one has to take complete responsibility for their own actions and consequences. He beautifully articulated the difference between a Self-starter and a Kick-starter and went on to add that given the exponential pace of technology and life style changes being witnessed around the world , the only way to progress is constant re-invention. It was a very articulate and sagacious lecture by Mr Sahil Nayyar .

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