Coreena Enet Suares, Editor of Newsmeter with her insightful talk on Fact Check: The Truth Behind Fake News

Feb 08, 2024

Ms. Coreena Enet Suares, Editor of Newsmeter captivated the Woxsen Leadership Series audience with her insightful talk, "Fact Check: The Truth Behind Fake News." Her diverse experience, spanning news anchoring, journalism, and fact-checking, kept our students engaged and eager to learn.

Ms. Coreena went beyond the textbook, diving deep into the real world of misinformation and disinformation. She used examples like viral videos with the potential to disrupt public order to the recent infamous cervical cancer campaign, demonstrating how to dissect them using fact-checking tools and her investigative expertise. She also explored seemingly futuristic concepts like deepfakes and AI cloning, highlighting their potential for harm if misused.

Each anecdote served as a masterclass in fact-checking, empowering students to become discerning consumers of information. They actively participated, asking questions and dissecting information alongside Ms. Coreena.

Ms. Coreena's passion for truth was contagious, and her dedication to ethical journalism left a lasting impression. The tools, techniques and experiences she shared during this session will serve as a crucial foundation as our future media and journalism professionals build their careers.

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