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School of Technology, Woxsen University is known for its disruptive programs in Engineering. The school provides a robust platform for learners to power through change and embrace emerging technology. With its new-age Engineering programs, the school is leading a new paradigm in education that has adaptability and resilience at its core and is one of the best engineering colleges in India. The aim is to enable engineers equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, and ability; to tackle unprecedented challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly changing industrial landscape and innovation in technology.

From Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Robotics, the school offers new-age specializations to prepare today’s engineers who are not just highly skilled but are also industry-ready, which makes Woxsen in the list of Top Engineering Colleges in Telangana. As popular disciplines like technology continue to evolve and shift, Woxsen firmly believes that the subjects and training must follow suit.

Woxsen's programs are designed with a futuristic vision, that staunchly addresses the evolving human to human, human to machine, and human to environment relationships. The cutting-edge programs are meticulously structured to make students professionally viable and also capable of bringing path-breaking innovations. This is made possible by including the study and usage of emerging technology as part of their curriculum, as well as constant upgrading of the programs to stay relevant to current times and hence considered one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad.

Through various touchpoints, students gather hands-on experience, and global exposure, while they work in close proximity with the industry, understanding the current times and best practices. Apart from the conventional modes of learning, Woxsen will train and assess students on applied and augmented learning using the most modern and innovative pedagogic practices that provide ample scope and credit transfer.


  • Provide Academic Excellence in the levels of UG and Ph.D.

  • Deliver a Unique Pedagogy, backed by Differentiated & Applied Learning

  • Facilitate Global Exposure

  • Foster Industry Connect

Key Highlights

  • AI & Robotics Lab

  • Analytics & Behavioural Lab

  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum

  • International Student Exchange Program

  • Global Faculty

  • Internship and Placement Assistance

Expert Faculty

Woxsen Programs

It is required that the 21st-century engineers stay apprised with the cutting-edge technologies to develop and deliver solutions to the world’s biggest technical challenges. Bachelor of Technology is a professional degree awarded by Woxsen University covering the entire spectrum of new-age specializations, While the Ph.D. program focuses on in-depth research and domain expertise. Every element of the curriculum is carefully curated with inputs from industry professionals. Real-time projects and assignments that have immense applications in real-world industry scenarios, help you fast-track your career effortlessly.

International Student Exchange

Woxsen’s exclusive Exchange Programs & Progressive Studies, with World’s Leading Universities is structured to promote international mobility of students and teaching staff, in all disciplines, at both UG & PG Level. the Exchange Programs are another step towards offering global exposure, learning & research opportunities. the program furthers improvement in the quality of their training by different means of exchange and cooperation between Woxsen Universities and its Global University Partners.

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