About Us

Woxsen was envisioned as an institution of excellence in higher learning led through disruption, with a multi-cultural yet inclusive cohort of global professionals, contributing towards societal welfare. The BCI approved School of Law at Woxsen University is another step towards realising this vision.

The benefits of a legal education from Woxsen University are innumerable: exceptional training from world-class faculty, access to a wide-ranging and progressive curriculum, hands-on legal experience, unrivaled career opportunities, and more.

The School uses an interdisciplinary approach in the delivery of the program. The curriculum is dynamic and industry endrosed which helps cater to a myriad of our students’ interests and industry requirements. Woxsen’s reputation precedes itself for its distinguished faculty comprising Renowned Academicians, Leading Scholars, Law Practioners and Industry Stalwarts. The Learning Ecosystem at Woxsen fosters in our students a spirit to seek out, challenge and devise solutions for intricate social, business, political and legal challenges.

The university's relentless emphasis on Experiential Learning in entrenced in every law program offered. This includes internships, moot courts, legal aid clinics and other opportunities give you practical experience with a glimpse of the life that awaits you once you graduate with dual degrees.

Access to a fully equipped library was always recognised as essential for law studies and Woxsen University's central library has left no stone unturned. The Vithal Gandhi Centre at the Woxsen Campus with its abundant learning resources and research armoury serves as a launchpad for budding thought-leaders and legal practitioners. Take a look…

Woxsen has long-standing relationships with renowned employers across industries and geographies, creating an ideal platform for you to set forth on your own unique career path. In order for you to put your best foot forward during placement season, Woxsen offers a range of resources such as Career Coach, Skill Development Workshops, Mock Interviews and Networking Opportunities. For the entrepreneurial of spirit, the Trade Tower is your gleaming chance of bringing your business idea to fruition. Know more…

The Student Community i.e. the Woxsenites are highly diverse in background and experience. They bring to the campus a unique and multidimensional perspective - an invaluable asset for aspiring law practitioners. The activities conducted on the campus promote a strong sense of camaraderie and creates bonds that last a lifetime. The campus is home to supportive and talented individuals from an array of backgrounds who will fortify your engagement with the law and civic life.


  • Provide Academic Excellence at every level of education

  • Deliver a Unique Pedagogy, backed by differentiated & applied learning

  • Facilitate Global Exposure

  • Foster Industry Connect

Key Highlights:

  • Dual Degree with Multidiciplinary Approach

  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum

  • Leading Academicians, Legal Practitioners & Industry Experts as Faculty

  • Internships | Moot Court | Legal Aid Clinics | Competitions

  • Skill Development Workshops

  • Internship & Placement Assistance

  • Opportunity to register for the Trade Tower - Incubation Centre

Expert Faculty

Dr. Venugopal

Dean - School of Law
Ph.D. in Law, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh India

Prof. Yatish

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Woxsen Programs

The UG Law programs at Woxsen University encapsulate everything Woxsen stands for: Applied Learning, Academic Excellence, Global Outlook, Diversity and Inclusivity. Each program has been curated bearing in mind the evolving demands of judicial systems, law, business and society at large. The essence of our law program is its ability to produce policy makers, justice sentinels with the authority, power and ceaseless grit to drive enduring, positive metamorphosis on the social, environmental, economic footholds. The dual degrees offer a judicious blend of subjects in the spectrums of Liberal Arts, Humanities, Business, Management coupled with various Law studies.

Grooming Future Leaders

Exclusive Mentoring Program for Budding Entrepreneurs

Interact & Network with Industry Leaders

Listen to Inspiring Chronicles from Reputed Industrialists