• 14 June 2022

    MindFicent Edition 15

    Private Universities

    The 15th Issue of MindFicent commemorates Pride Month by highlighting the landmark decisions India has made to protect the rights and dignity of the LGBTQAI+ community.
    Take a Read: bit.ly/39pI67C

    • 11 June 2022

    Students of School of Architecture and Planning Win Big at Kurukshetra

    Private Universities

    Students of the School of Architecture and Planning participated in an inter-college sports competition - Kurukshetra organized by JNIAS-SPA in Hyderabad and won the Kabaddi Boys Final Tournament. Heartiest Congratulations to the winners!

    • 9 June 2022

    First-Year B.Tech Students Receive Patent for their Invention

    Private Universities

    First-Year B.Tech - CSE students, Ms. Aditi Baggu and Mr. Vignesh Devamulla have received patent for their work titled ‘Portable Demoisturizer for Natural Produce’, under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Ravi Gunupuru - Assistant Professor and Dr. Kiran K Ravulakollu - Dean, School of Technology. The invention is related to a demoisturizing device 100 for drying up natural produce. Heartiest Congratulations to the inventors!

    • 5 June 2022

    International Opportunity for Aryan Jain – BBA (2021-24) at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

    Private Universities

    Calling for Aryan Jain - BBA (2021-24) from the University of Zagreb, the largest Croatian university and oldest operating university. Best wishes to him and a wonderful experience!

    • 4 June 2022

    Woxsen tops the latest Positive Impact Rating on a Global Level

    Private Universities

    School of Business, Woxsen University, has achieved Level 5, the maximum level globally in the Positive Impact Rating Edition 2022. Woxsen was one of the 45 business schools selected from 21 countries and achieved Level 5 making it a Pioneering School globally, in accordance with PIR requirements. Truly a proud moment for Woxsenites!

    • 1 June 2022

    Article by Prof. Debdutta Choudhury published in EFMD Magazine - Global Focus

    Private Universities

    Omesh Kumar Kedia - BBA (2021-24) will be starting his journey as an exchange student at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. We wish him all the best!

    • 31 May 2022

    Article by Prof. Debdutta Choudhury published in EFMD Magazine - Global Focus

    Private Universities

    Prof. Debdutta Choudhury, Associate Dean - Accreditations and Assurance of Learning (AOL), wrote the article 'Creating a Green School - Reducing the Carbon Footprint of a Modern-Day University,' which was published in the latest issue of EFMD Magazine - Global Focus. The article discusses Net Zero, Carbon-Neutral Campus, A Holistic Model for Sustainability, and Sustainable Practices that have been implemented at Woxsen University. Heartiest Congratulations!

    • 30 May 2022

    International Opportunity for Mooripoyina Narendra Yadav – MBA (2021-23) at PUC, Brazil

    Private Universities

    Calling from PUC Brazil for Mooripoyina Narendra Yadav - MBA (2021-23), who is about to embark on a global learning journey through Student Exchange Program. We wish him all the best and an amazing experience!

    • 25 May 2022

    Student Exchange Programs

    Private Universities

    BBA First-Year Students, Satya Sai Sravani and Nakshatra Reddy are all set to study at Solbridge International School of Business, Woosong University, South Korea under Student Exchange Program. Woxsen continues to nurture students and provide much-needed exposure, particularly on a global scale, for enhanced learning experiences.

    We wish them all the best and a fruitful experience!

    • 25 May 2022

    Woxsen Signs up with Analytics India Magazine

    Private Universities

    Analytics India Magazine highlights the innovations, players, and challenges shaping India's future in the fields of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and big data.

    Woxsen University signs MOU with Analytics India Magazine for the development of e-content for their tech-based platform ‘Machine Hack’. Our faculty members will develop digital content in the field of Machine Learning to be available globally to the tech community.

    This initiative is led by Dr. Hemachandran, Course5i Chair Professor, School of Business.

    • 25 May 2022

    Fashion Design Students Industrial Trip to Pink City – Jaipur

    Private Universities

    Fashion Design students from Sem IV and VI went on an industrial trip to the Pink City of Jaipur to learn about Rajasthan's textiles and craft treasures.

    During the trip, students learned about textile design through a sustainable process of block printing with natural dyes, as well as block making and Gota Patti work, a specialty of Rajasthan.

    They interacted with the local artisans who were awarded for printing. Students were also given the opportunity to experiment with various techniques with the assistance of local artisans.

    • 24 May 2022

    Industry Mentorship by Ar. Shantanu Salunkhe I School of Architecture & Planning

    Private Universities

    Ar. Shantanu Salunkhe, Co-Founder at Studio Lopamudra gave an expert talk on ‘Showcasing Your Work To The World’ to the students of the School of Architecture and Planning. The session was intriguing and interesting because it boosted the students' confidence while also assisting them in understanding how to potentially exhibit and showcase their caliber and talent through their work. Ar. Shantanu holds a Master's Degree in Transportation and Automobile Design from NID.

    • 24 May 2022

    2nd Anniversary of Woxsen University Formation Day

    Private Universities

    As Woxsen celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of University Formation Day, we extend our sincere gratitude to our students, alumni, faculty, staff & all external stakeholders for their contribution and for being part of this amazing journey called, Woxsen!

    May we continue to touch million & billion lives in every possible way.

    • 23 May 2022

    Prof. Julian D. to present his paper at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

    Private Universities

    The Academy of Management (AOM), is the largest global association devoted to management and organization research. Woxsen is delighted to announce that Prof. Julian D. Cortes - Adjunct Faculty, School of Business will be presenting his paper at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

    Heartiest Congratulations & Best Wishes!

    • 23 May 2022

    Students Work I School of Architecture & Planning

    Private Universities

    Leveling is determining and representing the relative heights or elevations of different points. B.Arch Semester 2 students carry out leveling exercises on the field to plot grid contours using an auto-level instrument under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Shiva Kumar Ch.

    • 23 May 2022

    B.Des - Interior Design Students Study Tour to Kerala

    Private Universities

    Sem VI B.Des - Interior design students went on a study tour to God's Own Country, Kerala. The main aim of the study tour was to give exposure to various construction techniques with Wood, Metal, and Glass, construction details and manufacturing process of antique furniture, and how they are used in interior spaces both in Contemporary and Antique Styles.

    Students learned about the construction techniques and intricate details in stone masonry found in temples and museums. They were even made aware of the entire manufacturing process for wooden furniture.

    Following were a few of the many places that students visited:

    • Kerala Folklore Museum
    • Santa Cruz Cathedral
    • Matan Cherry Palace
    • Kochi Castle
    • Jatayu’s Earth Centre
    • Kottukal Cave Temple
    • Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple
    It was a great learning experience as well as a fun trip for the students!

    • 14 May 2022

    AI in Healthcare and Research:

    Private Universities

    Prof. Arvind Choubey, Director of IIIT Bhagalpur, and Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President of Woxsen University, held an interactive session on the use of AI applications in healthcare and research, both public and private, that can be explored collaboratively. Prof. Choubey also led a session with faculty members of the School of Technology on machine learning use cases.

    • 14 May 2022

    Vishal Khurma, CEO at ASSOCHAM’s 15th International Education Leadership & Skill Development Summit 2022

    Private Universities

    Vishal Khurma - CEO, Woxsen University shared the dais as one of the eminent speakers at ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)'s 15th International Education Leadership & Skill Development Summit 2022 talking about Driving Innovation and Inspiring Minds Through Industry-Academia Alliance. He emphasized the importance of research and innovation in the country and encouraged students to embark on entrepreneurial journeys and create opportunities.

    • 14 May 2022

    COE for Machine Learning & Big Data Analysis I Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University is now launching the Centre of Excellence for Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis jointly with its partner institution - Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia. Woxsen University and Perm National Research Polytechnic University will forge a strong partnership between academia and industry to benefit the skill development sector. In addition to conducting research and development in related fields, both institutions will foster cross-national relations.

    • 14 May 2022

    Vishal Khurma, CEO, Woxsen University at the Academic Excellence Conclave organized by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds)

    Private Universities

    Vishal Khurma, CEO, Woxsen University is set to share the dais at the Academic Excellence Conclave organized by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) on 12th May. His discourse on the Role of Rankings, Ratings, and Other Independent Assessments in Fostering Academic Excellence, will be part of the discussion empanelled with academicians, thought leaders & industry leaders in the Higher Education Space. QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) is the world's leading provider of Higher Education services, analytics, and a benchmark for Academic Rankings.

    • 12 May 2022

    Dr. Gomathi Gowda and Prof. G. Lenin Babu work on Lingodbhavamurti

    Private Universities

    Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, delivers a comprehensive overview of the world's research output. Woxsen is delighted to announce that Dr. Gomathi Gowda - Associate Dean, Corporate Alignment & Integrative Research and Prof. G. Lenin Babu - Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Design, research work on Lingodbhavamurti: The Aniconic and Iconic Form of Shiva (Special Reference to Few Icons from Andhra Pradesh) has been indexed by Scopus.

    Heartiest Congratulations to the Authors!

    • 12 May 2022

    International Faculty Exchange Program Update

    Private Universities

    Under International Faculty Exchange Program, Prof. Pavana Kiranmai - Legal Counsel & Assistant Professor shall be conducting Comparative Law Class for the students of the Law School at Universidad Anáhuac Puebla, Mexico from June 6 - July 5, 2022. We wish her a fruitful experience!

    • 12 May 2022

    Students Work I Betta Fins I School of Arts & Design

    Private Universities

    The curved forms in the Betta Fins Collection are inspired by the streamlined body of betta fish. Sathvika Reddy, Sem VI - Fashion Design Student incorporated characteristics such as the silhouette of the fins, the transparency of the long tails, and bright colours to give the entire collection a strong and fierce mood to represent a woman.

    Take a look!

    • 12 May 2022

    Mr. Sridhar Gadhi’s interview at GIS 2022

    Private Universities

    Mr. Sridhar Gadhi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Quantela discuss its journey, how its services can be differentiated from its core global competitors and the challenges and hurdles that they have faced along the way.

    Watch the complete interview! https://youtu.be/iKACr0Cp_ek

    • 09 May 2022

    MindFicent Edition #14

    Private Universities

    The fourteenth edition of MindFicent explores the concept of Mindfulness & Productivity. Productivity can be enhanced by following a few simple rules and exercising mindfulness in everyday life.

    Read the articles for a multifaceted active process that culminates in a more successful & fulfilling life: http://bit.ly/389RJXA

    • 25 Apr 2022

    Dr. Mallesh Ummalla, Assistant Professor, School of Business, Attains 500+ Scopus Citations

    Private Universities

    Scopus is the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings, providing a comprehensive overview of global research output in science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Woxsen is delighted to announce that Dr. Mallesh Ummalla, Assistant Professor, School of Business, has attained 500+ Scopus Citations.

    Heartiest Congratulations and we wish him continuous success!

    • 25 Apr 2022

    Interdisciplinary Competition at GIS 2022

    Private Universities

    An interdisciplinary competition was held at GIS 2022. There were 13 teams in total, with each team consisting of students from the disciplines of Business, Technology, Design, and Architecture. An overarching problem on the theme of Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS) had been addressed with novel solutions, including product prototypes. Students from various disciplines collaborated to solve critical problems in Wellness & Healthcare, Education, Livelihood, Transportation & Supply Chain, Safety & Security, Waste & Water Management.

    Few innovative solutions have been given a chance to incubate and launch as startups.

    We want to thank all the jury members Badita Florin, Shiv Mehta, Dr. Biju A V, Huy Duc Pham, Dr. Ricardo H. Archbold, and Bruno Henrique Rocha Fernandes for their keen interest and patience.

    Special thanks to Dr. Nagaraj Samala, Dr. Vinay Chittiporulu, Kaashyap BK, Priyanka Reddy, Vaani Ganpati Hegde, Er. Sudarshan Mandal, Lokesh Vanapalli, Vamsi Konathala, and Bijaya Kumar Misra for their support in conducting and coordinating the event. Kudos to all the winners, participants, jury, and coordinators!

    • 25 Apr 2022

    Biztech Edition #16

    Private Universities

    Biztech is back and this time we delve deeper into the world of NFTs aka Non-Fungible Tokens! This issue brings to you trends, significance, and projects, basically all about NFTs.

    What are you waiting for?

    Scan the QR Code or Take a Read Here!: https://bit.ly/36x6d2G

    • 25 Apr 2022

    Student Work Chain Surveying

    Private Universities

    B.Arch Sem-II students carrying out Conventional Surveying Methods in the field as a part of Chain Surveying, supervised by Prof. Shiva Kumar.

    • 24 Apr 2022

    Acetech Exhibition - School of Architecture and Planning

    Private Universities

    Students of Sem I, III, and V from the School of Architecture and Planning visited the Acetech Exhibition that took place at HITEX, International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition provided an authoritative representation of every sector in architecture and design and gave in-depth exposure to the latest innovations in the construction industry to the students giving them real-time industry knowledge.

    It indeed was a good learning experience for our future architects!

    • 24 Apr 2022

    Moving Towards a Net Zero World

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University, in accordance with one of its core beliefs - ERS: Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability - enters the world of Renewable Energy Research through Electronic Vehicle (EV) and its first stepping stone through the formation of a Research Laboratory on Electric Vehicles.

    The journey begins on a high note with the addition of 'Ermin Automotive,' an industrial collaborator who has made a significant impact on society through e-cycles. The collaboration is centered on the intricacy of this technology and its social impact, taking into account technology, design, and business development.

    • 21 Apr 2022

    Woxsen University to enter into an agreement to establish the Chair Professorship for Integrative Research and Digital Learning with Classavo

    Private Universities

    Classavo, an NYC-based leading company operating as the ultimate teaching and learning tool for student/instructor engagement, and Woxsen University enter into an agreement to establish the Chair Professorship for Integrative Research and Digital Learning. Mr. Rohan Shah - Founder & CEO of Classavo is an alumnus of the University of Buffalo and Forbes 30 Under 30. For this initiative, Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez shall hold the Chair Professorship.

    INR 3.5L of Scholarship has been funded under this initiative for entrepreneurship efforts at Woxsen University. We look forward to a strong and fruitful collaboration together!

    • 21 Apr 2022

    Faculty Exchange Program with Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez

    Private Universities

    Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez - Vice President, Woxsen University, shall be delivering lectures to the students of our partner institution - Universidad Externado de Colombia.

    He shall be sharing insights on Introduction to Data Modelling and Machine Learning with Quantum Computing with the Undergraduate students whereas, a session on Relevance of emerging Technologies: Vision 2030 shall be given to the Postgraduate students.

    Universidad Externado de Columbia is one of the top Private Universities in Latin America.

    • 20 Apr 2022

    9th International Conference on Behavioural & Social Computing I BESC 2022

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University calls for papers for a Special Session on Computational Linguistics at the 9th International Conference on Behavioural and Social Computing hosted by Matsuyama University, Japan.

    For more details regarding the conference, themes, dates, and guidelines, please refer to this link: http://besc-conf.org/2022/

    For Paper Submission, click here:

    Conference Date: October 29-31, 2022

    • 20 Apr 2022

    Call for Book Papers - AIKP’22 Conference

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University invites book chapters from academicians, research scholars, and students for the upcoming edited book titled ‘Artificial Intelligence for Capital Markets’ accepted by CRC Press Taylor & Francis.

    For Paper Submission, click here:

    Important Dates:
    Last Date to Submission: 28th May 2022
    Intimation of the Acceptance of Abstracts: 5th June 2022

    • 16 April 2022

    Celebrating 1 Year of MindFicent

    Private Universities

    One of the most popular quotes says "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", and we are glad that the Student Wellness Cell took the first step to introduce 'MindFicent' to the Woxsen Community in the year 2021, aiming to create an awareness about mental health and wellness and showcase the initiatives driven by the cell. Throughout the year, we have covered important topics related to Student Mental Health and received positive feedback and appreciation for our work. It gives us immense pleasure to share with you all that the MindFicent Journal turned 'One' this April 2022. In this special edition, get to know more about the Wellness Cell's journey, the initiatives that created an impact, and the Towers of Powers behind all of it.

    Take a Read!:

    Save the Date: 16th April.

    • 13 April 2022

    Dr. Debidutta Pattnaik Conducts Advanced Research Methods Class at University of Johannesburg

    Private Universities

    Under International Faculty Exchange Program, Dr. Debidutta Pattnaik - Assistant Professor, School of Business, conducted the Advanced Research Methods Class for the Doctoral Program in Digital Transformation at Johannesburg Business School, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

    The University of Johannesburg stands at #434 in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

    • 13 April 2022

    Roundtable Discussion on Will AI make privacy a thing of the best?

    Private Universities

    Global Impact Summit 2022 presents to you a Roundtable Discussion on Will AI make privacy a thing of the best?

    Dr. P. Swami Sairam - Chair of Management Research, Woxsen University

    1. Dr. Manish Arora - Assistant Professor, BHU, India
    2. Dr. CH Preeti Reddy - MD, Malla Reddy Health City
    3. Mr. Pavan Kumar Damaraju - AI/ML Lead, TCS
    4. Mr. Mayank Vig - Country Manager, Woosong University, South Korea

    April 13 | Wednesday | 11:00 AM

    • 12 April 2022

    Woxsen Welcomes Mr. Andrew Edlefsen

    Private Universities

    We are pleased to have Mr. Andrew Edlefsen, Principal Commercial Officer, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad as the guest of Honour at Global Impact Summit 2022.

    Learn. Connect. Aspire. Innovate.

    • 12 April 2022

    Woxsen welcomes Ms. Shruti Maheshwari

    Private Universities

    Global Impact Summit 2022 is finally here! Presenting to you our Guest Speaker - Shruti Maheshwari, Founder, Happiness Gurukul.

    Learn. Connect. Aspire. Innovate.

    • 09 April 2022

    Bridging and further developing the law enforcement-academia relationship

    Private Universities

    Bridging and further developing the law enforcement-academia relationship Woxsen University, represented by Dr. Daya Shankar and Dr. Beauty Pandey, met with Shri. Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat, IPS, who currently serves as the First Commissioner of Police of Rachakonda, a police commissioner in India's Telangana State that covers more than four million residents, with the goal of bridging and further developing the law enforcement-academia relationship for the betterment of higher education.

    • 09 April 2022

    Guest of Honour, Mr. Nishit Jain - Senior Special Advisor, Asia EFMD.

    Private Universities

    Global Impact Summit 2022 is almost here, presenting to you our Guest of Honour, Mr. Nishit Jain - Senior Special Advisor, Asia EFMD. Founder & CEO of Edu Total, he is also the Vice-Chairman Higher Education Committee of IFFCI. Learn. Connect. Aspire. Innovate.

    • 08 April 2022

    Shri Jayesh Ranjan - Guest of Honour for the Global Impact Summit 2022

    Private Universities

    Presenting to you the Guest of Honour for the Global Impact Summit 2022 - Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, I&C & IT, Government of Telangana.

    • 08 April 2022

    Celebrity Guest, Mr. Rohit Khandelwal at Global Impact Summit 2022

    Private Universities

    Presenting to you Celebrity Guest Mr. Rohit Khandelwal - Mr. World 2016 at Global Impact Summit 2022

    • 08 April 2022

    Mr. Sridhar Gadhi as Key note speaker at Global Impact Summit 2022

    Private Universities

    Presenting to you our Keynote Speaker Mr. Sridhar Gadhi - Founder & Executive Chairman, Quantela at the Global Impact Summit 2022.

    Learn. Connect. Aspire. Innovate.

    • 08 April 2022

    Global Impact Summit is just a few days away!

    Private Universities

    We share with you a glimpse of the details of the Roundtable Discussion that shall be held on the topic - There is No Diversity Without Inclusion.

    Let’s take a look at our panel for this discussion.

    Preeti Chaudhary - Founder & Director, PC Advisory, Founder, LinkedIn Local India Community

    Keynote Speakers:
    Deepthi Ravula - CEO, WE Hub, Govt. of Telangana

    • 05 April 2022

    University Research Updates

    Private Universities

    March 2022 Research Output was outstanding, and we extend our appreciation to all contributors for their outstanding effort and innovation in the form of publications, patents, book chapters, and also for the interactive research webinars which were conducted. A look at the University Research Updates!:

    https://bit.ly/3x5yNmA Save the Date: 5th April.

    • 02 April 2022

    Convocation Ceremony of Class of 2020 & 2021

    Private Universities

    Convocation Ceremony of PGDM/ PGPXP Class 2020 and 2021 commences. The ceremony is graced by Chief Guest Mr. Avinash Chandra, Sr. Director, Capgemini along with Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Mangement and Faculty of Woxsen University.

    • 01 April 2022

    Woxsen-Monmouth Elevate Program transforming the lives of 250+ students

    Private Universities

    The Woxsen-Monmouth Elevate Program is positively impacting and transforming the lives of 250+ students from the neighbouring regions, who eagerly await each week's interactive and informative session tailored to their specific learning needs. Students are currently studying English, Mathematics, Science, and Life Skills with a few more subjects being added in the coming months.

    • 25 Mar 2022

    Woxsen Launches COE for Financial Technologies & Investment Mgt. with The University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Private Universities

    We are proud to announce that Woxsen University is now launching Centre of Excellence for Financial Technologies and Investment Management jointly with its partner institution - The University of Johannesburg, South Africa, represented by Johannesburg Business School.

    Woxsen University and the University of Johannesburg shall develop a strong association between academia and industry for the benefit of the skill development sector. Besides conducting Research and Development in related fields, both the institutions shall foster relations across countries, between governments, workers, chambers of commerce, academia, industry, and other industry associations in establishing collaborations of various projects of institutes/ Organizations.

    • 15 Mar 2022

    Woxsen Proudly Introduces 4 Associate Deans

    Private Universities

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Woxsen University's New Pool of Associate Deans.
    1. Dr. Samala Nagaraj - Associate Dean, School of Business (Corporate Alignment & Integrative Research)
    2. Prof. Debdutta Choudhury - Associate Dean, School of Business (Accreditations & Assurance of Learning - AoL)
    3. Dr. Gomathi Gowda - Associate Dean, School of Arts & Design (Corporate Alignment & Integrative Research)
    4. Prof. Sanjay Guria - Associate Dean, School of Arts & Design (ERS - Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability)

    Heartiest Congratulations and we wish them all the best for their stint ahead. We look forward to their contributions to Woxsen’s Legacy!

    • 10 Mar 2022

    Collaborative Online International Learning - Copenhagen Business School

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University collaborates with Copenhagen Business School, Denmark to teach MBA students about 'Designing Imaginative Business Models' through Collaborative Online International Teaching.

    • 05 Mar 2022

    Mind Figent Issue #12

    Private Universities

    As the world's population grows, there is a growing desire for better health management, with a particular focus on 'Self-Care.' Self-care has various advantages, including less stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, and increased self-esteem.

    The Art of Self-Care and its Importance is explored in the twelfth edition of The Student Wellness Cell's monthly in-house journal, MindFicent.
    Take a read: https://bit.ly/3pyHHEB

    • 05 Mar 2022

    Woxsen University Partners With University of Pecs

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University launches Centre of Excellence for Digital Transformation and Customer Experience jointly with its partner institution - University of Pecs, Hungary. With this association, the University of Pecs and Woxsen University will be working to strengthen the bilateral ties with a focus to bring the two worlds of industry and academia closer.

    • 03 Mar 2022

    Woxsen Partners with Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná

    Private Universities

    The Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná is a private Catholic university in Brazil with main campus located in Curitiba, the capital city of the State of Paraná in Brazil. AACSB Accredited, PUCPR has graduated over 100,000 students and is becoming a key promoter of innovation and is strengthening a network that stimulates knowledge sharing and applied research. Through this collaboration, they shall offer Student & Faculty Exchange along with Research Opportunities for the management students.

    • 01 Mar 2022

    Woxsen Partners with Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

    Private Universities

    Universidad de Salamanca is a higher education institution, located in the city of Salamanca, Spain. Founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, it is one of the oldest universities in the world. It is ranked #651-700 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. Through this collaboration, they shall be offering Student & Faculty Exchange, Research Opportunities, and more for the Management and Design Students.

    • 28 Feb 2022

    Woxsenites Placed at Leading Corporates

    Private Universities

    Here is where Woxsenites will shine! Take a peek at the top leading corporates where MBA (2020-22) Batch students were placed and how the Placement Committee assists students in preparing for final placements:

    • 28 Feb 2022

    Woxsen Partners with Vistula University, Poland

    Private Universities

    Vistula University, located in Warsaw, Poland, was established in 1992 under the name of the University of Insurance and Banking, it achieved its current status through dynamic development. The University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Engineering studies, Postgraduate and Ph.D. studies, MBA, and Vistula Executive Education Programs.
    Through this collaboration, they shall be offering Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, and Research Opportunities to the management students. It should also be highlighted that Vistula University is one of the few universities in Poland with ACCA accreditation.

    • 23 Feb 2022

    Woxsen University Partners with Institute of Management Foundation, Brazil for COE

    Private Universities

    The Institute of Management Foundation (known as FIA), Brazil, was founded in 1980 and is three times winner of the ‘Best Business School in Brazil’. Their MBA degrees are accredited by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA). Woxsen University launches Centre of Excellence for Marketing Research, Communication, Digital Channels, and Consumer Psychology jointly with FIA Business School.
    Both institutes will work to build a strong collaboration between academia and industry for the benefit of the skill development sector. With this collaboration, FIA Business School and Woxsen University aim to develop bilateral contacts between Brazil and India, with a particular emphasis on bringing the world of industry and academics closer.

    • 23 Feb 2022

    Students of B.Des Excel as Inventors

    Private Universities

    Payal Shah and Haider Zakir, students of B.Des - Product Design, received a patent for their work titled ‘A Liquid Applicator For Dispensing OR Application of Viscous Liquids’, under the mentorship of Prof. Alakesh Dlibar - Assistant Professor, School of Arts and Design.
    Heartiest Congratulations to both the students and we wish them continuous success!

    • 22 Feb 2022

    Woxsen Ranks #3 at The Times B-School Ranking 2022

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University continues to strive towards academic excellence and these rankings are a proof of it. #3 Top 20 South B-Schools
    #3 Top 25 Private Universities
    #13 Top 150 B-Schools
    Woxsen wishes to express deep gratitude to everyone who assisted us in moving closer to our vision!

    • 22 Feb 2022

    Woxsen University Forges Ahead With International Partnerships

    Private Universities

    Ming Chuan University is a private university in Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan, accredited by AACSB. Through this collaboration, they shall be offering Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange and Research Opportunities for the students of management and engineering.
    Ming Chuan secured a position in 401- 450 ranking range in QS Top Asia Universities Ranking 2021.

    • 21 Feb 2022

    9+ Patents and 20+ Design Registrations Under Intellectual Property India, Govt. of India.

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University has secured 9+ Patents and 20+ Design Registrations Under Intellectual Property India, Govt. of India.
    This has only been possible due to the valuable contributions of faculty members and students in filing and publishing their work.
    We take this moment to congratulate each and every contributor and look forward to more innovations across various domains.

    • 19 Feb 2022

    Woxsen University Associates with GRLI date

    Private Universities

    GRLI, The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative is a non-profit organisation comprised of corporations, business schools, and educational organisations. Based in Brussels, Belgium, its mission is to catalyse the growth of globally responsible leadership and practise in organisations and societies around the world.
    By associating with GRLI, Woxsen University will broaden its horizons by collaborating with other member organisations that share similar goals, and it will make a significant impact through sustainable academics and innovation by focusing on Digitalisation, ERS, Internationalisation, and Corporate Alignment.

    • 17 Feb 2022

    124+ Corporates rely on Woxsen's talent

    Private Universities

    Woxsen's Placement Drive 2022 for its PG Flagship Programs witnessed 124+ Corporates rely on Woxsen's talent.

    • 17 Feb 2022

    Woxsen Commences It’s Corporate Collaboration with Schindler India

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University announces its collaboration with Schindler India for strengthening the industry-academia interface. The vision is to be well-aligned to Woxsen’s growth strategy which includes corporate alignment as one of the core pillars in our mission to becoming a truly world class university.

    • 07 Feb 2022

    Woxsen Collaborates with Middlesex University, UK

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University announces its collaboration with Middlesex University, UK, for Research Projects and International Symposiums/Conferences. A public research university in Hendon, Northwest London, it has a student body of over 19,000 in London and over 37,000 globally. Middlesex University ranked 401 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and 701 in QS World University Rankings.

    • 05 Feb 2022

    Woxsen University, launches Centre of Excellence with Perm State University, Russian Federation

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University has now launched Centre of Excellence for Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies jointly with its partner institution - Perm State University, Russian Federation. With this association, Perm State University and Woxsen University are working to strengthen the bilateral ties between Russia and India with a focus to bring the two worlds of industry and academia closer.

    • 04 Feb 2022

    Woxsen Welcomes Dr. R.V.R Krishna Chalam as Vice-Chancellor

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University is delighted to welcome Dr. R.V.R Krishna Chalam, Our Vice-Chancellor and Governing Body Member. We look forward to his leadership and contribution towards Woxsen's Legacy.

    • 28 Jan 2022

    Woxsen’s faculty to be a part of ALDV International Week 2022

    Private Universities

    Woxsen takes immense pride in mentioning that our faculty members will be a part of the International Faculty Exchange Program at the ALDV International Week 2022 with Our partner university - Leonard de Vinci, France.

    Faculty Members to be a part of this event are:

    - Dr. Sanjeev Ganguly - School of Business
    - Dr. Daya Shankar - School of Technology
    - Prof. Kashyap Kompella - School of Business
    - Prof. Syed Hasan Jafar - School of Business
    - Dr. Vinay Ch - School of Business
    - Dr. Pradeep Rathore - School of Business

    • 25 Jan 2022

    Woxsen Pioneers at the IIRF Rankings 2022

    Private Universities

    With an unrelenting spirit of Woxsen at its core, hard-work of our team & continuous support of our patrons & mentors, Woxsen has secured Rank 4 in the latest IIRF 2022 B-School Ranking released by Education Post. Striving rigorously for excellence, Woxsen’s School of Business at Ranks 14 among Top 100 B-Schools Private Category 2022. Woxsen’s strong placement track record has made Woxsen’s School of Business Rank 15th at the IIRF-2022 Rankings among Top 50 B-Schools of Eminence for Employability (Industry recommended).

    • 22 Jan 2022

    School of Business, Woxsen University makes its debut at the India's Best Business Schools list released by Dalal Street Investment Journal

    Private Universities

    Our flagship MBA (Financial Services) Program offers stellar learning experience aided by Bloomberg Finance Lab exposing our students the real time analytics of Capital Markets. Woxsen University continues to provide only the best for its students. With industry-endorsed curriculum, state-of-the-art labs providing real-time market knowledge to strong industry & global exposure.

    • 20 Jan 2022

    Woxsen University launches Centre of Excellence (COE) with HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

    Private Universities

    In line with high-quality research in academia in conjunction with the corporate houses, Woxsen University, Telangana, has launched a first of its kind International Centre of Excellence in collaboration with its partner university, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany, in the area of Entrepreneurship and Business Development. Centre of Excellence (COE) is a body that provides leadership, best practices, research, support, training of trainers, and skill training for a specific sector/s, borne of identified challenges that would benefit from collaboration to produce new ideas and knowledge. Besides conducting Research and Development in related fields, both the institutions shall foster relations across countries, between governments, workers, chambers of commerce, academia, industry, and other industry associations in establishing collaborations of various projects of Institutes/Organizations, providing provision to meritorious students and scholars to come up with innovative output in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

    • 20 Jan 2022

    Biztech I Edition 13

    Private Universities

    Biztech Edition 13 is here to kickstart your year with a bundle of interesting topics and information! Boost your year by knowing about the January Effect to the Iconic Industries to look for in 2022, technologies like Augmented Reality and the recent Inauguration of 4 Mega facilities at Woxsen. All this and much more…

    • 17 Jan 2022

    Woxsen Partners with University of Sopron, Hungary

    Private Universities

    We are delighted to announce our collaboration with University of Sopron, Hungary. University of Sopron provides excellent education at four faculties specialising in forestry, wood technology, pedagogy and economics. It ranks #221 – 230 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia under QS Rankings.

    • 15 Jan 2022

    Students of MBA stood at 25th and 26th Position at the Kaggle Competition Leader board

    Private Universities

    Kaggle Competitions are Machine Learning Tasks made by Kaggle or companies like Google or WHO where it ranges in types of problems and complexity. Two of our students pursuing MBA (BA,AI,ML) - Vishal K and Sankalp C have stood 25th and 26th Position respectively out of 833 participants at the Kaggle Competition Leader board in the area of Sales Prediction of Retail Stores. Heartiest Congratulations to both the students! You have made Woxsen truly proud.

    • 15 Jan 2022

    School of Business at Woxsen University joins the Global Business School Network (GBSN)

    Private Universities

    It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the School of Business at Woxsen University has joined the Global Business School Network (GBSN), a leading network of over 100 top B-Schools across 6 continents. GBSN consists of members, participants, and partners. The world’s leading business schools form the core of the Global Business School Network (GBSN) and the majority of membership. We are proud to join GBSN as a member along with top business schools of the world like MIT-Sloan, Columbia Business School, Cornell SC Johnson, Tuck Business School, Darden, etc. with whom we will contribute and collaborate on multiple fronts.

    • 10 Jan 2022

    10th issue of MindFicent

    Private Universities

    The Student Wellness Cell published the tenth issue of its monthly in-house journal, MindFicent, highlighting the essence of new beginnings and the importance of cultivating gratitude as we move forward this year. #JoyfulJanuary #newbeginnings #gratitude

    • 10 Jan 2022

    Woxsen, School of Business retains its All India Rank #16 & South Region Rank #4 among The Top Pvt. B-School category.

    Private Universities

    BusinessWorld releases The Most Definitive B-School Ranking in India! Pleased to share that School of Business, Woxsen University retains its All India Rank #16 & South Region Rank #4 among The Top Pvt. B-School category. Woxsen University extends its sincere thanks to our talented student cohort from diverse backgrounds, our staff for their sheer commitment, our partners from the Industry who made our curriculum so relevant and our Global Partner Institutions across 38 countries for trusting in our vision.

    • 01 Jan 2022

    Persistence Issue #1

    Private Universities

    We are excited to announce the monthly magazine of Trade Tower - PERSISTENCE. The First Edition of Persistence talks about Trade Tower’s Start-Ups, Unicorn Calling, My First Billion Series, and lastly the newsletter updates.

    • 16 Dec 2021

    Woxsen Unveils 4 Mega Facilities

    Private Universities

    Hon'ble Minister Shri K.T. Rama Rao & Hon'ble Minister Smt. Sabitha Indira Reddy unveiled the 4 Mega Facilities at Woxsen University. Speaking at the event Mr. K.T.R mentioned that Woxsen is no less than any University of the West and congratulated the forward looking vision of Mr. Praveen Pula, Founder & President, Woxsen University.

    • 01 Dec 2021

    MindFicent Issue #9 is out!

    Private Universities

    The Student Wellness Cell published the Ninth Issue of the 'MindFicent' Journal focusing on holidays and mental health. Read on to know more!

    Read More:

    • 23 Nov 2021

    The League- International Sports Arena,

    Woxsen University presents ‘The League’, International Sports Arena, offering various indoor and outdoor sports making it unique and enthralling experience for all the students of Woxsen. Call it a revitalizing activity, a fitness regime or a means to improvise your sports skills; You got it all in this league!

    • 13 Nov 2021

    Global Partnership with Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University is proud to collaborate with Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey which is ranked under Top 15 Universities in Turkey. The university was also chosen as one of the best 401-500 universities in the world in 2016 by London-based The Higher Education (THE).

    • 10 Nov 2021

    Global Partnership with Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland

    Private Universities

    Woxsen is proud to collaborate with Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland which is a Triple Crown University (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accredited) and also ranks in the FT Rankings Top 45 Business Schools in Europe. A private, non-profit business school, it is considered to be "Poland’s highest rated private university”.

    • 6 Nov 2021

    MoU with IndSom Chamber of Commerce

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University has signed MoU with Indsom Chamber Of Commerce with the prime objective of strengthening the bilateral relations between India and Africa. With this partnership, Woxsen University will work collaboratively to ensure the academic development on both sides with the alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    • 23 Oct 2021

    MindFicent Issue #8 is out!

    Private Universities

    The relationships we form with one another is one of the most important aspects of our life and can impact our mental health and wellbeing. But are you aware of what makes a relationship healthy?

    Find out more by reading the Issue VIII of MindFicent Journal!

    • 21 Oct 2021

    WIEW Edition 1 IS OUT!

    Private Universities

    School of Architecture and Planning has launched ‘WIEW’ – a magazine covering all the aspects of architecture, the new world of architecture, giving important insights, and its role in the society.

    • 20 Oct 2021


    Private Universities

    Woxsen collaborates with Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia which is one of the largest and oldest institutions ranked as the 4th best university.

    • 19 Oct 2021


    Private Universities

    Techzone Edition 6 by School of Technology is out covering diverse interesting topics from crypto mining to artificial intelligence.

    • 18 Oct 2021


    Private Universities

    ChemistrySelect known to publish high-quality international research from all areas of chemistry, recognizes the co-authored research paper by our faculty Dr. Ravi Gunupuru with Indexing SCIE | Impact factor: 2.109. Congratulations Dr Ravi!

    • 3 Oct 2021


    Private Universities

    Introducing CIR, Woxsen's new Centre for Interdisciplinary Research. Headed by Dr. Nagaraj Samala, Chair - CIR, the centre highlights 40+ global collaborations, funded research projects, patents, research articles and more. The aim of CIR is to facilitate ground-breaking research in the fields of Business, Technology Design & Architecture.

    • 2 Oct 2021


    Private Universities

    Congratulations! Dr. Balaji Venkateswaran V, Asst. Prof. School of Technology, for leading a successful session at IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference, RTO HTC.

    • 22 Sep 2021

    Woxsen Students Return to Campus!

    Private Universities

    A lot has changed since the first lockdown during the Pandemic…for the University, for our Faculty and for our Students. But we are now BEAMING WITH JOY on the return of them all, to a fulfilling & safe journey ahead! The University’s top priority continues to remain the health and safety of the Woxsen Community. While all measures & protocols are put in place at the campus, we are also responsive to the evolving public safety guidance.

    • 21 Sep 2021

    20 Startups by 2022-end

    Private Universities

    Woxsen Trade Tower to incubate 20 Startups by 2022-end. Telangana Today covers the Incubator Model, Core Programs and more:

    • 20 Sep 2021

    Global Partnership: Frankfurt School, Germany

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University adds Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany to its list of Global Partner Universities. One of Europe’s leading business schools delivering German excellence in management and finance education, the triple-crown school will offer student/ faculty exchange and research opportunities.

    • 18 Sep 2021

    Global Partnership: UCA, UK

    Private Universities

    School of Arts & Design, Woxsen University partners with University for the Creative Arts (UCA), for Progression Studies. Named Modern University of the Year and one of the highest ranked Specialist Arts Institution in the UK, UCA's Alumni base includes Oscar and BAFTA winners.

    • 16 Sep 2021

    Global Partnership: Ulster Univ, UK

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University, adds Ulster University, UK to its Global Partner Universities List for research and development. Amongst UK's Top 130 universities, Ulster University is known for its focus on research across various domains.

    • 15 Sep 2021

    Welcome B.Des Batch 2021- 2025

    Private Universities

    With all the enthusiasm and excitement, Woxsen University welcomes the budding designers of B.Des 2021-25. We thank our esteemed guests from across the world for their valuable time at the induction program and helping us in setting the course for the students' journey ahead!

    • 8 Sep 2021

    Global Partnership: Shantou University, China

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University partners with Shantou University, China. Co-developed by the Ministry of Education, It is a key comprehensive university under the jurisdiction of its province in China.

    • 1 Sep 2021

    Woxsen Launches, Care & Cure

    Private Universities

    Your Safety is our Priority! Woxsen University is happy to share the launch of the new medical centre- "Care & Cure", equipped with all the necessary medical facilities and advanced life support ambulance stationed at the campus 24/7.

    • 19 August 2021

    Woxsen Partners with University of Johannesburg, South Africa

    Private Universities

      The Partnership will cover Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange and Research Opportunities  

    • 17 August 2021

    Telangana Today: Woxsen University’s incubator Set to create Unicorns

    Private Universities

    Trade Tower aims to give Woxsen students and non-students access to space, intellectual resources, mentorship and funding.

    Read More:


    • 14 August 2021

    Times Ranks Woxsen’s BBA No. 1 in India

    Private Universities

    School of Business, Woxsen University Ranked No. 1 in India under Top Emerging BBA Institutions, Times B-School Ranking 2021. The Rankings were published on 14th August in Times of India. We stay committed to Quality as we transform the Education space in India, thanks to our Best in Class Infrastructure, Global Exposure, top notch Faculty, staff and our student cohort.

    • 12 August 2021

    MBA 2021 Commences with International Guests

    Private Universities

    Induction Program for the MBA Batch of 2021 was flagged off by Industry Guests, International Associations and Woxsen Academics & Management Heads. The program commenced with Keynote Address by industry veteran Mr. S.Padmanabhan, Chairman of the Governing Council of Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG).

    On the international front, the program saw guests from:

    • Accreditation Body: EMFD Global

    • Global Partner University: Porto Business School, Portugal

    • Governing Body Member: Dr. M.R. Rao, Leading Educationist

    • Other prominent figures: Bloomberg, India; Khalifa University, UAE & Prometheus Space, UK

    • 24 July 2021

    Woxsen University Signs Agreement with MIT (USA)

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University (India) and MIT (USA) have signed a collaboration agreement to grant academic credit to MITx learners, enrolling in Woxsen University’s MBA Programs.

    Know More:


    • 30 June 2021

    School of Technology, Woxsen University Forges Ahead in Times Engineering Institute Ranking Survey 2021

    Private Universities

    Times Engineering Institute Ranking Survey 2021 is Out! Pleased to share that School of Technology, Woxsen University is Ranked No. 1 in India under the Top Emerging Engineering Institutes Category. Thanks to all our patrons, staff and our student cohort for inspiring us to deliver new heights in Quality Education!

    • 15 June 2021

    122+ Companies at Woxsen University’s MBA Placements 2021

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University records stellar Placements for its flagship PG Programs. Expansive line up of over 122 Top Brands in business trusted Woxsen for their talent needs. The YoY Growth index and Highest CTC received, speak of Woxsen's Commitment to offer the best to its students in terms of industry-endorsed curriculum, academic rigor, global exposure & placement opportunities.

    • 06 June 2021

    Woxsen Organizes Vaccination Drive to beat COVID-19

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University organized a vaccination drive to beat the Covid-19. This drive witnessed participation from Alumni, Students, Staff and their family . Almost all the staff currently resident in Hyderabad are covered with the first dose. Vaccines are a critical tool in the battle against COVID-19. Let's break the spread! Get Vaccinated!

    • 31 May 2021

    Woxsen Forges International Partnership with FIA Business School, Brazil

    Private Universities

    We are happy to announce yet another International Partnership with FIA Business School, Brazil, Ranked FT 25 for Executive Education and AMBA Accredited. This Partnership will offer avenues for Student & Faculty Exchange, Research opportunities, and more for the student at the School of Business, Woxsen University.

    • 27 May 2021

    Woxsen University, is now an EFMD Global Member

    Private Universities

    We are thrilled to share that the School of Business, Woxsen University, is now an EFMD Global Member! This accomplishment represents the commitment the University has towards offering quality education and international best practices to its Student Cohort.

    • 18 May 2021

    Woxsen launches the New Bloomberg Finance Lab!

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University, with its exclusive PG & Ug programs in finance & Financial Services, will unleash the power of technology & information through the Iconic Bloomberg Lab. The real-world experience that students will garner, will confer an unmatched advantage in both business & finance. With 20 Bloomberg terminals and a theatre style seating for 30 students, Woxsen University’s Bloomberg Finance Lab is amongst the largest in India.

    • 10 May 2021

    Woxsen University Gets Listed on INDIAai.gov.in

    Private Universities

    Delighted to see Woxsen University listed in INDIAai, the National AI Portal of India - a central hub for everything about AI in India and beyond. A joint initiative of MeitY, NeGD, and NASSCOM. The website aims to be the trusted content powerhouse in the backdrop of India's journey to global prominence in Artificial Intelligence.

    Link: https://lnkd.in/gDH4Fxk

    • 04 May 2021

    Woxsen Univeristy Signs MOU with AI Lab Limited, a Hong Kong SAR Government-based organization

    Private Universities

    Pleased to share the MOU signed between the AI Lab at the School of Business, Woxsen University and AI Lab Limited, a Hong Kong SAR government-based organization in conjunction with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Academy (GBA AIA).

    This collaboration will serve as a platform to develop joint research, government-funded projects, and various international technological innovations.

    • 19 Apr 2021

    Woxsen Announces its participation in Responsible Research Academic Summit 2021 organized by RRBM

    Private Universities

    We are pleased to share that the School of Business at Woxsen University will be joining the Responsible Research Academic Summit 2021 organized by RRBM Responsible Research in Business and Management and supported by EFMD Global, AACSB International & Imperial College London.

    • 08 Apr 2021

    International Conference “Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Processing 2021!”

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University is pleased to launch the First Edition of the #AIKP2021 International Conference. With participation from leading technologists, this virtual conference will be a brainstorming and knowledge-sharing platform to discuss future developments. This conference will also create a platform for many AI and ML experts/scholars to showcase their research.

    • 31 Mar 2021

    Woxsen Achieves 100% Summer Placements!

    Private Universities

    Woxsen achieves a stellar 100% Summer Internship Placements for its MBA, Batch (2020-22), amidst the Pandemic scuffle! Here’s a Big Shoutout to our dedicated placement cell, faculty, & diverse student cohort for achieving this milestone.

    • 19 Mar 2021

    Woxsen Has Been Accepted as a Signatory in PRME

    Private Universities

    We are pleased to share that the School of Business, Woxsen University has been accepted as a signatory in Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), a United Nations Global Compact initiative.

    • 15 Mar 2021

    Mega Sports Complex To Arrive At Woxsen in June 2021

    Private Universities

    This June 2021 it’s “Game On” at Woxsen University! Woxsen has taken the Holistic Growth of its Students to an All new-level with the Upcoming International Standard Sports Arena, envisaged to be the “BEST in South Asia”. From FIFA Standard Football Fields, ITF Standard Tennis Court to a Professional league Box Cricket Arena and more, this mega sports facility will have it all.

    • 12 Mar 2021

    International Business Plan Competition 2020

    Private Universities

    Congratulations to the Rockstars! Deepshika Kiron, Pari Shreya Maligonda, Umar Kayamkhani, Pratapa Suveera, BBA Candidates of 2023 at the School of Business. Woxsen University, for their passion and dedication during the International Business Plan Competition hosted by Woosong University SolBridge International School of Business in the month of November 2020.

    • 26 Feb 2021

    Woxsen University Scales To All India Rank - 14 & All India Rank - 4 in Times B-School Ranking 2021

    Private Universities

    Woxsen climbs up to an Impressive All India Rank #14 among the Top 100 B-Schools in the country & All India Rank #4 in the Top Private University category. Factors considered were Accreditations, Pedagogy, Future Orientation, Industry Interface and Placements. Our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey!

    • 18 Feb 2021

    Woxsen Gets Listed on the Prestigious RRBM!


    School of Business, Woxsen University has been listed in the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) as a partner school, EFMD Global. This is due to the sensational research output by School of Business on both national and international front.

    • 15 Feb 2021

    Monthly house journal “TECHZONE”

    Private Universities

    School of Technology, Woxsen University is pleased to announce a monthly house journal “TECHZONE”, created by Students. This magazine will publish information of on-going projects and work done by students!

    • 10 Feb 2021

    “DES-ART” – A Design Journal

    Private Universities

    DES-ART is a new initiative from School of Design, is a Design Journal by the students and for the students. This monthly publication will showcase the creative work done across various domains of the Design School.

    • 27 Jan 2021

    School of Business, Woxsen University Ranks #1 in IIRF Vision Ranking 2020

    Private Universities

    Factors considered for the Ranking ranged from innovative practices, global pedagogy, and industry-oriented curriculum and above all learner’s centric approach to education.

    • 20 Jan 2021

    Launch of WoxsenStartupStudio - Centre of Excellence #CoEE in Fintech"

    Private Universities

    Glad to announce the partnership of School of Business, Woxsen University with Idealabs to promote the development of WoxsenStartupStudio - Centre of Excellence #CoEE in Fintech with emerging technologies.

    As a part of the MoU, this partnership will yield in upskilling, innovation, and entrepreneurship development of Woxsen Students

    • 12 Jan 2021

    Launch of Woxsen's "Biztech Magazine"

    Private Universities

    We are elated to share the launch of the Woxsen University - BizTech Magazine, a monthly magazine edition managed and led by the students at the School of Business that will cover a range of topics from Business to Technology and everything in between.

    • 26 Nov 2020

    Woxsen Ascends to All India Rank-2 (Top Private Design Schools) published by IIRF, Educationpost

    Private Universities

    Top-notch Faculty, Academic Excellence & our Most Creative Student cohort take Woxsen University - School of Arts & Design to All India Rank-2 among the Top Design Schools of the country! (Courtesy: IIRF-Education Post)

    • 22 Nov 2020

    Woxsen climbs up the charts to All India Rank 8 by IIRF-EducationPost for B-School Rankings

    Private Universities

    The B-School Ranking is evaluated basis a number of factors like – Placement Performance, Teaching & Learning Pedagogy, Research, External perception and International Outlook. Heartiest Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey!

    • 19 Nov 2020

    Woxsen’s BBA Students - 'The Dream Team'

    Private Universities

    We are pleased to announce that Woxsen’s BBA Students - 'The Dream Team', representing India in the International Business Plan Competition 2020, organized by SolBridge, South Korea have entered the final round of the competition.

    • 16 Nov 2020

    Woxsen ranked 15th All India Top Private B-School by BusinessWorld for Executive MBA

    Private Universities

    India’s Most Definitive Ranking by BusinessWorld places Woxsen University’s School of Business at Rank 15. The BW BusinessWorld B-School rankings are considered gold class and are assessed on the basis of curricula, placements, research, academic papers published and faculty.

    • 24 Oct 2020

    Introducing Rise – Café lounge

    Private Universities

    The all new Café lounge is set to welcome Woxsenites on campus!                                                                                                              
    Woxsen, where learning is collaboration, exchange of ideas and conversations beyond classrooms!

    • 23 Oct 2020

    Ph.D. programs in the domains of Business, Design & Technology

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University will now offer high-potential, research-based, interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in the domains of Business, Design & Technology.


    • Arts & Design

    • Business Strategy

    • Engineering & Technology

    • Finance & Accounting

    • Human Resource Management

    • Marketing Management

    • Operations Management

    • 03 Sep 2020

    Woxsen’s PGPXP Ranks 17 All India by IIRF

    Private Universities

    Woxsen takes the lead this year in Executive MBA space as well! Pleased to share that our PGPXP Program for Experienced Professionals has been awarded All India Rank of 17 by IIRF - Maction Consulting.

    • 03 Sep 2020

    Woxsen’s BBA Secures Rank 2 in Outlook Ranking

    Private Universities

    OUTLOOK’s Most Awaited India's Top BBA Colleges Ranking – 2020 is out & School of Business (Woxsen University) has secured All India Rank #2 under the Emerging Category! Woxsen’s BBA program has secured this coveted position owing to our legacy of Academic & Research Excellence, Industry Interface & Placement, Infrastructure & Facilities, Governance & Admissions and Diversity & Outreach.

    • 02 Sep 2020

    ESCA partners for MBA & BBA Student Exchange

    Private Universities

    Ranked No.1 B-School in Morocco by Eduniversal, ESCA will provide students with an opportunity to add to the global exposure provided in their MBA & BBA programs at Woxsen.

    • 30th July 2020

    Caucasus University comes aboard Student & Faculty Exchange Program

    Private Universities

    Caucasus University, Georgia (FT Global Rank 62), comes on board Woxsen’s International Exchange Program for students & faculty of Business, Technology & Design.

    • 23th July 2020

    Student Exchange Program at Leonard de Vinci Schools, Paris

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University has partnered with Léonard de Vinci Schools, Paris (AACSB & EMFD Accredited) for Student & Faculty Exchange, Academic Collaboration & Research for our School of Business, Technology & Design.

    • 18th July 2020

    Student & Faculty Exchange at Woosong University, South Korea

    Private Universities

    We’re pleased to share about our partnership with Woosong University, South Korea, ranked as an autonomous top tier university by Korean Ministry of Education for student and faculty exchange programs, for Schools of Business, Design and Technology. The AACSB Accredited Business School will offer exchange opportunities to our MBA as well as BBA Students.

    • 17th July 2020

    Student Exchange at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

    Private Universities

    Happy to announce yet another partnership, with Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Global QS Ranked 380, Latam QS ranked 9 and Ranked 1 in Brazil among Federal Universities. The student & faculty exchange programs will be for the Business School and School of Architecture.Student Exchange at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

    • 9th July 2020

    Woxsen University is Ranked 8th in the NATIONAL IMPACT 2020 RANKING!

    Private Universities

    We take pride in announcing that Woxsen University is Ranked 8th in the NATIONAL IMPACT 2020 RANKING! Published in the Education Post, the ranking parameters included Social Impact, Well-Being Impact, SDGs Impact & Brand Impact. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard-work of our team & continuous support of our patrons & mentors!

    • 9th July 2020

    Heading: Student Exchange Program at CENTRUM PUCP, PERU

    Private Universities

    Woxsen’s relentless efforts towards providing global exposure, study & research opportunity to our students & faculty, is beginning to reach greater heights! With CENTRUM PUCP Business School on board, It’s our 3rd partnership for exclusive student / faculty exchange program. CENTRUM PUCP is a Triple Crown B-School with QS World Rank 17. The Exchange program provide opportunity for both UG & PG student of Business & Management.

    • 6th July 2020

    Student Exchange Program with IESA, Venezuela

    Private Universities

    Woxsen's partnership with IESA, Venezuela (Triple Crown B-School), for an exclusive MBA Student Exchange Program is another step towards offering global exposure to students.

    • 25th June 2020

    Forging International Partnerships

    Private Universities

    We’re happy to announce our collaboration for exciting Exchange Program & more with HHL Leipzig Graduate Management School(FT Global Rank 24). A valuable addition to Woxsen’s endeavors providing global exposure & international competencies in Management studies.At the heart of this collaboration is to promote international mobility of our students and teaching staff; and also acquaint them with challenges & opportunities in the international business world.

    • 17th June 2020

    Governing Body Meet

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University conducted its first Governing Body Meeting in the virtual mode. The Governing Body Members of Woxsen University are accomplished individuals with significant record of achievement in Government, Academia and Business.

    • 23rd May 2020

    Admissions Notification AY 2020 – Technology Programs

    Private Universities

    Admissions are open for three Exclusive B.Tech degree programs for Academic Year 2020.  Apply at wouapp.woxsen.edu.in

    • 22nd May 2020

    Admissions Notification AY 2020 - Design & Architecture Programs

    Private Universities

    Admissions are open for     B.Des & B.Arch   degree     for     Academic Year 2020.     Apply at   wouapp.woxsen.edu.in      

    • 21st MAy 2020

    Admissions Notification AY 2020 - Business Programs

    Private Universities

       Admissions are  open for   UG & PG Business  Programs for   Academic Year 2020.     Apply at  wouapp.woxsen.edu.in

    • 20th May 2020

    Woxsen University becomes one of the first Private Universities of the Telangana State!

    Private Universities

    Woxsen University becomes one of the first Private Universities of the Telangana State! This day of 20 May, 2020 will be etched in our history book, which marks the beginning of our new innings. Also, is a testimony to the hard work and exceptional commitment of our Students, Alumni, Faculty & Staff members. As we embark on this exciting new phase of our journey, Woxsen University will be built on the 4 Core Pillars:

    • Applied Learning
    • Academic Excellence
    • Global Outlook
    • Diversity & Inclusivity

    • 29th February 2020

    Woxsen Conducts 6th Edition of HR Conclave

    HR Conclave

    Woxsen School of Business, Humanique Club organised the 6th edition of HR Conclave 2020 in association with FWA. Six top ranking Corporate HR Executives delivered insightful talks on the theme ‘Building the Workforce for Tomorrow’. WOXSEN creates enriching avenues like these, to make students industry-ready and expose them to Thought Leaders, Thinkers, Entrepreneurs & Top Industry professionals.

    • 15th February 2020

    Forging towards our goal! Woxsen successfully acquires the ‘Proposed University’ status

    Proposed University

    Forging towards our goal! Woxsen successfully acquires the ‘Proposed University’ status under The Telangana State Private Universities Act, 2018 (LOI Ref. No. 5579/UE/A2/2019 dated 15th Feb, 2020).

    • 7th February 2020

    Woxsen Premier League T-20 Season-4 (WPL) Opening Ceremony


    Woxsen Premier League T-20, Season-4 was organised in February-March 2020. The Grand Opening Ceremony was graced by Ranji Trophy Cricketer Rohit Rayudu. Organised on the lines of a professional tournament, four groups of ‘team owners’ put their teams together through a process of auctioning. Played in the best traditions of cricket, the 4-week long tournament saw some memorable events.

    • 11th January 2020

    Entrepreneurship Club Event - Design Thinking

    Club Event

    Woxsen Entrepreneurship Club conducts the Event ‘Design Thinking’ to build analytical thinking, Time Management, Critical Thinking and Creative thinking among participating students.

    • 7th January 2020

    100% Final Placements for PGDM (2020 Batch)


    Woxsen School of Business is pleased to announce 100% Final Placements for PGDM (2020 Batch) with over 46 companies trusting Woxsen for its talent needs. We salute the grit & hard-work of all students! We wish our students all the success as they embark on their professional journey!

    • 30th December 2019

    Mahindra & Mahindra - Industrial Visit

    Industry Visit

    As a part of ongoing industry connect program, Woxsen students visit state-of-the-art automobile assembly plant of Mahindra & Mahindra at Zaheerabad, to study modern manufacturing process and systems.

    • 30th November 2019

    Woxsen Football League Season-2 (WFL) Auction


    Woxsen organised the Woxsen Football League (WFL) Season-2 in November-December 2019. Four Teams were put together by groups of ‘Student Owners’ through auctioning. Played over 4-weeks, the tournament was organised on the lines of a professional football tournament and played in the best traditions of the sport.

    • 27th November 2019

    WSB emerges as Rank 4 in the list of Top Management Institutes under private category, South


    India's Most Definitive B-School Rankings are out and Woxsen School of Business emerges as Number 4 in the list of Top Management Institutes under Private Category for South Region (Courtesy: Business World). Woxsen School of Business is clearly acquiring that pole position when it comes to career transformation, creating & building industries, nurturing entrepreneurial ventures and serving the nation.

    • 15th November 2019

    Woxsen School of Business has been awarded Rank 11 in the latest IIRF 2020 B-School Ranking released by Education Post.


    With an unrelenting spirit of Woxsen at its core, hard-work of our students, faculty and continuous support of our patrons & mentors, Woxsen School of Business has been awarded Rank 11 in the latest IIRF 2020 B-School Ranking released by Education Post.

    Woxsen has outdone itself yet again!

    • 16th October 2019

    Woxsen School of Business has been Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation


    Post Graduate Program in Management of Woxsen School of Business has been Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation for a period of three years from 2019 to 2022.

    • 27th July 2019

    Mr. Vijay Prasad, VP HR at A&A Business Consulting


    With an experience of over 17 years, Mr. Vijay Prasad, VP HR at A&A Business Consulting is a strategic planner with expertise in developing and implementing Human Resource initiatives and change management strategies in alignment to corporate objectives.

    We have the honour of having him amidst us to impart knowledge on "How the role of human resource has transformed overtime especially in the domains of recruiting, engaging and retention."

    • 15th July 2019

    Woxsen School of Business 5th Convocation 2019


    Woxsen School of Business hosted its 5th Convocation for the Class of 2019 with 141 students successfully graduating. The graduation ceremony was graced by Chief Guests Mrs. Leena Gandhi Tewari, Chairperson and Mr. Prashant Tewari, Managing Director, USV Private Limited.

    Delivering the convocation address, Mrs. Leena Gandhi Tewari shared her grandfather’s journey in establishing USV Private Limited and her journey in the organization. ‘The Leap of Faith’ speech was truly captivating and inspirational.

    As a part of the ceremony, a number of academic honors were handed to the meritorious students. The best performers of both PGDM and PGPXP batches were awarded medals for academic excellence. 'The Dean’s List' Merit Certificates for 16 students across disciplines was another highlight from the day.

    • 5th July 2019

    Woxsen's legacy of attracting most revered global faculty onboard continues!


    Dr. Piyush Kumar, Professor of Marketing - Wharton School of Business / University of Georgia and Dr. Ioannis P. Christodoulou, Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), Τrack co-chair of Strategy-BAM, have kick started the academic year 2019-21. For the next 15 days, the academic veterans are going to cover Marketing management, Principles of Marketing and Business Strategy for PGDM and PGPXP batches.

    This will be a great addition to the fraternity and a priceless learning to the students.

    • 21st May 2019

    Mannheim Business School


    Mannheim Business School:
    Located in the heart of the German and European economy, Mannheim Business School (MBS), the umbrella organization for management education at the University of Mannheim, is considered to be one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany and is continuously ranked as Germany’s #1.MBS has a global Financial Times Rank of 77 in 2019 . MBS is among the few business schools in the world which is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA

    Woxsen School of Business students from the PGPXP Program undergo the Global Immersion Program every year.

    Global Immersion Program 2019
    This year the agenda of the program includes several heads of learning not commonly found in business programs such as:

    Culture: The influence of Culture on Economic Activity, German Cultural Studies
    European Union Economy: How the economy of the European Union works and the role of Germany in the role of Germany within the European Union economy.
    Digital Economy: How Germany made the transition into the digital economy,
    The German Mittlestand: Success Factors of the German "Mittelstand", the small and medium size companies and the family owned businesses in Germany. Companies of this genre are the future of businesses worldwide.
    Hidden Champions: Overview of Hidden Champions, what it is, how they perform, why it´s a German phenomenon
    Role of IT: The role of IT in the digital age.

    The key faculty for the program are:
    Dr. Alexander Pfisterer: Faculty at University of Mannheim teaching marketing, services, economics, German and Cultural Studies and Business Administration
    Dr. Marcel Crisand: Top management consultant in the fields of strategic management, strategy planning and marketing.

    Visit to important establishments:
    European Central Bank
    The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank for the Euro and administers monetary policy of the Eurozone.
    It is one of the world's most important central banks and is one of the seven institutions of the European Union (EU) listed in the Treaty on European Union
    The visit will help students understand how a modern Central Bank works controlling the monetary policies of several sovereign nations which are part of the Eurozone.

    BASF Corporation
    BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. A global corporation with joint ventures in 80 countries worldwide, six integrated production sites and 390 production sites world wide in Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas and Africa. BASF is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Zurich Stock Exchange and has Revenue: 64.475 billion EUR (2017)
    The visit will help students learn how a global corporation works.

    Networking Event
    A networking event with 30 MBS MBA students from the Mannheim and Tongii campuses. Mannheim Business School has students of several nationalities. The networking dinner will help students form associations with young business professionals in the making from dIfferent parts of the world. This is a step in the direction of nurturing a global network of associations.

    Cultural Experience
    A cultural experience of Heidelberg city center and the Heidelberg Castle. The tour will help understand the contemporary cultural ethos of the city and it’s heritage.

    • 4th April 2019

    Alumni Talks

    Watch our Alumni speak on how the Woxsen experience transformed their careers and lives.                                    

    • 2nd April 2019

    Placements 2019

    Global Professional Services major KPMG makes final placement offers to Woxsen PGDM'19 graduates for roles in the frontiers of finance. Ayantika, Meera, Pooja, Vishal, Balaram, Rajat. Well Done!



    • 30th March 2019

    Dr. A. H Kalro, Academic Advisory Board Member, Woxsen School of Business.

    Dr. A. H Kalro is an eminent Academician and former Director of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM K). He was the member of the second administrative reforms commission (2005 -2009), Government of India and has contributed extensively towards establishments of policies in management education.

    Dr. Kalro is credited with building the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, since inception to one of the top management institutes in the country. The institute has pioneered the concept of satellite broadcast interactive education and digital libraries under his leadership. Dr. Kalro is an Academic Advisory Board member at the Woxsen School of Business.

    Watch Dr. Kalro share his experiences with the Woxsen community.


    • 30th March 2019

    Padma Shri Dr. Pritam Singh, Academic Advisory Council Member, Woxsen School of Business.

    Dr. Pritam Singh is a visionary, a role model, an academician and is one of the global gurus in leadership. Considered a Midas Touch leader he is credited with turning around the fortunes of Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM Lucknow) and MDI (Gurgaon). In his 45 years of the career as a Management Professor, he has mentored around 200 CEOs and organized 50 board level workshops. He has stamped his perspectives on policy and government issues that surround both management education and corporate management in India.

    A globally sought-after speaker, he has addressed various Indian and global audiences including Chambers of Commerce in various countries notably Holland, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, UK, USA, etc. A proud recipient of countless awards, the Government of India acknowledged his contribution in 2003, by conferring on him the prestigious Padma Shri.

    Padma Shri Dr. Pritam Singh is the Academic Advisory Council Member at the Woxsen School of Business. He shares his experience during his recent visit to Woxsen.


    • 25th March 2019

    Glimpse of the recently organized Mock interviews for the first-year students.

    At the Woxsen School of Business, we train students rigorously and groom them ensuring that they secure excellent placements.

    We invite best-in-class experts to conduct mock interviews and competency mapping sessions in the initial phases of training.

    Here is a glimpse of the recently organized Mock interviews for the first-year students.



    • 21st March 2019

    Akhilesh Tamta

    Akhilesh Tamta, the dynamic Sports-In-Charge of Woxsen might not be the Aslam Sher Khan of Indian Hockey. But this agile and active sports person represented the Indian National Hockey Team. Besides Hockey, he is adept at Cricket, Football, and Athletics. We, Woxenites are fortunate to have him to lead our Sports and Fitness activities on campus. Keep the good work, Akhilesh.

    Woxsen is proud to have you!



    • 18th March 2019

    The Infinite Quest Series,
    Woxsen Panel Discussion - 2, March 2019

    In the Infinite Quest Series, Padmasree Dr. Pritam Singh, Former Director, IIM Lucknow, Dr. Amarlal H Kalro, Former Director, IIM Kozhikode, and Mr. K Venkataramanan, Former Chief Executive Officer & M.D. Larsen & Toubro share their experiences and the insights with students on how to build successful careers.


    Infinite Quest

    • 14th March 2019

    WSB Alumni Meet Hyderabad Chapter 2019

    What a stupendous night it was at the #WoxsenAlumni Hyderabad Chapter meet. Laughter in galore & hearts filled with nostalgia.

    For those of you who couldn't, we're sending you cheers until we meet the next time!


    • 12th March 2019

    Alumni Meet 2019

    As a follow-through of the Grand Alumni Meet held in Dec 2018, Hyderabad Chapter Alumni Meet was conducted on the 9th of March. It was a well-orchestrated event conducted at hotel Avasa, Hitech City in Hyderabad. The theme of the event was to INSPIRE, ENGAGE and RISE.


    Alumni Meet

    • 26th February 2019

    Woxsen celebrates Rhapsody | Jimiki Kamal | 24K Magic

    Woxsen Celebrates Rhapsody in style even before it arrives. The campus is full of joy and enthusiasm and excitement. Some of it is here in the video

    • 30th January 2019

    Woxsen School Of Biz

    Woxsen strikes big on the national arena!

    The team of Woxsenites - Srinath, Yash and Satish - bags the first spot for the best Business Plan Presentation in the 21st ISTE National Students’ Convention in Ahmedabad. This stands testimony to the metamorphosis Woxsenites go through!


    • 23rd December 2018

    Early Christmas celebrations @ Woxsen

    Sending you glad tidings this festival season. We wish you a merry Christmas!

    Christmas Celebrations

    • 24th October 2018

    Woxsen achieves another significant milestone in its journey to the top! Acceptance into the AACSB International Business Education Alliance

    It is a proud moment for us!
    Woxsen School of Business has been accepted as a member of the AACSB International Business Education Alliance.


    AACSB Business Education Alliance membership is accorded only to business schools that are authorized to design and develop their own programs, award their own degree or diploma certificates and have demonstrated their capability and commitment to accomplish these goals outstandingly well over a period of time in a sustained manner.

    The AACSB Business Education Alliance credential signifies that the member institution has a proven track record of making incremental as well as radical improvements in its program structure and content, pedagogy, evaluation methods, industry interface, faculty development programs, student capability enhancement initiatives and infrastructure. AACSB International Business Education Alliance Membership provides the institute with access to AACSB’s knowledge based resources to support its ongoing pursuit of academic excellence. The institute’s commitment, empowerment and ability to chart out its own course is a pre-requisite for its ability to use the resources provided by AACSB, an important aspect of its functioning recognized by AACSB. Synonymous with the highest standards of excellence since 1916, AACSB, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, United States provides quality assurance, business education intelligence, and professional development services to an elite class of member organizations worldwide which Woxsen is now a part of .

    • 26th August 2018

    Mr. Yogi Sriram Session On Developing Leadship Skills at Woxsen School of Business

    Mr. Yogi Sriram, SVP, L&T delivered a session on Developing Leadship Skills at Woxsen School of Business on 25th August. Thank you for your very valuable insights.

    Yogi Sriram

    • 16th August 2018

    Celebration of freedom through sport

    The celebration of freedom through sport has been one of the most celebrated through time. The Woxsen Sports Club organised a half marathon on 15th August across the Woxsen campus.

    Sports at Woxsen

    • 15th August 2018

    Celebrating Independence Day at Woxsen

    The students of Woxsen celebrating freedom last evening was a sight to witness. Celebrations through dance, drama and most importantly freedom of choice were applauded by all present.

    Independence Day

    • 10th August 2018

    A Session on 'Ethics in Business'

    Deepti Gupta, Associate Director, Finance & Internal Controls at PepsiCo delivered a session on 'Ethics in Business'. She discussed the importance of Ethics in today’s time. Biggest scams of 2017 were also discussed. She also shared the survey result of most ethical companies of 2018 - Any guesses on which was #1?

    Ethics in Business

    • 10th August 2018

    RECROI- Woxsen: Title Sponsor

    Woxsen is the Title Sponsor for the 3rd edition of RECROI - The B.Voc student’s annual management event at St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad.


    • 6th August 2018

    Analytics & Woxsen

    The World of Analytics at Woxsen A session on analytics was conducted by the lead analytics team of the renowned analytics company 'Gramener'. The topic was “Power of Analytics for effective decision making”.

    Highlights of the session:
    * Importance of Analytics in making effective business decision
    * Application of analytics in different sectors
    * Career opportunities in Analytics

    Thank you for a wonderful session on analytics and guiding our students into a world full of opportunities.

    Analytics and Woxsen

    • 5th August 2018

    Woxsen Trailblazer - Hyderabad's Biggest & Best Quiz

    What a day it’s been at Woxsen School of Business! Woxsen Trailblazer - A one of its kind Quiz competition with participation from across the nation. Out of 206 teams 8 teams made it to the finals. A lot of smiles, a bit of luck and some amazing prizes including MacBook Airs, Lenovo Tabs, Fitness Bands and many more were won.

    Thank you for an overwhelming response.

    TrailBlazer Woxsen

    • 29th July 2018

    Marketing Using Digital Media

    Mr. Mahesh Krishnan, CEO, Mint- HT Media delivered a session at Woxsen on July 28 on ‘Marketing using Digital Media’.

    Thank you Mr. Krishnan for an insightful session.

    Digital Media

    • 22nd July 2018

    The 4Th Convocation - Taj Krishna

    The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.

    The Woxsen School of Business 4th Convocation took place on Saturday - 21st July 2018. The PGDM & PGPXP classes of 2018 held their head high and earned their degrees after putting in the required work.

    The event was graced by Chief Guest - Mr. J A Chowdary, IT Advisor to the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Co-Founder of Fintech Valley, Visakhapatnam. We wish our students all the best for the years to come and we are sure you will be the brightest shining star in your professional lives.

    4th Convocation Of Woxsen

    • 18th July 2018

    #HumFitTohIndiaFit Challenge at Woxsen

    Thank you AICTE for nominating us for the HumFitTohIndiaFit Challenge.

    At Woxsen, we inculcate the idea of fitness and a healthy lifestyle as much as we focus on top notch academics.

    Sweat, Smile & Repeat

    Fitness Challenge

    • 16th July 2018

    PMI Event

    The PGDM students had a day full of learning and excitement at PMICC Project Management Institute, Pearl City Chapter's event.

    Several speakers from various industries took the stage and spoke about the importance of Project Management in today's world.

    PMI Event

    • 12th July 2018

    Industry Visit : Pepsico

    Keep Calm and Drink Pepsi!

    Our final year PGDM students visited the PepsiCo operations site and took away some life-long learnings from the #102 top ranked company in the world according to Forbes 2000.

    At Woxsen, we believe in learning-by-doing and proactively send our students for industry visits to top ranked global companies. Thank you, PepsiCo for hosting our students.

    Pepsico Visit

    • 11th July 2018

    Woxsen Sports Club - Chess Championship

    "In life, as in chess, forethought wins." - Charles Buxton

    Woxsen Sports Club - Krida, organised 'The Woxsen Chess Championship' on 8th July. Among the several participants, Chirag Reddy emerged the winner. Congratulations!

    Chess Championship

    • 10th July 2018

    Learning from the Best - Preethi Ramnarayan

    Nurturing the right leadership at Woxsen; As part of our leadership series, Preethi Ramnarayan who holds a master's degree in HR and Industrial Relations from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota visited the Woxsen campus for a talk on - Preparing for a successful interview – Tips and tricks from the corporate world.

    Preethi started her career with Johnson & Johnson Medical where she worked out of the J&J headquarters based out of New Jersey. She then joined Deloitte and was with that firm for over 7 and half years where she was an HR Business Partner for multiple businesses. She also had a 2 year stint as the employee relations lead where she was the presiding officer for all sexual harassment cases and handled all employee matters across 24000 employees. Preethi currently works for D. E. Shaw India where she leads the Human Resource Business partner function and works closely with business leaders to advise them on people matters and drive people strategy.

    Thank you for a wonderful session.


    • 7th July 2018

    Surabhi Jain at Woxsen

    As part of Woxsen's Leadership Series, Ms. Surabhi Jain - a Human Resources professional with experience in Strategic HR, Compensation and Benefits Management, Performance Management, Career frameworks and Job Architecture visited our campus on Saturday - 7th July.

    Surabhi has rich exposure of handling Total Rewards and employee relations during mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and spin-offs. A post graduate in Human Resource Management, she is currently leading Total Rewards function for 16 countries in Asia Pacific at DuPont. Prior to DuPont she was with Wells Fargo and HSBC as Compensation & Benefits Consultant.

    Thank you for a great session!

    Surabhi Jain

    • 25th June 2018

    Industry Leaders at Woxsen - Leadership Series

    "Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts, it's about one life influencing another".

    At Woxsen, we forge the leaders' of the next generation. As part of the freshers' orientation, we were graced by the presence of 3 distinguished leaders:
    Mr. Rajesh Rajan , AVP Strategy & Special Projects, MYK Laticrete
    Mr. Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury: DGM, Marketing-Firstsource
    Mr. Baskar Gandham, Formerly Director-Software Engineering, CA Technologies

    The topics touched upon were: Keys to success, How the young graduates shall develop themselves as high performers and inspiring leaders and Making the right choices.

    Our students were pumped up after hearing the experiences and stories of success from the leaders.

    Leadership Woxsen

    • 21st June 2018

    Yoga Day

    Woxsen School of Business wishes you a Healthy & Happy International Yoga Day!

    Yoga Day

    • 19th June 2018

    Just how creative are you?

    Just how creative are you? As part of our students’ orientation and welcome, we organised a ‘Creativity Contest’. The result: Oh boy, do we have the brightest minds or what? The event saw a great turnout and some groundbreaking creativity! Keep it up, Woxsenites.


    • 17th June 2018

    Welcome Freshers' - Classes of 2018!

    The final leg of activities from the Student Engagement Cell was a fun-filled thrilling day. From Tug-O-War to a Live Band by the Pool, our students enjoyed their Sunday before the beginning of an academically rewarding journey.


    • 16th June 2018

    Welcome Freshers' - Classes of 2018!

    After the hectic first day, day 2 witnessed an interactive and informative alumni session with Akshay Mirji, Bindu Neeharika, Ankita Gupta & Yuvraj Grover. The day ended with a poolside DJ night by DJ Abhishek & DJ Shine.

    Freshers Welcome

    • 10th June 2018

    ONE DAY MBA - Visakhapatnam

    Woxsen School of Business conducted a One Day MBA certificate program for fresher's and working executives. The program highlighted the following topics:
    - Introduction to MBA; How Woxsen forges leaders - Entrepreneurship & Emerging Markets - AI in Marketing - Business Communications & Etiquette - Workplace Leadership & Diversity
    The sessions were conducted by: 1. Dr JC Wandemberg 2. JV Murty 3. Winny Patro 4. Aditya Murty 5. Yash Merchant Our alum, Sai Harish - Financial Partner at YES Bank joined us for the event as well. The event was graced by over 110 candidates! It was a day full of learning and excitement. See you soon, Vizag!

    One Day Vizag

    • 04th June 2018

    ONE DAY MBA - Vijayawada

    Woxsen School of Business conducted a One Day MBA certificate program for fresher's and working executives. The program highlighted the following topics:
    - Introduction to MBA; How Woxsen forges leaders - Entrepreneurship & Emerging Markets - AI in Marketing - Business Communications & Etiquette - Workplace Leadership & Diversity
    The sessions were conducted by: 1. Dr JC Wandemberg 2. JV Murty 3. Winny Patro 4. Yash Merchant The event was graced by over 100 candidates! It was a day full of learning and excitement. See you soon, Vijayawada!

    • 23rd April 2018

    Global Immersion Program In Mannhiem, Germany

    The Eurpoean Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace". - John Bruton Woxsen's PGPXP batch of 2017-2018 is currently at one of the top ranked B-School's
    across the world - Mannheim Business School.
    Today's first half sessions:
    1. An overview of the current political situation in Germany. Session by Ralf Bürkle, Director Marketing & Communications, MBS.
    2. Understanding the Eurozone/European Union. Session by Prof. Yordanova
    It's been an extensive, in-depth and exciting Monday so far.

    • 21st April 2018

    Global Immersion Program In Mannhiem, Germany

    Aufwiedersehen India! The PGPXP batch of 2017-2018 is off for their International Immersion Programme to Mannheim University, Germany! FT Ranked as one of the top universities, our students will go through a variety of workshops, industry visits and lectures from globally renowned faculty!.

    • 20th Dec 2017

    The Woxsen-Accolens Meet'17

    The Davos-based global think tank 'World Economic Forum' in its much-vaunted Annual Report for the year 2017 rated the quality of higher education as an efficiency enhancer of global competitiveness index. It goes with out saying, that India has a long way to go insofar as Entrepreneurship/Innovation is considered , we rank a lowly 88 in the Global Innovation Index.

    Woxsen School of Business' raison d'etre or reason for existence is to create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation apart from the mission of creating 'Leaders who make a difference to the world'. In consonance with our vision , we at Woxsen host several 'Industry - Academia' initiatives that help us bring cutting-edge best practices of the industry to our classroom.

    The Woxsen-Accolens Meet 2017 was one such initiative that was held on 20th December, 2017 and was attended by several top corporates like MRF, Mahindra& Mahindra , MG Group.

    • 10th Dec 2017

    Woxsen Krida : 2017.

    At Woxsen we believe that Passion has no Plan B which means what ever we do : whether it is the rigours of classroom theory and practice or sports we inculcate the values of hardwork, discipline and a spirit of sportsmanship .

    Excitement was on display at Woxsen’s campus last Sunday as the four houses – Kotler, Juran, Picasso and Soros – competed for the title of “Tug-of-War Champions”.

    The competition was held under three categories: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams. It was touch-and-go until the very end, when Soros, through shrewd strategic planning and excellent execution, swept away all opposition to emerge as worthy champions.

    Well done, Woxsenites, for staging a most exciting and fun-filled event. Bravo!!!

    • 25th Nov 2017

    Woxsen wins prestigious award for ‘most promising business school in India’

    At a glittering ceremony attended by the who’s who of Hyderabad on 24th November at T-Hub’s auditorium, Woxsen beat a host of contenders to win the prestigious award for ‘Most Promising Business School in India for 2017’. A total of 146 nominations for the award were received for this year’s contest, but finally, Woxsen shone through.

    The award was presented to Woxsen by Katherine Hadda, U.S. Consul General in Hyderabad (in photo), who, in her keynote address, spoke about the importance to encourage women entrepreneurs for the benefit of all. Woxsen’s support for women to study business management and graduate to entrepreneurship on completion of the program aligned admirably with the event’s theme ‘Women at Work’.

    Among the criteria used to judge the contest were:

    • Quality of academics
    • Accomplishments of the faculty
    • Vision of the institute
    • Effectiveness of implementation
    • Infrastructure and facilities

    The event was a part of the Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit, being conducted for the first time in India. A delegation of prominent business people from the U.S., led by Ivanka Trump, advisor to the President of America, will be participating in the summit at Hyderabad between 28th and 30th of November.

    Another feather in the Woxsen cap.

    • 11th Nov 2017

    The changing Landscape of The Software Industry

    Mr .Banerjee has a formidable experience and expertise in the field of Digital Marketing , Business Process Re-engineering . He has more than 20 years of experience in Software Consultancy in various multi-national companies spanning varied geographies like the US , Europe , Middle East and the South East Asia . Mr Sunando Banerjee spoke with remarkable precision about the changes in the software industry , from proprietary software to open source software , the IT industry is encountering strong headwinds . Our guest speaker inspired our students to read and analyse about global tech. affairs to stay ahead of the competition .

    • 10th Nov 2017

    Automobile Sector : Present and Future

    Woxsen School of Business had the privilege of hosting a well known , highly respected veteran of the automobile industry , Mr Prakash Executive Director, MG Group. Prakash is an innovative thinker and acclaimed speaker . Mr. Prakash helped our students make sense of the changes taking place in the manufacturing sector in general and the automobile industry in particular. Hyperloop being developed by Elon Musk has the potential to be a game changer in the automobile / mass transportation sector . Our distinguished speaker also delved deep into the changing profile of the automobile industry due to advances in eco- friendly electric cars and autonomous vehicles being developed by companies like Tesla , Google & General Motors.

    • 05th Nov 2017

    The Way Forward

    After achieving the distinction of being the youngest business school to be ranked among the Top 30 in the country, WSB is steadfastly working towards breaking into the Top 10 league . The Academic Advisory Council, comprising of a distinguished panel of academicians from across India, chalked out a course of action that will help Woxsen set the standard of business education in the years ahead.

    Among the several initiatives decided upon at the meeting was the enhanced use of technology and pedagogical tools to align learning at Woxsen with the very latest developments across the world. The inclusion of recent concepts, which will have a significant impact on how business in the future will be conducted, such as Cyrpto-currency, Robotics and 3-D Printing, into the curriculum was agreed upon.

    • 28th Oct 2017

    Supply Chain Model, Insights & Industry Specifics

    Mr Alvis Lazarus . Founder & CEO- Hesol Consulting , Supply Chain Consulting Firm .

    In today’s supply chain landscape, technology is becoming the key driver of an organization’s success, innovation and competitive edge, because of this, many companies are investing and showing deep interest in modernising their supply chains . Multi-National Companies like McDonald’s , Apple, Unilever , Amazon are prime examples of companies that have leveraged their world class supply chain infrastructure to dominate the competition .

    Mr Alvis Lazarus gave very instructive insights on how Supply Chain Management and Technology-Enabled Supply Chain will prove to be a key competitive advantage for companies of the future. He also touched upon the newly introduced Goods and Services Tax and its impact on the Indian Economy.

    • 12th Oct 2017

    Career Opportunities in the Operations Field

    Y.Chandrasekhar, Business Head- House Joy visited the Woxsen campus to apprise our students about the latest trends in the domain of Operations Management . Y.Chandrasekhar is an experienced hand in the field of Operations , an alumnus of IIM-Lucknow Mr YC as he is popularly called brought to bear his enormous experience and insights on to the session . He stressed the importance of ‘New-age Tech Companies’ in driving the future growth of the Indian economy, a wide-range of issues pertaining to the job roles , career progression and prosepctive opportunities in the Operations field was discussed at length.

    • 10th Oct 2017

    Career in Banking & Finance

    “Woxsen Career Orientation Series “ the inaugural workshop for the current academic year was conducted on 10th , October ,2017 at the Woxsen Campus for the class of 2019 . Mr Deepak Gupta, Group Head- HR , Karvy Group spoke to our students on the theme of “ Careers in Banking and Finance” . Mr Gupta is a formidable corporate leader with more than twenty years of experience in the HR/IR domain in the Banking and Financial Services Industry . He spoke in a forthright , no holds barred manner about the tectonic shifts happening in the BFSI Sector and its implications for the students and career freshers of the future. Needless to emphasise, the message was driven home very effectively by Mr Gupta that only a ‘life long’ students stand a chance of thriving in the careers of the future.

    • 02nd Oct 2017

    Leadership Quotient : Why it matters more than anything else

    Mr. Sahil Nayyar, Associate Director , KPMG visited theWoxsen campus on 23rd September to deliver a Guest Lecture on " Leadership Quotient: Why it matters more than anything else ". Mr. Nayyar peppered his lecture with numerous anecdotes that were very well received by the students. He emphasised the fact that to be successful in one's personal and professional life , one has to take complete responsibility for their own actions and consequences. He beautifully articulated the difference between a Self-starter and a Kick-starter and went on to add that given the exponential pace of technology and life style changes being witnessed around the world , the only way to progress is constant re-invention. It was a very articulate and sagacious lecture by Mr Sahil Nayyar .

    • 15th Sep 2017

    Gig Economy : The changing landscape of jobs

    Ms. Anjali Rahuvanshi, CPO, Randstad visited the Woxsen campus to address the students on a theme of global importance and relevance. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a phrase used to describe the role Artificial Intelligence, 3D Manufacturing , Robotics will play in shaping the future recruitment landscape. Ms Raghuvanshi carries a considerable amount of credibility and reputation and has been the driving force behind Randstad, one of the biggest recruitment-focused firms in the world. Our students have been able to get a refined sense of what it takes to succeed in these fast-changing times.

    • 31st August 2017

    "Achievement and Success" by Mr. Sid Banerjee, MD, Credit Suisse India

    Woxsen School of Business was treated to a highly engrossing session on " Achievement and Success" by Mr. Sid Banerjee, Managing Director, Credit Suisse India. Mr. Banerjee is an accomplished professional who has seen the growth of Investment Banking & Private Equity from its infancy in India . Our students were thoroughly inspired by the session , Woxsen students received very sagacious advice on how to plan one's career in times of volatility like the one we are witnessing today.

    • 26th August 2017

    The Woxsen Business Advisory Council met on 26th August 2017

    The Woxsen Business Advisory Council met on 26th August 2017 to map the future course of action in line with our mission to be one of the top ten B Schools in India in the next few years. Members of the BAC comprising some of the biggest names in Academia and Industry play an important part in the strategy and operations of the school. Since its formation, the BAC has provided counsel on Strategic, Operations and financial directions for the business school.

    • 1st August 2017

    Woxsen Hosts the Second TiE-Woxsen Entrepreneurship Development Program – JULY 2017

    To encourage entrepreneurs bring alive their business dreams, Woxsen School of Business hosted the second TiE-Woxsen Entrepreneurship Program in July. The six-day residential workshop was structured as two long weekends with a working break in-between.

    23 participants - entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business and aspiring entrepreneurs – registered for the workshop to learn what it really takes to start and manage a business. Successful businesspeople from TiE-Hyderabad and faculty of Woxsen took the participants through the life-cycle of a start-up in a very well-structured framework. Among the modules covered were:

    • • Validating the business idea

      • Converting the idea into a sound business plan

      • Developing the marketing and sales plans

      • Staffing the positions with the right personnel

      • Foundations of finance

      • Funding the venture and managing cash flows

      • Converting the start-up into a success story

  • Two of the workshop mentors fine-tune the business strategies of the participants

    Among the eminent mentors at the workshop were Syama Peela and Viiveck Verma of TiE-Hyderabad, Sanjay Jesrani of Go North Ventures, Sreekanth of Hyderabad Angels, Suresh Reddy of Lycos, Bharat Lingam of Purple Talk, Bhanu Cherukuri of Cherukuri Ventures and the faculty team from Woxsen – J. C. Wandemberg, Arvind Subramanyam, Costas Andriopoulos, Manto Gotsi, Ramasubramanian, Apurva Sanaria and Vikas Mehta. What a delightful blend of businesspeople and academicians! The workshop ended with participants presenting their final business plans. Four of the teams will be vying for angel funding on 19th August when they face a jury of investors at Hyderabad.

    The delighted participants enjoyed their stay at Woxsen’s state-of-the-art campus near Hyderabad.

    • 31st July 2017

    3rd Convocation of Woxsen School of Business on 30th July, 2017

    The traditions and nostalgia that mark any Business School convocation were on full display on during the 3rd convocation of Woxsen School of Business on 30th July,2017 . The evening was very euphoric and brimming with a lot of excitement as the students were ready to graduate.

    The Annual Convocation Ceremony was graced by Mr Prasad Menon, A highly distinguished Business/Industry veteran who had served the Tata Group as the Managing Director of Tata Power & Tata Chemicals and as the Chairman of Vistara Airlines .

    “In the real world, success is a product of bravery, not perfection,” said Mr Menon and called on graduating students to embrace this “paradigm-shifting” moment in history — where they stand on the cusp of a new era of automation that will “change everything about the way we live and work.” Mr Prasad Menon was joined by a host of celebrated Industry and Academia veterans who wished the students well in their careers.

    Mr Abhishek Vaidya, PGPXP’17 & Mr Vinay Mohan , PGDM’17 won the “Best Student Award”. It was, well and truly, an enlightening evening.

    • 27th July 2017


    Woxsenites received a double-treat in July. Dr. Costas Andriopoulos of Cass Business School and Dr. Manto Gotsi of Westminster University visited Woxsen for their maiden engagements at Woxsen, teaching two courses each.

    Dr. Costas is the Professor of Innovation & Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship at the Cass Business School, which was ranked among the top ten in the world this year for its entrepreneurship program. He received his doctorate in marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland and is a visiting professor at universities across the world, such as University of Oxford and Grenoble Ecole de Management.

    At Woxsen, Dr. Costas taught Business Strategy to the PGPXP and PGDM students in his unique style.

    Dr. Manto Gotsi is a renowned professor of marketing, specialising in branding and marketing research. She received her doctorate from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland and currently teaches at the Westminster Business School. As a visiting professor, she teaches at Cass Business School, International Hellenic University and Grenoble Ecole de Management.

    Dr. Manto taught Retail Marketing and Principles of Marketing during her visit to Woxsen.

    We thank Dr. Costas and Dr. Gotsi for their amazing insights into the complex world of business and marketing.

    • 25th July 2017


    Flashback: Woxsen’s graduating batches a year ago

    It is hard to believe that the Woxsen School of Business has completed three years of providing quality business education with a unique flavour.

    The Convocation for our PGPXP and PGDM batches will be held on Sunday, 30th July at ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet, Hyderabad. 67 students with the determination to make an impact in the world will step forward as entrepreneurs or corporate executives.

    Mr. Prasad Menon, board member of several Tata Group companies and former chairman of Vistara Airlines will deliver the convocation address. Mr. Veen Pula, chairman of Woxsen School of Business will preside over the function.

    We wish the graduating students great success in their personal and professional lives.

    • 23th Mar 2017


    To cater to the rapidly growing demand for specialised business skills, Woxsen will be offering certificate programs of short-duration for students, academicians and working professionals from June 2017. The programs will be initially conducted in Hyderabad city and Woxsen’s campus on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

    Among the programs that will be offered in the first phase are:
       1 Data Science
       2 Business Analytics and Big Data
       3 New Product Development
       4 Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution
       5 Six Sigma

    With IT having a significant impact on how business is conducted today, the level and sophistication of skills required to succeed in business have risen quite dramatically. Simultaneously, India’s ambition of scaling its economy in industry (“Make in India”) and services has raised the productivity and capability bar of our personnel. In this scenario, short-term certificate programs effectively bridge the knowledge gap we face.

    For more information on our forthcoming certificate programs, please contact Arpit Shah, Vice-President of CEEC at arpit.shah@woxsen.edu.in.

    • 14th Feb 2017


    Can a group of students, with little resources at its disposal, replicate the success of the Indian Premier League on campus? Well, if that group of students is from Woxsen, the answer is a definite ‘yes’.

    Our students brain-stormed to list the ingredients that are required for an event of this complexity and ambition. They poured over pages of articles going all the way back to the genesis of the IPL a decade ago. Without reinventing the wheel, what could they adopt from the IPL? And what should they change?

    From such intense effort emerged the form and structure of the Woxsen Premier League (WPL). In its inaugural year, the WPL would have four teams competing through a group stage and finally, knock-out games. The prize-money at stake would be attractive, thus motivating every participant to give his or her very best. Practical constraints like scheduling matches without affecting academic courses would have to be dealt with. And, of course, since cricket is played for entertainment, each match should be successful in drawing in spectators and keeping them enthralled in the proceedings.

    Can you imagine the amount of academic application that went into conducting the WPL? Operational planning, scheduling, costing, event budgeting, risk management, marketing… Is it any wonder that the Woxsen way of learning is being studied and copied by other educational institutions?

    Back to the cricket. On that historic day of Sunday, 12th February, the Rajputhana Warriors edged past the Woxsen Warriors by 14 runs to be crowned the first WPL champions. What a match it was, with fortunes literally “swinging like a pendulum”. Well done, Woxsenites – you truly are game-changers.

    • 07th October 2016

    Mr Kali Prasad, Director-Ernst & Young addressed the students of Woxsen

    ‪Mr Kali Prasad, Director-Ernst & Young addressed the students of Woxsen on 7th October. Mr Prasad is a renowned corporate leader and has been a member of the industry advocacy bodies like CII and Assocham. He gave a very inspirational talk on the theme 'Why are successful people in a minority in the world'. Mr Prasad called on the students to pursue excellence and make strenuous efforts to constantly push the frontiers of possibilities.

    • 26th September 2016

    Mentoring Entrepreneurs: The TiE-Woxsen StartUp Accelerator Program 6-day Workshop at Woxsen’s campus

    ‪Woxsen’s Center for Executive Education and Consulting (CEEC), in collaboration with The Indus Entrepreneurs Hyderabad Chapter (TiE), conducted the first-of-its-kind ‘StartUp Accelerator Workshop’ for budding entrepreneurs at the Woxsen School of Business campus near Hyderabad. The workshop took 20 participants through the journey of an entrepreneurship venture – from the germination of the idea to successful commercialization. The mentors comprised of successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, faculty from Woxsen’s School of Business and TiE charter members.

    The StartUp Accelerator program spanned six days: the first three days dwelled on identification & validation of a business opportunity, defining the target audience & building a robust go-to-market plan and constructing the business plan. Following an interval of the work-week, the next three days focused on building the start-up team, setting the organization’s structure & culture, exploring funding opportunities, commencing commercial activities and monitoring progress objectively.

    The distinguished pool of mentors included Mr. Suresh Challa, Mr. Pradeep Mittal and Mr. Syama Peela of TiE, Mr. Sanjay Jesrani of Go North Ventures, Ms. Ekta Bahl of Samvad Partners, Dr. Wandemberg, Prof. Arvind Subramanyam and Dr. Apurva Sanaria of Woxsen School of Business. The event was coordinated by Ms. Sreedevi Devireddy of TiE.

    The state-of-the-art 200-acre Woxsen campus hosted the participants and mentors over the six days, making their experience truly immersive and memorable.

    • 8th August 2016

    Dr JC Wandemberg joins Woxsen as its Dean

    ‪Woxsen is proud to announce the entry of its new Dean, Dr JC Wandemberg into its family. JC,as he is fondly called, comes with a wealth of international experience in both industry and academia. He has consulted for various organisations and has taught in institutions of global repute in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Dr Nagadevara has passed on the baton to J C on 8th August,2016.

    Dr Wandemberg has taught in many prestigious universities in North and South America. He graduated with honors (top 5%) from University of Maryland in the US where he obtained his Bsc. and from New Mexico State University where he obtained his Masters in International Economics and Management. He followed it up with a Ph.D. In Sustainable Development.

    Dr. Wandemberg is also a published author. For the past 25 + years he has collaborated with corporations, communities, and organisations around the world such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the Unites States Agency for International Development, the Ecuadorian Congress, etc. Has been an entrepreneur all his life having started his first business at the age of six!

    • 9th July 2016

    Woxsen 2nd Convocation


    ‪The second convocation of Woxsen School of Business for the Class of 2016 was held on July 9th at Hotel Daspalla, Hyderabad. Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary - IT and ECD, Telangana Govt, presided over the function as Chief Guest. This event marks the successful completion of their course at Woxsen by the students and they will now march into the professional world with each aspiring to reach their own goals. Let us wish them the very best in all their future endeavours.

    • 1st July 2016

    Mr Prashanth Jain, Director CtrlS at Woxsen


    ‪‎Talk on 'Loving what you do and doing what you love' by Mr Prashanth Jain, Director CtrlS on 1st July, 2016

    Mr Prashanth Jain, Director , CtrlS - one of the most prominent emerging IT companies in India addressed our students on the theme of 'Loving what you do and doing what you love' . The talk was held at the Woxsen Business School campus on 1st July , 2016. Mr Prashanth is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the IT industry and his deep insights into the India start up ecosystem has motivated our students to consider becoming entrepreneurs . A serial entrepreneur ,he has founded more than six Start ups and exited them profitably . Prashanth exhorted our students to 'dare to dream and dare to achieve' and to be the best of what they can be .

    • 16th Mar 2016

    DEAN, Nanyang Business School visits Woxsen

    ‪‎The students and staff of Woxsen had the opportunity to welcome Prof Ravi Kumar-Dean, Nanyang Business School, Singapore on 16th Mar,2016 during his visit to the Woxsen campus. Woxsen is a partner school with Nanyang Business School for the international immersion module for both the PGDM and the PGPXP programmes.
    During his visit, Prof Ravi Kumar expressed his appreciation of the quality of the students at Woxsen and the campus infrastructure.

    • 19th Feb 2016

    Woxsen Leadership Series

    ‪‎The students at Woxsen were treated today to a master class on leadership from a very esteemed panel of accomplished leaders consisting of Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar, MP (RS) and Mr Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Business World. Ms Paromita Chatterjee, Sr Editor, ET Now, moderated the session. The students, who are training to be business leaders, spent an hour and a half listening to some profound thoughts on the traits that lead to success as leaders.

    • 9th Feb 2016

    BCCL Programme on 'Advanced Supply Chain & Procurement'

    ‪‎The Centre for Executive Education and Consulting (CEEC) organised a programme on "Advanced Supply Chain & Procurement" and senior managers from Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. has participated in this. The faculty for the programme was Dr. Jayashankar M Swaminathan, GlaxoSmithKline Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA.

    • 9th Feb 2016

    Woxsen Leadership Series - Mr BVR Mohan Reddy

    ‪‎Mr BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and MD, Cyient and Chairman, NASSCOM is a successful entrepreneur who has inspired many students and professionals through his talks and mentorship. He shared insights from his entrepreneurial journey and motivated the students during his talk at the Worsen Leadership Series.

    • 21&22 Jan 2016

    Leading People

    ‪‎The Centre for Executive Education & Consulting (CEEC) has conducted a 3 day executive program on Leading People in Mumbai from Jan 21 & 22, 2016. The program is delivered by Shahnaz Broucek, who is a certified executive coach and has extensive experience across sectors. She has done her Master from University of Michigan. Top companies such as Bajaj Finance Ltd., Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd., Mindtree, Tata Capital, Fiat Automobiles, FSS etc. have participated in the course.

    • 9th-11th December 2015


    The Centre for Executive Education & Consulting (CEEC)has conducted a 3 day executive program on Business Analytics in Mumbai from Dec 9 to 11, 2015
    The program is delivered by Prof. Nagadevara, who brings with him forty years of teaching and research experience. He earned his Doctorate from Iowa State University, USA, in Economics and Operations Research.
    Top companies such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Bajaj Finance Ltd., Taj Hotels, Welspun etc. have participated in the course.

    • 1st Dec 2015

    Woxsen Leadership Series

     ‘ The Woxsen Leadership Series ‘ invited Mr Mark Inglis from New Zealand as its inaugural speaker on 28th Nov 2015. Mark, a celebrated mountaineer – he is the first double amputee in the world to have summited Mt Everest. He is also an author, a silver medalist in cycling at the Paralympic games and a motivational speaker. Through the Leadership Series, Woxsen aims to examine issues that leaders will have to contend with as workplaces embrace emerging technologies and evolve. It was a privilege to have Mr Mark Inglis address an inquisitive gathering of Woxsen students. He spoke about ‘Leadership in Turbulent times’.

    • 4th Nov 2015

    Woxsen School of Business - International Immersion (Singapore - 2015)

    ‪‎The global business environment is evolving rapidly. To compete successfully in this constantly evolving global economy, managers need to develop relevant capabilities to respond swiftly to the emerging challenges. Yesterday’s winning formula can no longer guarantee tomorrow’s success.
    The weeklong immersion experience at Nanyang Business School, Singapore (FT rank - 44) that is a part of the curriculum for Woxsen’s PGPXP class is designed to create a deep impact on the students’ lives and enrich their understanding of the unique culture, entrepreneurial spirit, innovativeness, creativity and energy of one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic economies.

    • 4th Nov 2015

    Woxsen School of Business International Immersion - (Germany - 2015)

    ‪‎Woxsen‬ believes that exposure to the global thinking in management practice is an essential part of management training. Woxsen’s students from the 1-year programme (PGPXP) spent a week at ‪Mannheim BusinessSchool‬, ‪‎Germany‬ (a FT-55 ranked B-school) for their international immersion program. The students were accompanied by faculty members and senior Woxsen staff. The immersion program enabled the students to experience, first hand, the international business environment and also gave them the opportunity to interact with business leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians and government policy-makers. The students visited the Hager group and Freudenberg group factories and benefited from the opportunity to discuss with the company executives the current practices of doing business in Germany.

    • 16th Oct 2015


    “Woxsen School of Business, within a very short span, has become a member of the AMBA DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (ADN). Membership of the ADN demonstrates Woxsen’s commitment to quality in postgraduate management education.

    AMBA, The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education and was established in 1967 and provides accreditation to management schools worldwide. At the core of the accreditation scheme of AMBA is full recognition of the autonomy of individual degree awarding institutions to offer MBA programmes and of the need for individuals and employers to have an internationally recognized accreditation process based on external and peer review of MBA provision.

    Accreditation assesses the current standards of postgraduate management education offered at an institution while promoting a developmental philosophy and a commitment to continual improvement. Institutions gaining accreditation are expected to maintain and demonstrate this commitment to regular improvement within their own programmes over the duration of each accreditation period.”

    • 16th July 2015

    Open Programmes

    • 10th July 2015


    The Center for Executive Education and Consulting (CEEC) delivered open programmes one each at Mumbai and Delhi on July 9th and 15th respectively. Award winning global faculties for these two programmes were Dr John Branch from University of Michigan and Dr Anthony Bendell LSE Alumnus and International management expert. Senior management professionals from leading companies like Bajaj Finance, DSP Blackrock, Piramal, Acer and Metlife enthusiastically participated in the programme making it a grand success.

    • 10th July 2015

    Graduation Ceremony

    Woxsen conducted the Graduation Ceremony for the PGPED Class 2015 on 10th July at Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad. Dr Nagadevara, Dean presented the annual academic report and Mr. Veen Pula, Founder & Chairman informed the audience of the future plans of Woxsen. Students were awarded their degree certificates by Dr M R Rao, Provost.

    It was a proud moment for not only the students but also Woxsen. Let us all wish the graduating students the very best as they embark on this new phase in their careers.

    • 4th July 2015

    Orientation Night

    The evening of 4th July 2015 was one of great fun & festivities. It was a grand celebration marking the end of the orientation week for the new batch of students at Woxsen. All students gathered with great excitement and participated enthusiastically in the Woxsen Talent Hunt.

    A performance by our in-house band, a fashion show, some singing & dancing and a skit were some of the events of the evening. This was truly a night to remember.

    • 22nd May 2015

    Woxsen at D&B Corporate Awards

    On the evening of 13th May 2015, Woxsen School of Business in association with D&B raised a toast to congratulate India’s Top 500 companies and honor the top performers with D&B Corporate awards.

    The event witnessed insightful presentations of ideas and economic insights by eminent personalities like Mr. Yashwant Sinha (former Finance Minister), Mr. Manish Prakash (President – Airtel Business) and Mr. Bibek Debroy (Permanent Member - NITI Ayog).

    • 30th Mar 2015

    Placements - Woxsen School of Business

    Uday Chodisetty, a student of the PGPED Class of 2015 at the Woxsen School of Business has been placed as Head (New Initiatives & Business Development) in LAMCO Industries at a CTC of Rs 15 L per annum. Uday has an M.Tech in Nano Technology and will graduate from Woxsen in Jul 2015. He previously worked for close to 06 years at TCS.

    LAMCO Industries, based in Hyderabad, is India’s leading manufacturer of lightning arresters and instrument transformers and enjoys a 60% market share in India. LAMCO is planning a major expansion drive to increase its market-share to coincide with the anticipated growth in the Indian power sector. Uday, in his new role, will steer this expansion drive and be responsible for adding new products to LAMCO’s existing portfolio and also open new markets for its products. Woxsen wishes Uday Chodisetty the very best and all success in his new role!

    • 12th Mar 2015

    Venkat Delhi Satish, an intelligent and confident young man unleashes the Entrepreneur within him at the Woxsen Trade Tower.

    Take 1 – Early 2014 - Hyderabad : Franklin Templeton, Gachibowli – A Senior Program Analyst (after a 3 year stint in accenture) works his way through the corporate world, trying to climb up the ladder, looking for some zing in his profile.

    Take 2 – March 2015 – Hyderabad : Woxsen School of Business – A roller-coaster ride that began in August 2014 for the challenge-hungry analyst comes to a steady path.

    Venkat Delhi Satish, an intelligent and confident young man unleashes the Entrepreneur within him at the Woxsen Trade Tower. A boy from a typical middle-class background with a level-headed approach to situations in life and a risk-appetite to match that of business stalwarts, Delhi (as we fondly call Satish) started off his voyage into exploring Organic Baby Food within the green environs of Woxsen School of Business. His hard-work, focus and attention to detail, throughout the last 8 months, has culminated in his maiden venture “Yo-Pac”. Delhi has successfully raised an angel investment of Rs. 1 Crore for his start-up through the Woxsen Entrepreneur Fund.

    An idea that germinated at the Trade Tower is today, all set to touch the skies. Amidst the course assignments at 2am and presentations at 9am, Delhi squeezed out the time from his MBA at Woxsen to nurture what he is convinced should be the food for the bright minds of the future. Organic Baby Food, an unexplored segment in India, has the potential to change the way we approach nutrition for the very young.

    It all started with his parents’ decision to get him hitched by 2015. Delhi, who is poised to enter a new life as a devoted husband, with characteristic foresight wanted to lay the right foundation for his heir(s)!

    Here’s wishing him all the luck and success as he embarks on the twin-journey towards a blissful marital life and a successful entrepreneurial career.

    Woxsen School of Business
    A proud parent

    • 10th Mar 2015

    Woxsen’s own is graced by the presence of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

    Mr. Amarjit Singh, member of Woxsen School of Business’ Business Advisory Council and Head of India Business Group, was invited to a prestigious reception hosted in the ceremonial rooms at Buckingham Palace to mark the 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of Magna Carta on 23 February 2015. The Royal Family members present at the special event included the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal (Princess Anne), the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent and Prince Michael of Kent.

    Originally issued by King John of England as a practical solution to bring about peace in 1215, the Magna Carta is recognised as one of the most famous documents in the world.

    During the reception, Mr. Singh was introduced to both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. He had an opportunity to speak with the Queen about the Magna Carta’s values in the modern world, as well as his wider international work surrounding the development of trade, investment and cultural relations with India.

    Amarjit also participated in wider commemorative celebrations including a unique one off Global Law Summit held in London between 23 to 25 February 2015. The summit brought together political, industry, legal and academic figures to discuss, debate and develop expertise and relationships across markets and jurisdictions.

    • 28th Nov 2014

    Woxsen and Mannheim Business School Sign Partnership Agreement for PGPXP Global Immersion Program

    After NTU Singapore, the Woxsen school of Business, Hyderabad has now concluded a second partnership agreement with Mannheim Business School, Mannheim, Germany for the 'Global Immersion Program’ set to commence with Woxsen’s PGPXP class of 2015. Mannheim is ranked at #66 in the FT rankings (http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/global-mba-ranking-2014). Under the agreement, Woxsen’s students would travel to Mannheim, Germany for a week-long Global Immersion Program. Mannheim is located in the southwestern part of Germany, the third-largest city in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg after Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. This city is home to Daimler, John Deere, Caterpillar, ABB, IBM, Roche, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Siemens etc. During the immersion, the students would engage with MBS Professors, visit corporate houses, sample the local culture and interact with influential business leaders to better understand the reasons for Germany’s legendary productivity. 
Over a power-packed week, PGPXP executives would undergo specific modules like – ‘Doing business in Germany’, ‘Innovation management in Germany’, ‘Cross cultural management’ with industry visits to Bosch, Freudenberg, BASF and/or SAP etc.

    • 13th Nov 2014

    Woxsen and Nanyang Sign Partnership Agreement for PGPXP Global Immersion Program

    The Woxsen school of Business, Hyderabad has signed a partnership agreement with Nanyang Business School, Singapore for the ‘Global Immersion Program’ set to commence with Woxsen’s PGPXP class of 2015. Nanyang is an FT top-50 ranked business school (http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/global-mba-ranking-2014) imparting management training to undergraduates, graduates and executives.

    Under the agreement, Woxsen’s students would travel to Nanyang Business School, Singapore for a week-long Global Immersion Program. During the immersion, the students would engage with Nanyang Professors, visit corporate houses, sample the local culture and interact with influential business leaders to better understand the globally prevalent best management practices.

    Singapore’s history evokes an important question - “What enabled the island nation to so rapidly become the Asian hub for innovation, technology, finance and entrepreneurship?”. Our PGPXP students would be expected, during the immersion, to answer this question for themselves and imbibe the learning.

    • 4th Sep 2014


    Prof Steven Rogers (Harvard Business School) teaches Executive Education programme at Woxsen.

    • 20th Aug 2014

    Woxsen in ACTION

    • 4th Aug 2014

    The WOXSEN Founding Batch

    - off to a flying start to be a part of this path-breaking initiative.

    As the founding class, this batch will have these bragging rights for the rest of their lives.

    We wish them a year full of memorable experiences, learnings and exploration.

    • 1st Aug 2014

    WOXSEN is India’s Most Promising Brand 2013-2014

    • 21st Jul 2014

    Global Indian Excellence Summit 2014

    World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) hosted the Global Indian Excellence Summit 2014 in London on July 21. At a glittering evening ceremony at London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, attended by the captains of Indian industry and every who’s who of UK’s Indian community, India’s Most Promising Brands 2014, a listing brand publication, was launched.

    The Chairman of Woxsen School of Business Mr Praveen Pula was the proud recipient of the E&Y validated Emerging Business Leaders in Education Award. Woxsen School of Business also won the India’s Most Promising Brand award.

    Earlier in the morning, Lord Swaraj Paul of Marylebone opened the summit with an emotive keynote address where he stressed on the need to strive for excellence and on the special relationship between India and UK.

    Speaking at the launch of the brand publication, Abhimanyu Ghosh, chairman of WCRC, said, ‘The vision of WCRC is not just to push brands to do better so that they retain their leadership position but also to showcase the success of Brand India on a global scale. WCRC wants to do the same for Indian and Asian brands’. Lord Paul received the Inspirational Icon of the Decade Award at the programme. Priti Patel, MP for Witham and Disapora Champion in the UK Government , received the Global Indian Icon of the Year Award.

    • 30th Jul 2014

    Dr Vishnuprasad Nagadevara joins Woxsen School of Business as its Dean

    Dr Ramaseshan Narasimhan with his strategic vision, was instrumental in paving the way ahead for WOXSEN since its inception as its Founding Dean. It is no exaggeration to say that under his able leadership WOXSEN was able to build a 'for-entrepreneurship' ecosystem. An able administrator and a well-read academic, his far-reaching insights on academics and direction in shaping the school’s strategy were always path breaking.

    Having helped establish WOXSEN in the hearts and minds of aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr Narasimhan now desires to move back to being a Professor. Dr Narasimhan would soon be passing the baton of the Dean to Dr Vishnuprasad Nagadevara to build on the foundation that has been laid.

    Dr Vishnuprasad Nagadevara is currently a faculty member in Quantitative Methods & Information Systems at IIM Bangalore, where he has been teaching since 1976. Dr Nagadevara obtained his Doctorate from Iowa State University, USA, in Economics and Operations Research. He also worked at the Iowa State University before moving to IIM, Bangalore. His current interests are Data Mining techniques and applications; application of Operations Research Techniques, Project Management, Project Evaluation and Information Technology Applications. Dr Nagadevara has carried out many research and consultancy projects for various organizations such as UNDP, NABARD, Government of India, Central Silk Board, Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Housing Board, NCDC, WIPRO, PSC, POWERGRID, ETA (UAE), Wise Scope Technologies (UAE) etc.

    In 2011, Dr Nagadevara was honoured by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Dr Nagadevara received the PMI Distinguished Scholar Award for his noteworthy contribution to project management education training, research and consultancy.

    Dr Nagadevera would take charge of the position of Dean with effect from 1st October 2014

    • 18th Jun 2014

    Winners of the WOXSEN-INDIAFRICA 2014 Business Venture Prize announced at Accra, Ghana.

    The finals of the third edition of INDIAFRICA Business Venture Competition took place at Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration, Accra on June 10. 'INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future' is a unique people-to-people contact programme that invites creative exchange between young Africans and Indians. It has been conceptualized by IdeaWorks Design & Strategy Pvt. Ltd, a Delhi based firm supported by the Ministry of External Affairs.

    Amit Shahi, CEO of IdeaWorks Design & Strategy said that the competition had grown with each successive edition, both in terms of numbers and caliber of submissions. They received over 1,800 registrations this year from 42 African countries and India, out of whom 324 were finally selected for the three-stage jury process.

    The eight teams in the finals included three teams from India, two from Nigeria and one each from Ghana, Zambia and Senegal. One team each from Africa and India was to be announced winner of the WOXSEN INDIAFRICA Grand Prize that included Rs 7,50,000 in cash and trips to Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2015 and to the UK to attend the Skoll World Forum.

    The winning team from India was led by Prabhat Kumar from Ashoka University, Delhi. Their business venture focuses on providing timely, effective and appropriate diagnostic tests. They aim to establish MicroX Labs, which will develop a very low cost, energy efficient, easy to use, fully automatic and portable blood test analyzer for the 14-parameter CBC Test, which is one of the most common diagnostic tests in the world, and can detect and indicate more than 25 types of diseases.

    From Africa, Obanor Chukwuwezam of University of Lagos, Nigeria and his team were adjudged winners. Their business model includes setting up of an e-learning platform, Prepclass.com.ng, which uses the latest web technologies to ensure that relevant local content such as past questions, past tests, class notes; interactive audio and 2D/3D videos are available to users on demand via their digital devices.

    Prizes were given away at an Awards Ceremony by Hon'ble Mahama Ayariga, Ghana's Minister for Information and Media Relations, H. E. K Jeeva Sagar, India's High Commissioner to Ghana and Cmdr. (Retd) Shrikumar Sangiah, CEO WOXSEN School of Business.

    • 28th May 2014

    Woxsen at D&B Corporate Awards

    On the evening of 28th May 2014, Woxsen School of Business in association with D&B raised a toast to congratulate India’s Top 500 companies and honor the top performers with D&B Corporate awards.

    The event witnessed insightful presentations of ideas and economic insights by eminent personalities like Dr. Arun Shourie (former World Bank economist and journalist), Mr. Kaushal Sampat (CEO - D&B), Mr. V.P. Nandkumar (MD & CEO – Manappuram Finance), Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Executive V.P – Canon India) and Dr. M.R. Rao (Provost – Woxsen School of Business).

    Dr. M.R. Rao, Provo