In the face of today’s complex, challenging & competitive environment, it is imperative for any university to keep up with the transitions of this fast-pacing world. With an intention of putting Woxsen on a global map, Internationalization has been introduced. Woxsen currently has 8 International Memberships, 92+ Partner Universities, 90+ Adjunct Professors originating from some of the world’s top varsities and 20+ Clinical & Professors of Practice among others.

To complement the international exposure of all stakeholders, monthly sessions are organised on various areas of interests with leading academicians and top executives on campus. These activities ensure that our curriculum has global standards, facilitate global outreach, knowledge acquisition, development of internationally relevant curricular framework and institutional mobility, to achieve a 360 degree internationalization in its true sense.

1. Accreditation & Memberships

Woxsen University’s Accreditations & Memberships validates that our curriculum meets the educational quality standards set for universities. Some of the esteemed organisations that woxsen is a member of includes AACSB (US), AMBA (UK), EFMD (US) among others. Read More

2. Internationalization Strategy

Internationalization strategy seeks to develop a proactive and shared approach to internationalization and enriches the quality of educational opportunities of students and faculty, on a global level.

3. Global Partner Universities

Woxsen has always emphasized on internationalization of education and currently counts 92+ partner universities across our 6 constituent schools. Read More

4. International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is established under School of Business. It consists of Heads of Departments & Alumni of Leading Universities with Global FT Ranking and Triple Crown, Representatives of International Accreditation Bodies and Woxsen University Alumni. International Advisory Board has been tasked with making concrete suggestions on advancing the international recognition of the school and help develop the quality of its educational output on international standards.

They will play a pivotal role in providing practical guidance, critical analysis and assistance in relation to the organization’s industrial approach & help ensure Woxsen’s graduates are prepared for the real-world of business. The body will convene bi-annually to assess the progress of School of Business. Besides its active involvement in building a stronger international dimension in curriculum, research and teaching methodology, the board will promote student success, learning and development on a global level. Read More

5. International Faculty

Woxsen has a mix of faculty from around the globe who are Academicians, Industry Experts and Heads of leading organisations. They consist of the following:

  • Adjunct Professors

  • Professors of Practice/ Clinical Professors of Practice

  • Distinguished Professors

  • Emeritus Professors

  • Executive Fellows


6. Fellowships/ Chair Professorships

Chair Professorship is one of the highest honours awarded in the academic domain at Woxsen, reserved for the faculty who have demonstrated a sustained high level of scholarly accomplishment in their respective field of study. The title is a recognition of their contributions towards research, teaching and advancement of the University. These will serve as tribute to the international personalities they are named after, and will demonstrably enrich the quality of educational opportunities of students and faculty associated with the chair, on a global level.

Responsibilities of the Chair Professorships include:

  • Maintaining an extraordinary level of productivity in publicized research and executing a high impact research agenda
  • Fostering collaborations for multi-investor programs and multi-disciplinary laboratories
  • Developing innovative educational programs and curricula
  • To teach at an exemplary level of effectiveness to graduate students and undergraduates
  • To be leaders in their field, build significant programs, mentor junior faculty, and provide strategic leadership to their department and college

  • List of Chair Professorships


7. Events

A series of activities are conducted on a monthly basis to ensure internationalization of the University such as, Woxsen International Lecture Series, The Business Talk, Woxsen Global Forum, International Month among others. Read More

Woxsen International Lecture Series

Woxsen offers its students an opportunity to learn and grow with new perspectives on global issues through its International Lecture Series, where Academicians and C-Level Executives from various domains, deliver a 60-90 minute session to our UG & PG students.

The Business Talk

The Business Talk is a dedicated 2 hour lecture for School of Business students where Renowned Industry Leaders, Heads & CEOs of major corporations in the world deliver a lecture on the topic of their specialization.

Woxsen Global Forums

Woxsen Global Forum is a talk show which has been conceptualized to tackle complex issues impacting professionals and organizations around the world. It is an interactive chat with Persons of Eminence.

International Month

International Month is a series of conferences and seminars that takes place from March-April where the Representatives from Global Partner Universities & International Guests come together. This is aligned more towards meeting international education standards and understand industry requirement & practices from fresh graduates.

House of Diplomats

The House of Diplomats is a talk show series. This has been introduced to create awareness about country representation, bringing the communities together, understanding the geo-political and economic implications, pressing issues as well as focusing on the applications of UN SDGs in Academia and Industry.

International Conferences & Summits

Global Impact Summit 2022 organised by Woxsen University was held between 10th-14th April where leading academicians, researchers, higher education leaders from all corners of the world came together. This forum is a first-of-its-kind initiative in India to identify, catalyse and solve for convergence and impact, and establish the pertinent actions we all can take, to create sustainable change and transformation.

8. Testimonials & Videos

Read More

9. Gustavson School of Business - Woxsen University Partnership

Woxsen University announces the launch of Brand Trust Index assessment initiative in partnership with Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada termed the Gustavson School of Business - Woxsen University Partnership. Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) assess the Brand Trust of major corporations including Facebook, Amazon, Apple & Microsoft.

The ranking will measure the following parameters: 

1) OverallBrand Trust – Consumer perceptions of whether the brand is trustworthy and acts with integrity

2) Brand Authenticity (Values-based trust) – Consumer perceptions on the brand’s social responsibility

3) Brand Ability (Functional trust) – Consumer perceptions on how well the brand performs its core functions

4) Brand Affinity (Relationship trust) – Consumer perceptions on how the brand interacts with its consumers

5) Advocacy (Word of mouth) – The extent to which consumers recommend the brand to others

In the earlier index, GSB surveyed 9,189 Canadian adult consumers aged 18+, 402 national brands in 33 categories, via online questionnaire where each respondent rated 20 brands that were randomly generated. Measures are based on net scores of the differences between the proportion of respondents who trust and those who distrust individual brands. The index is scored from a theoretical -100 to +100 points, where a score of -100 would mean total distrust (indicating that no respondents trust the brand at all) and +100 total trust (i.e. no respondents distrust the brand). In this case, the market measurement will be the Indian subcontinent.

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