Student Wellness

Living on campus brings in a lot of changes in a student’s life. Even after years of graduating, most individuals still fondly remember their university days and often describe them as their golden days.

Have you ever thought about what makes university life so special? For some, it's the taste of independence, while others value campus life and culture, co-curricular activities, sports, friendships, relationships, and the ability to make key decisions. In a student's life, university can be a source of both enjoyment and stress. Relationships, academic work, professional concerns, and personal issues all lead to a lot of stress.

To find a balance and help students cope with the challenges, Woxsen University has introduced a Student Wellness Cell on campus. The cell provides individual & group counselling sessions, workshops and group discussions to help students with their academic, interpersonal and emotional needs. The student wellness cell is devoted to work towards holistic development and raise the wellness quotient along the journey.

Our counsellor, Ms Shahnaz Rahman is a registered Rehabilitation Psychologist with RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) and is a practising counsellor for the last 3.5 years.

Care & Cure - Medical Facility

Numerous research has demonstrated that health and academics are inextricably linked. Woxsen University ensures students' emotional and physical well-being, living on campus gives you access to everything you could possibly need, including health care services.

Care & Cure - the medical facility is easily accessible for all students, faculty, and staff. We believe in providing the best of medical facilities on campus, with a general physician, nurse, and support staff available at all times.

The medical facility is fully equipped with doctor chambers, patient emergency rooms with ICU beds, and a dispensary for OTC medicines. In case of an emergency, an ambulance is also available on campus.

In compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations. Physical distancing of at least 3-feet, face-covering with a mask, and sanitization standards are all followed at the hospital.