The business landscape is changing more swiftly than what we had ever imagined, particularly post pandemic. We have clearly seen many businesses deliver exponential growth across their multiple categories and, there are quite a few on the other hand who have almost reached the brink of extinction. The best leaders are the ones who are agile enough to imbibe new learnings & keep growing.

The Centre for Executive Education and Consulting (CEEC) provides results-oriented executive education programs, curated exclusively for experienced professionals to bridge their skill gap, in order to create a bigger impact in their organisation. Woxsen is dedicated to delivering innovative and immersive MDPs that have a long-term & tangible influence on people performance, while building an organisation for future success. We closely work with the Learning & Development cell of the corporates to identify the skill gaps using various diagnostic tools; as they conduct Development Centres and Assessment Centres for their high-potential talent pool for building a robust talent pipeline.

CEEC curates programs for the specific needs of the specific target segment, ranging from mid-level, managers to senior business leaders / BU Heads. The programs provide multiple opportunities to immerse you in cutting-edge thinking from world-renowned academicians and professionals aimed at building high-performance teams, deliver enhanced productivity & sustained business growth.


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Woxsen is conceived to be a world leader in executive development. This vision is guided by leading academicians and industry experts.

LEARNER-CENTRED APPROACH: CEEC programs link theory and practise with prior on-the-job or life circumstances, allowing participants to learn more effectively in the workplace. This allows participants to build on their own experience and at the same time experience new ideas and concepts which will drive their performance and guide their behaviour in the future.

BLENDED EXPERTISE: CEEC faculty comprises both national and international experts allowing it to create programs which blend local and global contexts seamlessly. CEEC educators not only possess strong academic credentials but also extensive real-world experience and a long list of satisfied corporate clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. In addition to learning solutions, companies can avail our consulting services to address problems and recognize opportunities in management and leadership.


Functional Competencies

Leadership Skills

Behaviourial Competencies

Custom Programs

Organizations acknowledge the importance of proactive, disciplined succession planning for present and future performance. Succession planning provides a much-needed resolution, reducing organisational risk and ensuring that the appropriate internal individuals are promoted to the appropriate roles as they become vacant. Woxsen's CEEC programs help in bettering this planning and are integrated with the company's L&D department, which employs tools like the Assignment Center, Development Center, 70-20-10 principle, and 360-degree Feedback to identify the company's need gaps.

The CEEC team at Woxsen University collaborates closely with partnering organisations to build and implement a custom program to meet their strategic needs or strengthen organisational talent. The program will be curated based on the need gap identified by the organisation and communicated to our team. Our thorough approach guarantees that we fully comprehend the partner’s specific requirements and provide learning solutions that will add value to the relationship as a whole. Here are some of the advantages of our CEEC custom programs:

  • Develop and nurture your internal talent
  • Nurture current talent to optimize your hiring process
  • Understand employee abilities and develop future leaders
  • Increased revenue

We've established a mindset and methodology that's laser-focused on assisting organisations and executives in improving their performance. Your customized program will include the perfect mix of academic theory, hands-on experience, and practical application. The duration of these programs can be anywhere between 1 Day to 2 Weeks. The place of delivery of these custom programs is open to the organisation:

  • On Woxsen Campus
  • At the Partner Organization

Methodology & Process Flow

Faculty Engagements


• World class faculty
• Beyond classroom learning
• Workplace follow through
• Customized design & delivery
Project Planning
  • Stage 1: Obtaining the project brief from the organization/L&D Head
  • Stage 2: Project brief by the Woxsen academic team
  • Stage 3: Propose a program's draft document
  • Stage 4: Evaluate the program's deliverables and commercials.
Program Design
  • Stage 1: Prepare a program outline based on the brief.
  • Stage 2: Faculty selection and development of the learning outcomes & module outline
  • Stage 3: Incorporate inputs from the corporate & prepare detailed program design
  • Stage 4: Final faculty will prepare the program content
Program Delivery
  • Stage 1: Participants will be given a pre-work assignment (1 week in advance)
  • Stage 2: Reviewing the readiness of pedagogical tools & facilities
  • Stage 3: Module delivery will be done covering concepts, group assignments, active case studies, and simulations
  • Stage 4: Feedback discussion and plan actions for next 1-3 months
(Success metrics)
  • Stage 1: Follow-up on the action plan and the project assessment
  • Stage 2: Follow-up with participants (Post first month of the program to check if they are applying the tools they learned to action)
  • Stage 3: Follow-up with participants (Post second months of the program offering a virtual meeting with faculty for a Q&A session)
  • Stage 4: Webinar on reflection and learnings for participants (Post third month of program)

Participating Companies