Design & Technology - Labs, Studios & Workshops

Woxsen University provides a creative environment and expert support for students to develop, experiment, and collaborate on projects. University offers access to cutting-edge research facilities which is accessible to the School of Design, Technology, and Architecture.

Our undergraduate labs and workshops are fully equipped with advanced technology that meets industry standards promoting applied learning. These labs are curriculum-aligned, helping in differentiated learning so that students acquire the necessary skills to foster innovation. We have an open lab culture that encourages students to explore, create, and transcend, making learning more interactive and experimental.

List of Undergraduate Labs that we’ve at WOU:


The MAC Lab is for students interested in creating digital work for photography, graphic design, product design, interior design, web design, animation, and video. This spacious workspace contains 30 iMacs/ IOS operating system desktops, a projector, stereo speakers, a Wacom tablet, and more.

Windows Lab

Students can access the Dell Lab on campus to create digital work in the field of photography, graphic design, product design, interior design, web design, animation, and video. This spacious workspace contains 30 Dell/ Windows operating system desktops, a projector, stereo speakers, a Wacom tablet, and more.

Sewing Workshop

Our fashion design programs inspire you to think creatively and critically. At Woxsen University's sewing workshop, combine traditional skills and approaches with contemporary digital technologies. Put your creative ideas into practice using the latest tools and equipment.

Fashion Design Lab

The fashion design lab is an integral part of the fashion design department at the school of arts and design, Woxsen university. The fashion design lab is all about research, innovation, visualization, exploration, experimentation, developing & testing prototypes, and lastly, a space to create and enhance ideas using knowledge of pattern making, draping skills while working with various textile materials. The lab is fully equipped with women's body dress forms of sizes 8 & 10 to better understand body shape and dimensions. In addition, there are four industrial iron machines, pattern drafting tables, and a mannequin for displaying garments.

3D Fabrication Workshop

The 3D Fabrication Workshop at the campus offers advanced fabrication and 3D printing technology. Students can execute their projects on CNC milling, laser cutting, or 3D printing equipment under professionals with extensive experience.

3D Studio

The 3D Studio at Woxsen offers the latest technologies and equipment 3D printers die cutters, engraving machines, and other hands-on tools. Students can take inspiration from a range of 3D printed models available at this studio.

Clay Workshop

Clay workshop at the campus is a fun & creative space for students of all specializations. Interior design students have created castles, Product design students have created futuristic cricket pads, Communication design students have created characters, Fashion students have created props etc. The workshop is equipped with pottery wheels and all tools required.

Drawing Studios

Drawing studio is a spacious classroom-like studio design for students for sketching purposes. The studio is equipped with a projector facility, air condition, and comfortable seating for making small to A0 size sketches.

Centralised Mechanical Workshop/ Metal Workshop

Woxsen's Metal Workshop is for the design students to learn and research about metal materials and joining technologies. Fabrication, casting and mould making, machining, etching and patination, enamelling, soldering, raising, and forming are all available in the Metals facility, which also has an outdoor forging, welding patio and work area.

Carpentry Workshop

Carpentry is a skilled trade and a craft that entails the cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials during the construction of structures. Woxsen’s Carpentry Workshop holds 100+ tools like Chisel set, Mallet Hammer, Jigsaw, Hand Saw, and more.

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering physics lab caters to experiments in all domains of physics directly relevant to mechanical, electronics, and computer science engineering. The lab is equipped with a wide range of equipment, including Laser Diode, Texla Vernier Microscope, Optical Fibers, Constant Current Power Supplies and more.

Applied Chemistry Lab

With the applied chemistry lab, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the theory, tools, and application of modern chemical and biological procedures. The Chemistry Lab is well equipped with the latest instruments such as a digital pH meter, polarimeter, distilled water plant, magnetic stirrer, electric oven, muffle furnace, lass ware, chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds.

Electricals Lab

All engineering students have access to the basic electrical lab to understand the fundamental concepts of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. In this lab, students conduct experiments relating to theory subjects such as the Superposition Theorem, Norton’s Theorem, Thevenin's Theorem, Open Circuit and Short Circuit Tests of Single-phase Transformers, etc.