When we enter the digital doors of Woxsen University, we can see the mission of it in conspicuous letters which read out as

“To innovate & transform the conventional educational processes through application of knowledge, research and industry feedback to further scale up community benefit”

The lines speak the purpose of the existence of the University. It is a place of not theoretical knowledge but the practicality of the same. It not only focuses on method but also the methodology. As proposed by Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive but one that is more responsive to the needs of the environment around it. In deeper senses, he proposed us to be more practical. With its research and industry feedback, Woxsen is in the same path to acuminate its students as the most responsive beings.

In this process, it has introduced the course MBA (Financial Services), a blend of Technology and Finance which is the need of the hour. By observing and acting as per the needs posed by the surrounding environment, we actually are striving towards the mutual benefit of all. Again this is what that has been chosen the university. It is inevitable to remember the adage of Abraham Lincoln

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. One must know the work that has to be focused to reach the goal. In alignment of this, Woxsen has introduced a Finance Bloomberg terminal, a tool for Finance world and a weapon, if used with dexterity can make s student winner in the world of money.

Finance Lab : Woxsen University, on its cavalcade to become one of the top ranking universities, boasts with a rich and sophisticated Bloomberg lab exclusively for Finance aspirants with 20 terminals. In the environment of Finance, Bloomberg lab has a high pre-eminence. In India, there are barely any universities that enjoys this lab. Bloomberg lab equips the students and provides gateway to streaming Finance news across the globe. The distinguishable basic facts of this widely used terminal across shores are –

1) It is a system of software and hardware with its outline almost similar to the normal PC. However, the construct and skeleton of the keyboard is somewhat different. The keys are painted in different colors that represent different codes. Red keys are for functions related to stop, yellow keys representing different sectors of market ranging from aspects related to legal environment, government bonds, equities, currencies, indices, ADRs, options, warrants, rights,

2) As per the sources, it charges a subscription fees of $ 20,000 to $ 24,000 annually providing the data related to companies, news, investments, M&A details, details of selling side, buying side, Quantitative analysis etc. and the list is exhaustive

3) It is tailored and customized to incorporate tools and charting aids suitable for each separate asset classes such as tailored applications on the desktop, market notifications.

4) It provides research from 1500 sources that aid all the facets of the people working with Finance. It also connects the members and subscribers of it to more than 3,20,000 decision makers that sit in every direction of the globe

5) Unique resplendent feature of this terminal is its disaster recovery which gives the ability to the user to access quickly and pursue operations irrespective of their location

This enables the students to apprehend the behaviour of Finance across seas. In this era of oozing dynamism in Finance, students need to be dab-hand at using this terminal which refines the future of financial advisors and other aspirants in the immediate vicinities of the discipline like portfolio managers, risk management, treasury, analysts etc. Through course reconciliation and selective workshops, this lab will significantly change the instructive experience for our Finance thirsty students. This whole setup is supported by our application-aligned faculty who extend their complete aid to further refinement and establishing nexus between the concepts and as well as their pragmatic enforcement.

The typical utilization of the Bloomberg terminal is to relish the world news related to all markets that directly or indirectly influence the movements of money can be appreciated in real time. Here as well, there is a perpetual exhibit of n-number of outcomes and at the end of the day, it becomes the choice and preference.

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