• 27th February   2021

    Top 4 Emerging Technologies!

    As the world is progressing towards post covid situations, the rise and the need of emerging technologies have gained much more attention than ever. Several industries and organisations are focusing towards developing latest software’s and interfaces which has resulted in a rising demand of people with skills and ability to work on latest emerging technologies.

    Today we put an emphasis on 4 mostly searched and needed emerging technology.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI technology has been a highlight of the past decade. From quantum computing and vaccine development to driverless cars, AI models played a very significant role. The AI business tools could forecast the shifts in industry and can help to make proactive changes to business and marketing strategies. Even the record speed of corona vaccine development was partly due to the AI models that helped the researchers analyse huge amount of data. The use of conversational supports using chatbots and virtual assistants, sentiment and text analysis with natural language processing have become more significant in the past year. The technology would continue to gain traction in 2021 as organisations shifting towards predictive capabilities and seamless supports. With the AI powered solutions getting more powerful, user experiences are getting better, building value for businesses.

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    Edge Computing

    The global edge computing market size is anticipated to reach USD 43.4 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 37.4% over the forecast period, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. As opposed to cloud computing, where the data is transmitted over to centralized locations for storage and computations, in edge computing the data storage and processing takes place closer to the data source and only results are transmitted to the cloud. This brings down the transmission bandwidth requirements and latency issues in networks, enabling the applications to respond faster. The AI-enabled new edge computing modules are already having huge popularity in applications ranging from self-driving cars and drones to robots which requires instant computing. According to the study conducted by Market Research Future (MRFR), by 2024 the market size of the Edge computing technology would reach by USD 22.4 billion. With the connected cities, vehicles and autonomous systems driving the market, the Edge computing would be ever so demanding in 2021.

    Cyber Security

    With the impact of digitalisation getting more prevalent in our life, cybersecurity has arisen as a biggest challenge. The number of virtual threats, phishing attempts, malware attacks has reached record heights in the past year. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks, the technology needs to be constantly evolved to enhance the security. With the governments and companies spending billions on cyber defence, the technology would remain one of the trendiest.

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    Blockchain technology is gaining attention and is one of the most upcoming technologies. This technology emerged in the year 2008 as a whitepaper for bitcoin, since then several industries have been researching to develop applications using this medium. Blockchain has become an industry in its own right, even at this relatively early stage of its development. Promising blockchain start-up companies regularly accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in their initial offerings, with particularly successful ones such as EOS raking in multiple billions. It has led to a much secured and transparent system enabling it to be more trustworthy. The market is expected to exhibit significant growth owing to abundant benefits provided by this technology, such as eliminating need for any financial institution to authenticate transactions, eliminating reconciliation, reducing duplicative recordkeeping, facilitating faster settlement, and minimizing error rates. This technology allows access to databases from everywhere, thereby allowing multiple institutions to use it simultaneously to bring different systems nearer and help improve efficiency.

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    Authored By:

    Dr. P. Swami Sairam

    Assistant Professor

    Woxsen University

    • 24th February   2021

    Success in Financial Services!

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    Finance is a discipline that is dynamic. Ranging from domestic to Corporate acquisitions, finance is present in one or more forms. It is pervasive. The scale might change as per the level of applying the financial knowledge, but the principles are same. Services in Finance include Banking, Insurance, Investment Banking, Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Managers, Investment Advisors, Swap Bankers, Financial Institutions, Chit Funds and this chain leads to an abyss.

    Key Qualities needed for success in Financial Services:

    • 1. Being Aware: Finance, being a dynamic domain, changes its form very frequently. So, one must be very much persistent in equipping themselves regularly with the information and the news for taking rational and accurate decisions in advising the clients or handling the funds. The nature of the some news can put us in an inveterate disadvantageous position if we know it late by a very small margin of time.

    • 2. Global Outlook: Money is everywhere on the globe and through globalization world has become a global village opening the gates. Therefore, one must have a global outlook when dealing with a discipline like Finance. Having knowledge regarding the international interest reference rates like LIBOR which is being replaced with SOFR soon, Global indices across the oceans, Securities laws etc. is inevitable.

    • 3. Knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT): To deal and counter the everchanging financial environment, we need to be well-versed with the Information and Communication Technology. Amid this cutthroat competition, optimum decisions only can save us for which this knowledge of ICT is inescapable. To say it analogically, ICT knowledge is as necessary for success in Finance as much as food needs salt. It is an arsenal for fighting this continuous strategy that are not limited to one boarder and can affect every other part of the world.

    • 4. Knowledge of Statutes regarding Finance: Finance is wholly related to accountability for, custodianship of money of others. One must be well aware of the laws of land related to Finance to know what our limits are up to, as a citizen of the land. When we are stretching across the oceans, we need to take another big step of pocketing the knowledge of statutes of those lands, Treaties between the countries and trade agreements.

    • 5. Transparency and Loyalty: A person should be Transparent to maintain trust with customers and colleagues. Lack of transparency will lead to loss in customer trust and loyalty and leads to long-term loss of customers and impact on Business.

    • 6. Communication skills: An industry which deals with huge data communication is key. A person should have great writing skills so that they can write down financial report. Through communication they can give advice to clients in a simple way so that client will easily understand.

    • 7. Develop the right relationship with right people: Develop Relationship with industry people and learn from them. If we interact with industry people, they will share their experience and guide us to Develop our career.

    • 8. Be patient, and don’t quit: Developing new skills take time we can’t learn everything overnight. We have to work hard, asking questions and sharpen skills. But no matters what happen we have to look forward and be patient.

    • 9. Believe in yourself: Not only to succeed in finance but to succeed in life we have to believe in yourself. Do not wreck yourself with doubts and negative thoughts. Trust yourself that you can achieve everything you want, and you can face any challenge.

    Authored By:

    Ritu Parna Bagchi (MBA 2020-22)

    BH VSN Manoj Kumar (MBA 2020-22)

    Pisapati Sri Venkata Sumanth (MBA 2020-22)

    • 11th February   2021

    Fundamental Tips To Ensure Long-Term Continued Motivation in MBA Grads

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    Master’s in Business Administration/ Post-graduate diploma in Management or for that matter, any masters courses are usually a two-year program wherein, the students are expected to transform into industry professionals in due course of time. The demands of the course placed on students require them to perform consistently, while maintaining grades, preparing for the job markets and completing the course requisites. In such instances, staying motivated to perform well may turn out as a challenge to numerous students.

    In this article, I discuss a few aspects to practice to stay focused and consistent to perform to the best of the capability of the student.

    • Mindfulness – understood as being present in the moment, acceptance of the present, living the moment without judgement. Take it one step at a time. Focus on completing one task which is in alignment with the bigger goal of getting a degree and a good job.

    • Time Management – set a timeline for short-term tasks as well as long-term tasks. Make a routine for self-study and completion of course components.

    • Build an interest in the subjects – start enjoying reading and working on assignments. In that way, it will feel less stressful and more playful.

    • Rejuvenate – in the routine you set for yourself, keep at least 30-60 minutes for activities you enjoy. Such as, dancing, singing, exercise (yoga, gym and so on). Basically dedicate time to do an activity you love.

    • Remember why you started the course in the first place. Keeping in mind the intent of initiating the course will always help you stay focused and give you perspective to plan out things in a better manner

    • Benchmark yourself. Keep an intent to challenge your own capabilities and improve on them. The golden rule here is “Do not compare yourself with anyone else”.

    • Keep a long term career goal. This aids short-term plans, in terms of finding internships in the desired domain of future interest.

    • Support your peers and work with them in coherence. It is agreeable that journey of having a master’s in business administration can be taxing and keeping to yourself may help you stay focused. It is also true that friends are the reason the process becomes easier. Add meaning and value to the friendships so you can learn and grow better.

    • Practice the concept of flow. Flow is being absorbed in your work task that you lose track of time and space. Doing your tasks with flow not only makes you perform better but also makes one feel content.

    • Anything you take up, give it your complete attention and best shot.

    Adapting one or more of the above mentioned criteria will foster students motivation to continue and complete their work and excel in their endeavours.


    Prof. Namita Ruparel,

    School of Business

    • 10th Januray   2021

    Benefits of Bloomberg Lab in the Financial services domain

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    Many people who are into trading will not be unfamiliar with Bloomberg. To investors, financial tools provided by Bloomberg have been indispensable in helping them post rich returns and prosper during the bull market of the last decade.

    Founder Bloomberg established the company bearing his name in 1981. Bloomberg LP provided quick, high-quality business information to Wall Street.

    Bloomberg Terminal

    The Bloomberg Terminal is an integral tool within the finance industry that is used to access, compile and analyze financial information. Over the years, the Bloomberg terminal has transformed into a system that is accessible anywhere.

    Many companies rely on the terminal to assess individual securities, market movements, and monitor news simultaneously. An extension, Bloomberg Tradebook, allows formal trade execution through its messaging service. Traders, portfolio managers, and risk management analysts, among other financial professionals, rely on the program for daily market analysis and trading decisions.


    Benefits of Bloomberg Lab

    Bloomberg can be a correspondent with investment information in many areas of finance. World’s most prominent decision maker, it is a contemporary icon of financial markets.

    Launched during 1981, a long time ago PCs and the internet became worldwide. It brings transparency to financial markets. It connected market participants to a leading-edge data, information-delivery service, analytics and revolutionized industry.

    It’s been more than three decades Bloomberg Terminal remains at the forefront in innovation, providing fast access to essential news, trading tools from internet-connected PC or Mobile it helps subscribers to turn their knowledge into action.

    Armed trading with unified solution

    With increasing complexities in stock markets with new instruments emerging everyday, time and information plays a crucial role in decision making. Effective decision depends on the pace of getting equipped with the information and the adeptness in using the information to make optimum decisions with rational predictions of market movements. Bloomberg technology provides worldwide news on a real time basis. The very nature of markets being sensitive to uncountable variables across the globe is one thing that challenges analysts. The only solution for this is to have information about the globe on their desktop. This has been made possible by Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg is the primary source in context of analysis, Awareness for those who need to know what’s happening now and what might happen next. It delivers unique coverage of markets and securities with information across asset classes from fixed income to equities, to foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives consolidated in one place and delivered in concurrent to desktop or mobile.

    It continually develops and applies cutting edge technologies to deliver best in class tools, such as custom desktop applications, portfolio monitors, market alerts and charting accomplishments that advance user workflow. With this, it is creating arms for stock war in the markets. It offers trading solutions over multiple asset classes and worldly before and after-trade analytics for both the buyers and sellers.

    Besides the above, Radio bulletins and Podcasts giving expert opinions and recommendations. It has retirement planning in its capacity which is for elderly and retired people searching for investment opportunities that yield periodic returns. It includes separate sections for real-estate, Mortgage calculations, World Political news and Macro-economic indicators. Bringing together real-time data of every market, communications tools, powerful analytics, in-depth research, breaking news and world-class implementation capabilities, it provides one unified solution.

    Disaster Recovery services

    When an unexpected event disrupts normal business operations, Bloomberg’s Disaster Recovery services help clients quickly and easily resume operations on the Bloomberg Terminal, no matter where employees are located.

    Disaster Recovery services

    When an unanticipated circumstance causes it affects normal business operations, Bloomberg's Disaster Recovery services helps users speedily with ease proceed operations, In spite of the person's location.

    Real-time experience to students

    The benefits of Bloomberg terminal to students were appreciated in the institutes of national importance like IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta etc. But there is a lot of space for expansion in Indian Universities. Now several institutions and universities are on the track towards establishing this terminal to make themselves the attractive destinations.

    These labs aid students by giving access to the empirical data for research and assist them in placements with their increased proficiency in financial markets. It lays foundation for doctoral studies in the discipline of Applied Finance. It provides support to Financial Engineering in giving an idea about the feasibility of creating financial products in the market and the list is not exhaustive. With gates open to information of Bankruptcy across the globe, Mergers etc. i.e., both qualitative and quantitative data, the tyros can find this as the best place for enjoying the aesthetic nature of Finance and its branches.

    Principal Author:

    Prof. Syed Hasan Jafar


    Ritu Parna Bagchi (MBA 2020-22)

    BH VSN Manoj Kumar (MBA 2020-22)

    Pisapati Sri Venkata Sumanth (MBA 2020-22)

    • 19th December   2020

    Importance of Technology in Finance...

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    Technology has opened up new faces in the discipline of Finance. The mark of it can be seen in activities related to Finance like Trading in markets, Interest rate swaps, Banking transactions, Forensic Auditing, Due Diligence during Merger and Acquisition and more.

    Woxsen was then a very young B-School with just two years of existence from its inception. I had my qualms on pursuing the opportunity with Woxsen as it was a new institute. All my perception over-turned when I met couple of professors and got feedback from few alumni. It amazed me to know the prospects of Woxsen as it has the best faculty from across the globe under the astute leadership of Prof. M. R. Rao and the Dean who were widely recognized among the leading top B-schools in India. It was then I decided to pursue my management career at Woxsen in marketing. The massive campus, aesthetic infrastructure were the two other important factors that made me feel Woxsen is the right place to shape my career.

    Markets and Trading

    In 1994 NSE was handling 2 orders a second. This increased to 60 orders a second in 2001. Today NSE can handle 1,60,000 orders/messages per second, with infinite ability to scale up at short notice on demand. The settlement cycle has been reduced from T+3 to T+2/T+1

    Financial trading has intensified with information technology. Information needed for the investor or trader are being provided to them on real-time basis. Software is readily giving the required information and analysis to aid the technical analysts with charts, moving averages, Support and Resistance, Relative Strength Index (RSI) etc.

    Besides this, it helps the fundamental analysts in computing fair values by reflecting the economic conditions relevant and prevalent. This requires assessing the possible opportunities of investment for investors so as to derive the discount rate of finding the present value of all the cash flows from the investments after adjusting the inflation. Investors are well equipped with the latest news to make informed decisions.

    For a simple day-trader, ideal stop loss levels are being calculated and are being suggested to the investor reflecting real time conditions. Pre-set prices help the investor to execute the order at the exact desired time. Top losers and gainers are shown to the trader to enable him to alter his portfolio.

    This enabled the traders and investors to set their foot in the international markets and adding international stocks to their basket. Data visualization, while leveraged by augmented or virtual reality can make it a lot easier to spot trends and make sense out of a large amount of information.

    Technology in Accounting and Auditing:

    Accounting has been a synonym for tediousness and monotonous work from the past. The profession is rapidly transforming due to productivity optimization available through newer technologies. Today, it is no longer burden and is no longer a task-oriented project. Accounting software, available today in the market, have brought tremendous change by shifting the role of the accountant to an advisor. This helps the entire collaboration of Financial Analyst, Auditor and Accountant making the financial decision-making process faster.

    And, here I am. . .

    Cloud computing, a mechanism by which highly dependent sources provide shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. Businessmen, today, are able to run their operations across the different parts of globe with uncompromised efficiency because of this Cloud computing. This allows accountants of different branches or subsidiaries to perform accounting tasks from any location as well as the ability to deliver financial information and reports through the cloud as and when needed for the needed period of time. This even eased the process of Auditors of Head Office in forming an overall audit opinion after consolidating the financial statements of all the units lessening the audit risk

    Tax Software available helps improve the accuracy and transparency on one side and tax planning on the other side. This helps the auditors to plan accordingly to reduce the penalties like interest on late filing. Penalty for non-payment of Advance Tax and even providing the necessary information tailored as and when needed. These software are designed to get updated as per the latest Finance Budget, Circulars and Notifications of Income Tax Department

    Mobiles and tabs have made things much easier. They have improved the bridging between auditors and clients. Today a small wait is large enough to affect the businesses. Timely information, reminder and notifications such as Income Tax notices can be accessed easily to make an action plan in situations of submission of client data.

    Fast and regular updates in the amendments of various laws and statues help the practitioners to keep themselves updated. Several apps are also providing the details of case laws for the practitioners to enable a healthy practice.

    Function of IT in Banks and Insurance

    Financial data can be easily conveyed with information technology. Instead of inspecting and checking each and every detail of the beneficiary and the transferor by any human intervention, IT can pass a transaction instantly with accuracy. AI has even made it possible for the bank to identify and analyse whether there is any money-laundering pattern.

    Suspicious data patterns among mammoth volumes of data are being identified to aid the forensic auditing and investigations. Claim management, which is one of the error-prone areas of banks can be done efficiently. Debit and Credit card transaction is rapidly compared with the user's account balance; permit a bank to decide whether to authorize a transaction. IT has made it possible for the public to perform any financial transactions even during the non-working days.

    Essential for Global Reach

    The internet has been utilized successfully to access information on different market conditions globally. Fluctuation in a specific market area in the world can be easily observed and used to protect the financial sector in other regions. It has been possible because of the complex database and network system that connects different parts of the world. It is major in creating checks and balances in the global market. Ensures comparative stability in the financial sector.

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    Ritu Parna Bagchi (MBA 2020-22) ,

    Bhupathiraju Venkata Surya Naga Manoj Varma (PGPXP 2020-21)

    Sri. Venkata Sumath Pisapati MBA (2020-22)

    • 29th August 2020

    It all began here, at Woxsen!...

    Private Universities

    After working for two years soon after my graduation, I was confused to choose the right career path whether to excel in my technical domain or to swing to management career as being an engineer always has its limitations. I was then working as a Mechanical Engineer for a Danish based manufacturing firm in Hyderabad. When I was exploring the best possibilities across the country for a decent institute with well-designed curriculum, I came across Woxsen School of Business.

    Woxsen was then a very young B-School with just two years of existence from its inception. I had my qualms on pursuing the opportunity with Woxsen as it was a new institute. All my perception over-turned when I met couple of professors and got feedback from few alumni. It amazed me to know the prospects of Woxsen as it has the best faculty from across the globe under the astute leadership of Prof. M. R. Rao and the Dean who were widely recognized among the leading top B-schools in India. It was then I decided to pursue my management career at Woxsen in marketing. The massive campus, aesthetic infrastructure were the two other important factors that made me feel Woxsen is the right place to shape my career.

    Peer to Peer – Recognition in learning

    Initially, I took admission into a two-year PGDM program but when I got to know about the one-year PGPXP program and the prospects of the other students, I was excited to be a part of class with experienced professionals from different industries, different domains and different parts of the country. This classroom felt more multi-cultured than ever as not only the varied experiences but also different outlook from my peers helped me increase my knowledge on commerce and industries.

    Thanks to the program which was more of learning than being taught. The faculty always taught us to study than just teach the subject which made all our course-mates work closely together in all modules, assignments and projects bringing out optimal solutions and resourceful ideas. Case-Study based learning methodology is really good as we were given real-life management scenarios to work and practice the theory we learnt in classroom.

    I would say Woxsen has a 360° approach in education. Though I chose Marketing, the program made me look at operations and finance as critical functions of management. In an organization all business functions are inter-connected. Also, the program was not so easy, rigorous schedules and countless modules to complete in just one year. Competitiveness always existed and especially for me being one of the youngest students of the class which has a collective experience of not less than 50 years, it was never an easy task to contend.

    Induction – the Ice-Breaking session!

    The two-day Induction and orientation program at Woxsen needs a special mention and it is among one of my best memories at Woxsen. The orientation was hosted by the then current students during the first evening on campus making us feel comfortable from the first day itself. The second day was not at all easy as we had a survival program planned and held by a military veteran. In the massive 200-acre eco-space of Woxsen, there are many natural frontiers which were chosen for our activities. This part of induction was designed in a way that I got along with many of my colleagues by end of the induction during my second day of joining. This is one of the ‘musts’ that I look upto having in future as well. Apart from the academics, I had wonderful time during the entire year at Woxsen and the campus life was incredible that I enjoyed most of my leisure time playing table tennis, badminton, swimming. The best part was cricket ‘Woxsen Premier League’ and I am proud to be the founding owner of ‘Great Gaffers’ and it makes me feel happy when I see the team is continuing legacy every year.

    And, here I am. . .

    After a great year at Woxsen, today I am working for DESMI as a Segment Sales Manager handling Defence & Fuel segments for Indian sub-continent including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives and I am delighted to be a part of management team of the organization. I am here because of what I have learnt from my professors and the friends at Woxsen. I cannot end this without thanking all Woxsenites for making my experience at Woxsen life changing & worth it.

    Vamsi Arvind Pentyala,
    (PGPXP 2016-17 Batch)

    • 19th August 2020

    Need Of The Hour - A Focused B. Tech. Program in Automation & Robotics…

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    Indian heavy industries, especially the automotive industries, have employed industrial robots significantly with the result that cars today are quite affordable to the middle-class buyer. Nevertheless, the field of robotics is vast and highly varied.

    Despite the enormous potential in areas such as space, surgery and societal needs, the application arena of robotics is becoming diversified at a comparatively slow pace. One possible reason could be because the Robot Technology is highly interdisciplinary, depending on the available talent and technological breakthroughs in multiple fields.

    A robot is basically a computer-controlled mechanical system - a machine. The role of electronics is in sensor integration and controlling power delivery to the motors.

    Robotics is entering into a transmuting phase:

    • Robots are no more individually-installed machines, but devices that connect, cooperate and collaborate with each other and with other entities in the manufacturing system

    • Robots are no more industrial equipment alone but are now sought for a wide variety of applications such as autonomous cars and unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones

    • Robots are expected to operate fast in reaction to unknown, unpredictable & unprogrammable environments such as surveillance, relief and rescue, rehabilitation, brain-computer interface and entertainment

    • The robot has to be slim and consume less power yet be energetic, as one might expect a healthy human to

    In a variety of modern applications, it is impossible to program a robot in advance. For a large part, the robot has to learn itself and function as an intelligent, autonomous entity that will cohabit among other machines, systems and people. The programming is restricted to the hardware level and minimal logic related to acquiring and reacting to sensory inputs.

    Let us consider the following:

    • A robot playing tennis against a human player. It has to be swift in action and quick in visual judgement

    • Many robots playing a big team sport such as soccer, basketball or cricket

    • A few robots together carrying a patient in a stretcher

    • A driverless car

    The above systems exhibit high-speed motion, carrying significant loads or both. All of these are examples of single or multi-robotic systems that have to behave intelligently and not just “robotically”. Such applications cannot be realised purely from the point of view of dealing with robots as programmable mechanical systems. Any modern curriculum in Robotics must factor this interdisciplinary aspect.

    In the 80’s, Robotics was mostly part of Industrial Engineering departments in US universities as Robotics were considered an important part of industrial automation while researchers in other departments were working on theoretically involved topics such as Control Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Vision and Neural Networks. A decade later, a quantum jump in theoretical and applied research outcome in Robotics emanated from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments of the Universities.

    The scenario in India was also similar. For decades, in most Universities in India, Robotics have been offered as a single theoretical course in the Mechanical Engineering Department. In the past five-to-six years, several Universities and colleges with approval from AICTE have introduced exclusive B.Tech. Programs in areas such as Mechatronics or Robotics and Automation.

    A close observation of the curricula gives an impression that the program has significant bias towards Mechanical Engineering barring a few courses related to electronics and microcontrollers. Students, even at Master’s level of these highly interdisciplinary courses apparently intend to remain in the comfort zone of their undergraduate studies. It might not be an overstatement to say that the interconnect between these varied courses is largely missing. Woxsen University aims to fill up this gap through B.Tech. programs in three cutting-edge disciplines.

    B.Tech. program in Automation & Robotics at Woxsen University offers applied and advanced robotics with strong foundation in Computer Science. Modules related to basic robotics and mechatronics provide ample insight into the industrial standards, practices and applications. Modules on mobile robots and exoskeletons focus on the emerging area of field robotics. Added to this will be the significant theoretical and practical exposure in computer science, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

    Heroic and intelligent deeds of robots in the emerging scenario will remain unrealised without a significant role of computer science. That also requires a large computing power. How the technology is going to address this need is another story.

    Author: Dr P. Vivekananda Shanmuganathan,
    Dean - School of Technology | Woxsen University

    • 11th August 2020

    A once in a lifetime opportunity to interact and learn from best minds…

    Private Universities

    A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.Brad Henry

    The professors at Woxsen School of Business inspire hope, ignite our imagination and inculcate the art of love of learning and more. According to me they have really set the bar high for MBA programs across the nation. Woxsen delivers exceptional learning experience to all its students through its Academy Advisory Board which guides the academic endeavours and industry interface/corporate relations initiatives and the rich line up of faculty members.

    The Faculty at Woxsen are rich in experience, research accomplishments and more. There are also global faculty visiting us from leading global universities like Cass, Purdue and more. Our Faculty members urge us to discuss what we learn, and also to challenge their ideas. Instead of having a three-hour lecture with the professor doing most of the talking, we are encouraged to participate and give our opinions on topics.

    This program has given me invaluable experience of working through real-life business problems. The professors provide us with real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the business world. These connections show us that we’re learning practical skills that we’ll further use in our careers.

    The case studies have helped us to view a problem the way a company does and figure out a unique solution. It gave me the chance to apply the skills I learnt. Woxsen MBA program combines dynamic classroom experiences with hands-on experiential learning providing students with abundant opportunities to fortify their talents. The degree we earn from the school won’t just be another frame to hang in but, it’s a testament to our proven ability to drive results.

    I would say, there is so much more to the program than what I initially expected. It has been much more than an educational experience. It has been a phenomenal leadership training, personal growth and professional development experience as well. I think the entire program is very well-designed and adds tremendous value to our long-term career aspirations.

    Author: Phaniteja Mandalapu,
    (PGPXP 2019-20)

    • 8th August 2020

    Woxsen Transforms Lives...

    Private Universities

    Hi, I am Barun. I was working in Pune, Maharashtra for a leading MNC company. I worked as a Software Engineer, developing application products for Credits Cards for a world renowned bank based at UK. I completed my core studies in Bhubaneswar, Odisha before moving to Pune in 2013.

    As a Software Engineer very early in life I assessed, this is how my life will be for the next 40 years until retirement. I was doing very well at my job, received constant promotions and appraisals throughout my tenure of 5 years. But, then the industry that I was in was always about switching jobs. I was working as a Consultant and my friends would often suggest that I change job. That is when I started to introspect.

    My Introspection Bit…
    When I started to introspect, I got to realise that my current job gave me technical skills and knowledge but it did not give me any exposure to people skills or business knowledge. All I did was just coding and solving bugs, knowing just the system or at max the function. This is when I realized I need to expand my skills and knowledge base. Now the bigger question is, in India when you speak about higher education what should you go for? M.Tech or MBA? I was 27 Years old back then and any course that I choose to apply would take at least 2 years of learning and time. Now the only option was a program like Distance Learning. But, how much of a value will that add?

    Beginning of my MBA journey…
    The journey began searching colleges and universities offering MBA Programs and all the entrance exams that I have to appear to get an admission. So, in pursuit of programs, I found that, there is a 1-Year MBA program specifically designed for Working Professionals. To be honest in India, you need to write 3 to 4 different exams to get an admission. But, one thing that was commonly accepted by all colleges is a GMAT score. So, I left my job and started preparing for GMAT exam.

    World of Woxsen…
    While applying for universities I had applied for Woxsen School of Business. They were real quick in responding and took up my queries as well. So, in no time my Online interview with the panel was scheduled. The interviewers were very candid, we had a discussion rather than having a Q&A session. I was offered my admission letter along with that I was offered half a million scholarship based on my profile and interview performance. I accepted the offer and came to Woxsen.

    It has been quite a while since the first class but I still remember how our Dean, showed us a different perspective of business. Every day I learnt something new and it gave me a fresh experience of learning. Completing an MBA in one year is no easy task, however we stepped out of our comfort zones to finish presentations and submissions. It was an immensely rewarding experience working with such a diverse group of experienced professionals who came together from various parts of the country sharing their valuable perspectives and helped me grow intellectually. Technical skills acquired over the years were helpful, but the most important skills that I learnt at Woxsen were Leadership, Presentation, Human Relations and Thinking Out of the Box.

    Today, I am working as an Associate Product Manager at Telebu Communications LLP, Hyderabad. A company focused in making products for Business Communication. I am extremely proud to be a part of Woxsen and it is so reassuring to know that you don't just leave the college with a degree and learning, but have built a network of mentors through the faculties and the students you have worked with and that they will continue to help you learn and grow.

    Author: Barun Bikash Sahoo,
    (PGPXP 2019-20 Batch)

    • 4th August 2020


    Private Universities

    After completing my Graduation from Symbiosis, Pune as my other friends even I decided to apply for a master’s degree in business administration. Luckily, I got an admission in one of the prestigious Universities of Australia, but life doesn’t go as we plan, does it? My visa application got rejected. It was a depressing, discouraging moment as I hadn’t prearranged any backup plans.

    New Life New Beginning
    I have always believed from my childhood that whatever happens, happens for a reason, it might sound cliché, but it has always given me the strength to move ahead with confidence and lots of hope. During this journey I came across Woxsen School of Business providing Master of Business Administration (MBA). The professors associated with Woxsen School of business from across the world, program curriculum with cutting-edge specializations had my attention. I was really impressed by all these aspects and decided to pursue my master’s at Woxsen School of Business.

    MBA Journey
    It was in 2014 when I started my journey with Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad. It was a different experience altogether because of the new place, new culture, new people, different food. I also got the perks of hailing from an army background as all my life one thing that I learnt is that “Change is Constant” and very early in life I understood, adapting is the key to survival. When I stepped into Woxsen, it took me some time to adjust and only till I found two people whom I could call my best friends, though they were my seniors, it never made a difference really. These two friends played a vital role as their corporate experiences gave me an insight of how it is going to be out there in the corporate world. Their contribution towards preparing me for my future got me my first job after completion of my MBA program. As a matter of fact, we three are still connected…………….

    New Career
    After an amazing career transforming journey with Woxsen School of Business, today I work for a Dubai based EATERY. I handle company's business operations and Product development. I am and always will be proud and grateful of being a part of Woxsen School of Business family because of whom I discovered my innate interests & skills.

    Author: Akshay Agarwal,
    (PGPEM - 2014)

    • 28th July 2020

    From Evaluating Business Opportunity to Finding The Purpose of living Woxsen Bequeathed it all:

    Private Universities

    It was a dream for me to do an MBA, start a business, wear those fancy suits, travel across the world and take critical decisions for business.
    Having lived through business school and now out in the real world, I can offer a very interesting perspective. This post will cover a collection of truths about my own experience and how Woxsen helped me find new direction in life.

    Let’s start with the truth:
    After my graduation I worked for some odd jobs which didn’t really excite me but instead made me understand my weaknesses and little attention to them can convert them into my strengths. I continuously tried to change way I operate but the level of efficiency and impact the work has to create was never achieved.

    Now that I know where I lack, I wanted to understand the specific goals that I had to achieve from an MBA School.

    “If we give you an MBA, what are you going to do with it?”, this question popped up and there was a reasonable answer I had to convince my parents. Yet I persuaded them to live my decision, which made them very happy by the end of course.

    With a hope to find better college with better curriculum, I visited many colleges and career counsellors and in this random process I visited Woxsen, where I Instantly fell in love with campus environment. But being so rigid on my specific requirements from MBA made me look for the course curriculum and when I saw it, I had no reason to say no to the campus. The curriculum has a range of challenging courses and is frequently revised to imbibe the industry trends and developments.

    First day at campus: June 16, 2017.
    No matter how prepared I was for college life, I was very anxious when I arrived at the campus, flat-out panicked.

    “College life exposes us to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with earlier”.
    We had an interaction with Founder & Chairman Veen Pula. I still remember his first speech, which lasted 4 minutes and ended with his 3 mantras of business: People, Passion and Patience.

    Once in a life time opportunity:
    Any MBA program can only propel when it has world class faculty. For me it’s a once in a life time opportunity to meet the brilliant minds with rich experience in the real business world and they always focused on enriching their teaching with real life examples.

    I had a chance to solve challenging case studies that had totally changed my perspective of solving the business problem. I got an opportunity to network with business leaders at the seminars and have discussion with them on different business ideas. I even went out to ask them to design a marketing strategy for my business.

    Few lecturers inspire with their calm and ease, one such faculty was Dr. Harkant Mankad, he is a library of knowledge.

    “Things happen because things happen” – My favourite phrase of his.

    His classes will make you think the world is entirely travelling somewhere else from what you actually thought. The career suggestions he gives us are something that the world has not seen yet.

    Career after MBA:

    Post my MBA I started my career as a Marketing Manager for fintech company, where I handle all the digital marketing activities. I feel that the purpose of joining Woxsen has been fulfilled. I can totally see the change in the way I operate at office.

    Before MBA I was passionate about SOMETHING, but I didn’t know what to achieve with that passion. Right now, I have started an entrepreneurial journey with a true purpose to build world class organisation. Still a long way to go.

    Author: Naren Reddy Kovvuri
    (PGDM 2017-19)

    " I am an ambitious, self-driven person, with huge aspirations to build organizations. I have always been an academically bright student since childhood. Till date, I have started two ventures, failed at one and learnt valuable lessons.

    Post MBA, I worked for Zaggle, a fintech company, where I was given the opportunity to handle the content marketing activities. During this journey we went on launch a book on entrepreneurs, where I had actively involved is designing the sales & marketing strategy for the book. Year 2020, has brought in many changes and it has stimulated the entrepreneur inside me. Recently, I launched my new venture, a healthy food beverage. With the learning from my previous experience I strongly believe that the product has a very good potential and I am totally excited about it. "