Welcome to “Analytics & Behavioural Lab” at Woxsen University. The lab is a platform for students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to collaborate and expertise in business data analysis for meaningful and reliable insights for a better future. The lab aims to work on and solve industry and behavioural related scenarios through experimentation and data analysis. The lab aims to harness industry-driven projects and collaborations.

Data based Approach
The lab is intended and equipped to tackle industry challenges using data and machine learning. Data and its analysis in an appropriate way would provide a pathbreaking solution for business problems. It can help in finding new and hidden patterns. Hence, the analytics lab is a learning centre for creating, collaborating, collecting, and analyse industry data for problem-solving.

The analytics lab collaborates with various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, sports, and many others. Students would work with companies in real-time to address some critical issues using data analytics.

Behavioural Science for a Better Business
Understanding the psychology and behaviour of the stakeholders of a business would generate exciting insights. The behavioural lab aims to assist students, researchers, scholars, and collaborators in conducting behavioural experiments, simulations, and scenarios. This collaborative and innovative research in behavioural science will develop new knowledge for management and business stakeholders.

Research Areas
The Analytics and Behavioural Lab is highly equipped with advanced software, technology, and equipment required to conduct high-end advanced data analytics. The lab also is equipped with the required pedagogy and technology to conduct experiments and simulations.

The significant areas of focus through this lab (and not limited to) are customer analytics, prediction analytics, people analytics, cognitive studies, psychometric analysis, and neuroscience.