Our legacy in higher education, built diligently over the last 6 years, led to the grand vision & inception of Woxsen University. Our strength lies in our history & ethos: rejecting the status quo, redefining learning methodologies and shaping real-world professionals. Our meticulously planned efforts have helped us achieve milestones in a short span of time and fuelled accomplishments visible in our national rankings, global partnerships & alumni success. Our strong vision pervades our focus on progressive education, research & service to the society.

Formed by 5 constituent schools – Woxsen School of Business, Woxsen School of Technology, Woxsen School of Arts & Design, Woxsen School of Architecture & Planning,and School of Liberal Arts & Humanities, the University offers Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs pivoted around research & experiential learning.

At Woxsen, talent from across the country embark on a challenging journey of transforming into highly informed and skilled professionals in their chosen field. Students are handpicked for their innate abilities who are nurtured to be professionally equipped to achieve their career goals. Our graduates gain that edge with the real world exposure extended through latest pedagogical tools along with numerous learning opportunities from exclusively curated Industry Interface platforms, where many of distinguished & internationally acclaimed business leaders share the snippets from their life journey.

Woxsen is renowned for its diverse faculty from India and overseas. Comprising of a right mix of well-known academicians to industry experts, the faculty brings with them an exceptional professional experience and outstanding academic credentials. The curriculum is designed to equip our students to make disciplined, data-based decisions backed by a full spectrum of domain knowledge, skill & ability. Our strong focus on applied learning with industry inputs and academic rigor has always helped our students to broaden their horizon, think global & develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

We also believe that the time is right to nurture entrepreneurship. Woxsen understands that developing entrepreneurs goes much further than classroom teaching. We also understand that an entrepreneur is not a personality type. Woxsen University has been established to take up this challenge, creating an ecosystem where entrepreneurs can be trained and nurtured.

Located in an impressive 200-acre campus in Hyderabad, Woxsen University offers programs focused entirely on developing entrepreneurial thinking and action. Woxsen’s infrastructure and resources nurture innovation and its vast network of business leaders and investors mentor students through their journey.

The Woxsen culture inculcates in students a spirit of enquiry that drives a lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. This culture fosters innovative thinking and fuels that quest to find unconventional solutions to complex business & societal problems.

Across every sphere of activity, we at Woxsen, students, teachers and staff strive for highest standard of achievement, a commitment towards a purpose, master cutting edge practices, and bring in a positive mindset in everything we do. Talent Acquisition teams from a wide spectrum of organisations have endorsed this view and have returned year after year to offer our students positions of responsibility in their organisations.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Imparting Knowledge: Develop the ability to utilize professional knowledge acquired through an emphasis on application in real-world professional situations.
  • Imparting Skills: Develop the ability to apply professional skills in order to execute tasks independently.
  • Building Attitude: Develop the right professional attitude towards the organization, the customer group, team members and society in general to deliver desired results of high quality in a time-bound manner.

Elaboration of PEOs


  • Imparting Knowledge: The professional knowledge imparted needs to go beyond theoretical concepts. It needs to be related to real-world situations to demonstrate its relevance to industry and the manner in which it can be applied in practice. Since much of theory is derived from practice, reference to practice is extremely important. Hence the PEO is to enable students to utilize professional knowledge in practical situations.

  • PEO 2

  • Imparting Skills: Students need to develop specific skills in order to be proficient in working in professional capacities. PEO2 focuses on skill development in addition of imparting knowledge so that students are industry-ready and can work independently while handling ambiguity.

  • PEO 3

  • Building Attitude: It is important to make work meaningful and associate it with a higher purpose. The right attitudes that would relate the work with the goals of the organization, the customer group, team members and society in general.

Academic Objectives

  • To provide an open and conducive environment for research and education in the field of Business Management, Technology, Design & Architecture to further its practice and scholarship.
  • To conduct cutting-edge UG & PG Programs in leading disciplines by providing both practice as well as enterprise management knowledge through an integrated system of mentoring and teaching by nationally and internationally distinguished faculty, practitioners and industry leaders.
  • To provide an appropriate environment, training opportunities and support for the development of purposeful business leaders.

Academic Values

  • Provide highest standards of education & associated support services
  • Stay responsive & agile to the needs of our students
  • Inculcate Team spirit through mutual cooperation, support and participative decision-making
  • Respect and Care for every individual
  • Professional growth of every individual through an objective evaluation of performance
  • Encourage innovation and creativity by embracing new ideas
  • Equal opportunity policy
  • Be a responsible citizen with every action focused on societal welfare

Woxsen Advantages

  • Accreditations by Govt. of India | International Memberships
  • Rich line-up of Academic Advisory Board comprising Academicians & Industry Leaders
  • Core Faculty | International Faculty | Industry Experts
  • International Student Exchange & Progressive Studies with Top Ranked Universities
  • Industry Relevant Curriculum
  • Career Coach | Skill Development
  • Consistent Placement Track Record
  • 200 Acre Residential Campus
  • Trade Tower: Nurture Your Big Bold Ideas from Start-ups to Unicorns!